Hi All, I am back from Shen Zhen. It was the first time i traveled overseas with my colleagues for work. I was there for a week and it was really tiring. We were undergoing training for Oracle where our company will be implementing this system starting next year. Each of us represent our own department and after training.we are supposed to train our own people. It was kinda stressing as we have to know how to use the system first hand.

It was really a whole effort to make to this happen. We understand the importance of it how corporate would want to implement this (by hook by crook) next year. And so, on 13 Sept, we flew..

Nasi Lemak for breakfast on Silkair.

It was the same weather we are experiencing in Singapore. Hot and humid. After landed,  the driver hired by MKS Shen Zhen to pick us up from the arrival hall and drove us to the hotel. We stayed at JW Marriott Shen Zhen. It was a very nice, 5 star hotel.

High Ceiling at the lobby.

Room was big and spacious. We had one room to ourselves.

Dressing table

Ultimate bath tub but i used once only

We put our barang barang in our room and left to meet the rest at the lobby. As we were new to this place, we went to the concierge to ask if there is anywhere nearby where we go (perhaps explore). After the staffs' recommendation, we went to some shopping mall ( i forgot the name) and we saw Carrefour nearby. 


As a typical Singapore, we are super happy when we saw anything familiar overseas 
(especially supermarket). The shopping mall we went was like those very itas one where we saw those big names in Singapore at MBS. Moreover, they are selling more expensive than the prices in Singapore and we felt it was not worth shopping further. Instead, all of us agreed to go to Carrrefour to do some grocery. We were like stocking up 1 week worth of food as if we would go hungry in the middle of the night. For your info, the hotel was situated nowhere convenient to shopping or any shops. 

Surprisingly, Shen Zhen was campaigning to go plastic bag free. As we didn't bring our own shopping bag, most of us bought plastic bag for 20 cents RMB. I bought water and cup noodle and potatoes chips. 

For the next few days, we were having training and we dinner in hotel almost the whole time. I woke 6.30am everyday in the morning, had their buffet breakfast , sat on the bus at 8am to MKS SZ and training the whole day. Lunch at 12pm and training would start 1 hour later. 5.30pm and bus was here to fetch all of us back to hotel. After back at hotel, I would wash up, had dinner and go back clear my 1 days worth of backlog email and practice a bit of what was taught at training before i go to bed. 

Took a ootd of myself everyday before i leave hotel.

Beside work, it is work. I miss my hubby and family and cant wait to go home after 4 days. Besides one Sunday where we went Hong Kong, my blog pretty much sums up what went on everyday.
Alright, time to sign off here for now *Yawns*

Business Overseas at Shen Zhen

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Hi All, I am back from Shen Zhen. It was the first time i traveled overseas with my colleagues for work. I was there for a week and it was r...
Coming to September 2017, we have reached the 3rd quarter of this year and I am almost staying in our new home everyday. Going back to Ubi is like going back 2 times per week. It was almost so little or none at all. It was a big move for me, especially moving to a new environment on our own and there is so much things to do. Back then, I have my mum and dad to rely but not now. Dad is getting old in a loner way that he never was before. He loves family gathering but he always felt that he would be a burden to us. Though deep inside,he loves to be near us. Soon enough, my brother would be going to NS and he would be just left with my grandmother and the maid.

 Next week, I will be flying to Shen Zhen with my colleagues for the Oracle training. Though I have recently moved to Inside Sales Representative, I am still doing more on the Sales Admin scope of work as we have new colleague who recently join us last 2 months. There are a number of outstanding work which has not been cleared yet. For the past 1-2 months, our time has also been eaten up largely due to many Ac Hoc activities. Boss and I have visited 2 customer sites in the month of August since I started on my job. I have to work even harder on my new role.

In the month of August, my sister family and I went to Genting for a short getaway. As a result of that, I missed my ex-colleague's daughter birthday party. Guilty me.

Genting has since changed so much from the last 2 years. TransStar no longer ferry us up to Genting Resort anymore. They will alight us halfway through the journey like how other Travel buses are doing now.

Shopping mall inside Genting Resort.

My sis's family

Genting Resort Malaysia has definitely changed to a shopping destination instead of those theme park which we used to play in the past. There is no more indoor amusement park for small kids. Whatever we saw now were just like what we have in Singapore. It has turned into a classy shopping mall like MBS. 

Cable car

The cable cars were changed and it looks safer now. A 2-way cable cars cost about RM16. The cable car would lead you to the Mega Mall. Mega Mall reminds us of the outlet stores in Australia. My sis and brother-in-law looted quite a number of things from there and their money well-spent. Love and I had our fair share of shopping back in Australia and we were doing more baby-sitting. 

The Eng family enjoying their ride.

Also, in the month of August, after returning from our holiday, it was time to celebrate our Independence Day! Love had successfully balloted 4 tickets for NDP show. He has never been this lucky before. On 9th August, his brother came to fetch us and the 4 of us went for the show. 

Took a selfie at NDP

In the month of August, I have non-stop gatherings with people who i love. First of all, I had a short gathering with my babes. Jasmine is getting married on 31 March 2018 and I am very very excited for her. Les and I would be her bridesmaid and I am sure we are getting busy towards the end of this year. We had our brunch at Laurent's Cafe which is located B1 at The Heeren. If you think of going there, be sure to order less as their portion is good for sharing. The 3 of us didn't manage to finish our foods. There is so much going on but Im sure we are growing well in each of our lives.

My Bffs for life

On the following weekend, I met up my flowers (Its been like 10 years since our good-old poly school days). Too bad Shu Ming and her hubby weren't here. But I am happy and excited for them as they are embracing a new life into their family in the month of September! Oh, and yes! Chloe will be going to be an elder sister for the first time. There is so much happiness going around us and August is awesome!    

The last gathering comes in bit of rush as Eurustech  (my ex-company) organised a farewell party for Andy. Andy has since grown up to be a big boy (he is so much taller than me now!) since the last time i held his hands at the USS 4 years ago. By the way, Andy's is around 15 this year (i guess) and he is the son my my ex-boss. Cool isn't it? I met up with our ex-colleagues and surprising, our ex-engineer was also there with us! He has join another semicon company (which i know of) and seems that he is doing well right now. He had just become a father and is thinking ways to bring his family over here to settle. I am happy for him too! And to the old man who took too-well care of me in my days in Eurustech, he is going to New Zealand for his 2nd honeymoon trip which he promised his wife 20 years back. A man who remembers his promise is a good man *thumbs up* That is Mr Hio!
Together with our ex-colleagues who we had so much fun together in the last, it was unbearable to leave the gathering as there is endless fun whenever we are together.

Photo quality sucks big time but I will always remember this family.

Last but not least, August ended with a 10km marathon at Safra Run at Marina Bay. I seriously regretted signing up with love as I didn't train at all for this marathon. Not even once. We ran the marathon starting from Esplanade Bridge, passing by Raffles Places and to MBS, the floating platform and back to Esplanade again. We completed the race in about 1.5 hours. Took the medal, free 100 plus drink and went straight to Subway in Shaw House to packet our brekkie before heading home to sleep again.

The very next day, my whole body was aching so badly that I took an half day off.

This pretty much sums up for the month of August.

Not forgetting that Ah Bii actually bought Pandora for my birthday :)

Loving my Pandora and of course, my love :)

More updates to my life

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Coming to September 2017, we have reached the 3rd quarter of this year and I am almost staying in our new home everyday. Going back to Ubi i...