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Hi guys! Im back again. Back to part two of my Valentines' Day activities. So to sum up, we had gone to Qian Hu Fish Spa, had our lunch at pizza hut, visiting Titanic exhibition at MBS and now, a more exciting one.... ...!
After all the activities at MBS, dear and i took mrt train back to promenade mrt station. Dear was telling me that we need to get to another place. So we walked all the way back to the car park at carrefour and picked his car up. After exiting the car park, he turned towards to marina barrage direction and i thought he would bring me there again. In another turn, we were on ecp travelling to vivo city. Now, i really have no idea what he wanted to do next. Im still kept in the dark while he held my hands and led me to the place.

Anyway, both of us had a quick stop at gong cha haha. Both of us did not carry water bottle so we were very thirsty and thirsty! We ordered our drinks and waited there patiently while entertaining ourselves to the max. Cam whoring activities start again :D Dear and I were taking turns to take the photo while other students were looking at us.

We were trying to capture the gong cha at the back of us and it turned out well !

I love the black specs on me. Dear say i looked like teacher and wants me .... Fetish  :x But i like :x This camera really does smoother our skin a lot right dear? 

This is my 帅气 de dear! He became so thin as compared to few years back, though he says he still look fat, but i really like the way he is now, i hope you wont grow any thinner from now. I don't mind you grow horizontally :D

We never fail to twist our faces :P

After taking photos indoor, we switched to outdoors. Its a photo day and we loved it.

Wahaha, faces remained the same but background changes! Do you feel that the we are in studio where you can change the background to your liking? Haha. I looked TIRED! GOD! 

From vivo city we exit to habour front center. I almost thought he wanted to bring me to sit bumper boat haha. But nope, he past that boarding area and asking me where KFC is. For a moment, i thought having dinner at KFC will make me puke from the earlier lunch haha. Then again, we walked out of the whole building and came to

Cable Car!!
Our tickets :D

My dear finally put in an activity which he had always wanted to do. He told me that he had never sat a cable car before. I believed him. There was no queue at all and dear just cut into the queue in front to buy the tickets. There's discount for Singaporeans :D For people who had not take that cable car, you should try it haha. Dear bought a round trip tickets, easy peasy :x We took the lift to the 15th floor where we entered into the cable car. It was about 5pm and the sun was almost setting. The moment we stepped into the cable car, we were so excited that we could not stop moving about inside, walking here and there, cam whoring haha. Dear was of course excited and nervous (I caught you! :P) when we were in mid air. It was lots of fun taking photos here and there.   

On the go!! Haha

Camwhoring session starts! This specs suit you dear, I like it when u wore specs. Im not very into specs but it just kinda frame your face nicely.

I am again pausing here to give myself a break. Shall continue again tomorrow. Becoming gong gong any time soon @.@

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