The most beautiful thing that could happen was when u hug me in the lift jus now, looking at our reflection at the lift doors, and tell me that 'you're beautiful'.

Back to story, i had finally handed up my assignment and im free !!! This whole march i will be working everyday except every friday when i have school. Prepare to see me in fit muscles in april :D
In the morning, i handed in my assignment. Did bot manage to catch a glimpse if ceyi but caught up with sharon. Sharon will be pretty busy soon too this coming months. Wish her good luck in love :D Both of us handed in our assignment together and left school after done. Im went off to meet mum in sgh while she went home. Many activities awaiting for her haha.
Mum n i waited for a long period in hospital and after finishing her therapy, we headed down to orchard to have my lunch at pepper lunch. And after i bought my meal, dear then tell me that there's one for one promo, which i did not know at all. I did not check. Its careless on my part. So after eating and shopping at isetan supermarket, me n mum went home ^^
At evening, i travelled down to khabit to meet dear. The peak hour of mrt was so scary that the people just squeeze to get into the trains. I
missed a few train but i still manage to get there in time. Imagine next time i will be joining the workforce @.@
When i reached khabit, i walked around to explore the area. It was no surprised that man are looking at me while i walked past. The beer lady isn't that eye catching i guess :x
Finally at 7pm, dear can drive his car n picked me up at taxi stand. Dear wanted to bring me to eat the buffalo wings at seletar camp but after so many rounds, we saw no restaurants. The place was totally deserted and worn off. It hives an eerie feelings to whom whats so ever drove in. It was pretty scary of course, i told dear to find tpe tpe n tpe. Finally, we are out of that abandon area and we were finally having our ramen at ippudo! Happy :D
I ate my ramen pretty fast! Its delicious! Yum! :D one of the best ramen in Singapore!! Haha! Dear always feed me with such good food
S. im growing fat soon :x

Dear, i know you are feeling tired, get more rest , everytime see u tired i also feel guilty:x slp slp!! Muackz

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