I went for my interview today. My first interview, it wasn't very sucky but i feel i am not the person of what they are looking for. Anyway, it was my first interview, i know i will not succeed the first time but there's lots of chances out there. Let me look for another better one.

Dear drove me to interview this morning despite tired. He had worked midnight shift again since yesterday and he had not caught a wink since. The only sleep he had was half an hour, while i was bathing. We had breakfast together at mcdonald before i went to the interview. After 40 minutes of interview, dear again drove us to Hougang, to meet my babes for a lunch. We had not met up with Adeline for a very long time. We passed her her present only. We shall catch up again another day soon!

After that went to Dear's house. He had to bathe while me , played with their dog. But something cropped up which made me felt 100% uncomfortable for few hours. I had supposed to meet ShiQi at 2.30pm but everything was pushed backwards to 4.30pm. We had to collect her naked palatte from my friend who works at Tangs. The naked palatte is so pretty! I will borrow from her someday when i needed it hahaha.

See the colours?

Pretty right!

ShiQi and i had went to town to source for items for scrapbook making. Of course we bought a number of items at Daiso. Cheap and reasonable quality. After we had finished shopping, we settled our dinner at ajisan. The white fish and gyoza had deproved. The taste was not like any bit of it from past. Totally spoil our appetite. Took a photo with Shiqi, turns out to be pretty good.

Take 1

Take 2!

We are suggesting to have erm picnic on this Saturday? Hope the weather will be fine :)

Few days back we had singing session with Tee Peng and Tan Fei. Sing sing sing! Been a month since we sang together again. We went to teo heng to sing from 10-1am after i ended work at 8pm. Release all my stresses from work! 

Sing along with me!

Not forgetting that we had some crazy photos today on his car. Though i was in a very uncomfortable state, i will still try to hold myself on to be happy. 


Dear was very patient with me when i was very uncomfortable. I did not want to talk or move about or be too active because any slight movement will make me even more uncomfortable. My cramps were kinda horrible today and had to walk quite a bit as well, it made my body really worsen. Seeing me in this behaviour, dear was trying to cheer me up but i can see he felt aching for me. He did sense that i want quietness and so he did not disturb me at all. Thanks dear, for being so understanding.. Its time he needed a good night rest. He had not slept for 24 hours and im afraid his body could not take it anymore. Sleep tight dear.

Lastly, post a photo of the writer of this blog

Sexy? Will i be paid better if i had use this photo during interview? Hey, watch where you are looking! 

Once again, love you dear :)

Dear was stunned by my tom shoes.

Job Interview + updates

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I went for my interview today. My first interview, it wasn't very sucky but i feel i am not the person of what they are looking for. Any...
Truthfully, I still felt very tired since the trip from bkk. I had not been healing to my health. After coming back from bkk, there's lots of unpacking to do, lots of work to do. I hardly had any rest. Until now, I had not finished unpacking my items from bkk. My babes are the same too, had unfinished packages. What's more sian was that my beautiful nails are getting cui each day. All my bejeweled glitters are dropping off as i do housework everyday. I am going to make them back to good condition soon.

So far, i stopped working for work kitchen, as i had intended to since its time for me to find a stable job. I had not gone for any interviews yet but perhaps this week is where i will rest well. Shall begin my job hunt next week. Wonder what type of company will hire me >.< I am more afraid that i will not be interviewed at all! End up jobless is a bad thing

Yup, just back from bkk, i was very happy with my buys! Let me blog a bit on what happened over the 6 days (17th -22th May)

Day 1

We arrived at Bangkok, raining, airport was gloomy but the crowd was overwhelming. All of us were shagged, waiting at the custom to be entered. Total waiting time was close to half an hour. After all of us cleared the custom, we bought some sim cards and hired a cab to the hotel. The hotel was situated among those market, which made it quite inaccessible by car. Roads are squeeze and people are strolling altogether. There's not much regulations around the area. After putting down our luggage's, we took a cab to Chinatown and have our seafood dinner there. Had bought bird nest and shark fin for supper! Superb!

Day 2

All of of waked up early and our motive: TO SHOP! This time, we shopped at platinum mall. We walked all over to platinum mall to have our breakfast and practically shopped after filling our stomachs. It was a whole day at platinum. Shop shop shop!
At night, we walked over to Pantip plaza to look at electronics items. There isn't much of any casing but Jas wanted to take a look at Polaroid camera. And dinner was of course settled at A&W! Walk along the pratunam market was also heaven! Its just too much for shopping to do over there!

Day 3

Today, all of us had mcdonald big breakfast. Another day to have a good breakfast :D The whole day was reserved for Chatuchak! We took a tuk-tuk on that very day. In fact, i must say all of us are enjoying the ride haha. At chaktuchak , I splurged on those which i really liked. There much to see over there which could not really complete a day, so we went again the next day. At night, is our massage session. All of us were thinking to go to which massage so in the end we ended up in another massage parlour just beside the one i went to last year. It was a thai massage this time. The therapist was busy pulling my bones and muscles which my body cracked a lot on that day. It was kinda painful but worth the experience :|

Day 4

Mcdonald breakfast again! I order a muffin haha. We head down to chaktuchak for our last minute purchases. I bought quite a lot of items and dear bought 3 pair of shoes. Fast decision, i like :x I wasn't that bad either, i ended up 4 pairs of shoes at the end of the trip. At night was an exciting night for us. We were going to the Baiyoke  Revolving deck at the topmost floor. We took a lot of nice photos. The scenery was pretty. You can see the whole of bangkok from there. The dazzling bangkok, i can't forget how it looked it.

Day 5

All of us were quite tired from the past activities and so we skipped Grand Palace. The whole day was allocated for exploring town, MBK, Siam paragon, discovery center. Imagine we walked all the way to the orchard area of bangkok? The weather was crazy and so we were. I bought some naraya bags for self use. And im still waiting for the chance to be used :D At Big C supermarket, we bought lots of food, pocky, mangoes! Haha. At MBK was to hunt for our hp casing. I bought a casing for mum dad and sis and they like it a lot. Bought 2 for myself of course. Pamper my self :) Dear paid a lot for me as well. We did manicure after shopping at MBK and it was awesome! I loved my nails but now it was all destroyed :( Seriously sad. Dinner was simple as all of us had pizza and pasta :)

Last day,

One more time of shopping at platinum mall. Earlier morning had magee mee for breakfast. I bought a number of last minute goods, like clothes for my mum and those. At 4.30pm, our dirver came and fetched us to sirport. All of us were quiet and some of us even slept on the taxi! As checked in time was not open, we had to wait for half an hour before we could check in to have our dinner. Dinner was KNS though, but all of us were hungry. Then its time to board and come back to Singapore.

Some other photos of us:

Bangkok 2nd Trip

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Truthfully, I still felt very tired since the trip from bkk. I had not been healing to my health. After coming back from bkk, there's lo...
Another week since i blogged. The past week has been fun and exciting yet tiring. I had went to bangkok with my secondary school friends and my loved one. We shopped throughout the 6 days and walk 4 km in out if hotel everyday. Imagine how far we had walked during the 6 days. We bought a lot of items :) happy! Jas shopped till broke! Les did not buy a lot while me, is the happiest girl on earth! I nought 20+ clothes. 4 pairs of shoes, plus accessories! But i felt i shld buy more earrings! I want to go back again! Haha

Dear and colin bought their stuffs too. Though not as much me. They are happy boys too :x

After the trip, we went home, to start looking for jobs. I has not finished packing my items. Still have a lot to fo. These 2 days i have been working too. Seriously tiring but by next week, i should have my health back.

Mum and di had went to china for 10 days. Have no home cooked food for the next 1 week. Miss my mum cooking! Hope she will be back soon! Saying about this, i had forgotten to send her my brother results :x


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Another week since i blogged. The past week has been fun and exciting yet tiring. I had went to bangkok with my secondary school friends and...
Dear, 辛苦了. this few weeks you've been busy with many things like my birthday planning (surprising indeed :D) your last exam paper in your university life (if u not planning to further ur study), going to library borrow book and plan for bkk trips, helping me bringing me sweets, berry essence and travelling here and there.
Thank you dear for doing all this for me, giving me support and encouragement when i am feeling low and no morale to study.. Thanks for everything.. I love you dear.. Muackz!
Now you are not feeling well and and resting on bed bah.. Our bkk trip is coming so must stay fit fit! You are the prettiest dear i ever had and will ever had.. :D


Examinations are over! Happy for you dear :D Yesterday was our 3rd month anniversary. In the morning i had met jassy and ceyi to trim our eyebrows. While waiting for jassy at tampines interchange, i saw an old man dancing in the middle of the pavement. Everyone who walked past ignored him. No one really stopped by to look at him for a while, except those who are waiting for friends to arrive. But this old man just danced to his heart content. He was enjoying himself!

Sometimes it just made me ponder...

In this fast pace society where time waits for no man, people are always rushing and rushing. Some of them rushed for projects, some of them rushed to work, rush to eat, rushed to get the better deals in town. I was no exception. In my years of pursuing my education, i have always rushed myself to complete my work, my projects on time. Everyday i rushed to school, rushed to the bustop, rushed home, rushed to bath etc etc. There was never a time for myself. In my free days, i will work, i will meet my friends, clear my table, surf net, etc. I keep myself busy everyday. But when i looked back i asked myself: What am i busy with everyday? Why my time used up so fast? What happened one week ago? What am i doing one day ago at this time? What an i going to do now? What's for my plan tomorrow?

So far, I do make time for my loved ones around me, my family, my friend and my boyfriend, but i have not found the answer pertaining to this question: What is the meaning of 'Making time for myself'? I wasn't enlightened enough to understand this question. Perhaps the answer will come naturally to me when i am older.


Thanks dear for my haircut! He sponsored me for my new style yesterday!! Haha. Let's just try this once will do, we shall revert to the cheaper salon next time :X Zen cut our hairstyle, as recommended by ceyi. So this is the results:

My bombastic hair!

See the volume? I need to wax my hair in order to achieve this results. Dear loves my hair and kept nodding his head a lot. I like his hair too. But he doesn't seems to like it o.o He always hid behind me. But dear, thanks for this hairstyle!! U can help me style my hair too haha :P He's ending work soon. Time to pack luggage! 
Yeah, another week went by again. My mood just lightens up today :) I have full activities over the weeks. On Monday i went out to somewhere i can't remember :X Tuesday i meet up shiqi, had wanted to meet my friend to collect our urban decay items but she had not brought it, so in the end i went to Dear's house. On Wednesday, i headed over to Jassy house to come out itinerary for our BKK trip this Thursday. On Thursday i finally meet up my collegue at Orchard and shopping with me my mum at DFS. On Friday, had supposed to meet up Jassy again to trim her eyebrows but we were too tired to do so and it was postponed till today. Weekend was my working days.

Dear is going to finish his exam today. Fast fast! It been weeks since he then started to study. Finally its the last day today. And it is our... 3rd month anniversary. :) Love you dear, good luck!
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Yeah, another week went by again. My mood just lightens up today :) I have full activities over the weeks. On Monday i went out to somewhere...

Revision Tips

Everyone feels nervous about taking exams. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your revision time and keep those nerves under control.
It’s important to remember that an examination is a test of learning, not memory. Examiners want to see evidence that you have drawn on your knowledge to develop a reasoned argument, rather than replicate course notes and textbook facts. Revision should be a process of consolidating understanding rather than cramming as much information as possible before the morning of the exam.
1. Study skills

Where to study

Creating good conditions to study in can help you make the most of the time you spend revising. Here are some suggestions:
  • Find a quiet place to study and make sure you are sitting comfortably
  • Make sure your desk is well lit
  • Keep background noise to a minimum
  • Avoid studying in an area where there will be distractions (like television!)
  • Have everything you need to do your revision to hand before you start
How to study

There is no ‘right way’ to revise, as long as the method you choose enables you to gain a solid grasp of key facts and consolidate your knowledge. Some students are happy to read their classroom notes from start to finish, others prefer to simplify the information as much as possible, turning everything into skeleton notes, diagrams or mnemonics. In practice, most students find that mixing techniques suits the varied nature of the subjects being revised, and provides essential variety when studying.
  • Turn your notes into revision tools;
  • write ideas and facts on to cards to use as ‘prompts’
  • create memory aids such as diagrams or mnemonics (e.g. initial letters to make a word you need to remember or SMART objectives: Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Realistic; Targets). These will help you remember key facts
  • write key facts/notes out and display these around the house where you will see them
  • record yourself reading notes to listen to
  • Study with a friend and test each other’s knowledge, but remember you are meeting to revise rather than to chat!
  • Work through past question papers – and use a watch to time them so that you can practise timing your answers.
  • Choose study and revision guides sensibly. It’s not hard to find help with revision – as well as established published revision guides, there are hundreds of websites offering help and advice. The problem is not how to find such help, but how to judge which is the best source for your needs. Save valuable time and get recommendations from your teachers
  • Remember course notes are also a valuable source of extra help
  • Keep yourself more alert by changing revision methods during a session. For instance, try switching from note taking to memorising; from reading to asking someone to test you
  • Attend any revision classes that your teachers may be running at school and get their advice on revision methods
  • Look after yourself – Sometimes revision can become a competition – who stayed up latest, who worked longest, who’s worrying the most. But the more tired you are the less efficiently you’ll work. You need to rest as well as study, eat well, drink lots of water and make sure you pace yourself. Don’t rush, and equally don’t over-revise by doing too much too soon
2. Revision plan

The top tip for successful revision is to make a plan; otherwise it is easy to waste your precious revision time. We recommend that you start your revision at least six weeks before your exams begin. It is helpful to look at your exam dates and work backwards to the first date you intend to start revising.
  • List all your exam subjects and the amount of time you think you will need for each one. It is unlikely that the amounts will be equal. Many people find it advisable to allocate more time to the subject or topics they find the most difficult
  • Draw up a revision plan for each week
  • Fill in any regular commitments you have first and the dates of your examinations
  • Use Revision Checklists or Syllabuses for each subject as a starting point. Look at what you need to know and try to identify any gaps in your knowledge. (A good way of doing this is to look at the results of past papers or tests you have worked through)
  • Divide your time for each subject into topics based on the units in the revision checklist or syllabus, and make sure you allow enough time for each one
  • Plan your time carefully, assigning more time to subjects and topics you find difficult
  • Revise often; try and do a little every day
  • Plan in time off, including time for activities which can be done out in the fresh air. Take a 5 or 10 minute break every hour and do some stretching exercises, go for a short walk or make a drink
  • You may find it helpful to change from one subject to another at ‘break’ time, for example doing one or two sessions of maths and then changing to Geography, or alternating a favourite subject with a more difficult one. It helps to build in some variety
  • Write up your plan and display it somewhere visible
  • Adjust your timetable if necessary and try to focus on your weakest topics and subjects
  • Don’t panic; think about what you can achieve, not what you can’t. Positive thinking is important!
3. Last-minute revision tips

Although time may be short, you can still make a difference to your grade. Try and prioritise; do what you can.
  • Use your revision tools (prompts, diagrams etc) to check final facts
  • Keep calm and consolidate your existing knowledge rather than trying to learn new topics
  • Don’t stay up all night revising; being overtired will not help you to do your best

4. Dealing with exam nerves

It is natural to feel nervous before an examination. The more prepared you feel, the easier it will be to conquer your fears.
  • Create a revision plan to help you feel in control of the process
  • Plan your work carefully around the topics you need to focus on. Being aware of gaps in your knowledge can create nerves, but having a plan of how you will fill these will make you feel better.
  • Find out what is involved in the exam:
    • where and when it will take place
    • how much time is allowed
    • how many questions you need to answer
  • Think positive
  • Keep the exam in context – even if you do badly, there will be other options open to you
  • Allow yourself some fun-time each day to relax
  • Eat sensibly – your brain cells need energy to function well. Make sure you drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated. Dehydration makes you tired and reduces concentration
5. Exam tips – sitting the exam

Be prepared; find out what is involved in each of the examinations that you are going to sit. Organise yourself the night before and get plenty of sleep.
  • Check you have the correct equipment with you before you leave the house (pens pencils, ruler, scientific calculator, etc)
  • Do take a watch or clock so that you can time your answers
  • Leave for the exam in plenty of time
  • Look through the paper first and mark difficult questions/initial thoughts
  • Select the questions that will best enable you to demonstrate your knowledge to the examiner
  • Look at the marks available and read the questions carefully, following instructions given in the paper (e.g. to show all workings, word limits etc)
  • Use the information provided on the paper (the answer’s often nearly all there)
  • Pace yourself and allow enough time to answer all the required questions
  • Write as neatly as possible to help the examiner to mark your work. Marking untidy writing is difficult
  • For longer answers, take a few minutes before you begin to produce a structured plan of what you are going to include in each section
  • Allow yourself ten minutes at the end to read through your answers and correct any mistakes
  • Cross out anything you do not want the examiner to read (e.g. an earlier answer to a question)
6. Exam tips – after the exam

It is easy to fall in to the trap of wondering how well you performed and to discuss this with your fellow students. Your time would be better spent looking ahead to your next examination.
  • Don’t panic – you won’t be the only student who is anxious about their answers
  • Don’t compare your answers with those of other students – this can create negative feelings
  • Have some fresh air and food and take time to relax before you start revising
  • Don’t rush to your textbooks to check your answers – there is no point at this stage
  • Focus on the next exam and how you might improve your exam technique
  • Have a quick look at your revision plan. Do you need to adjust it?
  • Think positive!
Some tips for you dear, if you have the time to read our blog... ... In the coming years, i will make sure you start your revision 3 months earlier!
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Revision Tips   Everyone feels nervous about taking exams. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your revision time and keep tho...
One paper down! 3 more to go baby! Don't feel very fed up. U can't concentrate if you feel very negative. I know right now you are feeling
- Frustrated
- A little bit into holiday mood
- Nervous
- Trying to skip topics to read
- Yet thinking that doing exams question are more appropriate
- Looking at time
-Sleepless night
- Reading and recall what you had read earlier just now but just couldn't call which that's why made you very nervous

So far, i had been through exams myself and this is how i felt whenever i felt unsure. Dear you must be in this position now. Don't panic. Embrace yourself for you know that panic kills you emotionally. It is easy to be said than done i know. It will be over soon. Muackz
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One paper down! 3 more to go baby! Don't feel very fed up. U can't concentrate if you feel very negative. I know right now you are f...
Hihi readers, im back to blogging habits. Here to blog about the one week events... ... After my exams, i was posted to work in Robinsons in center point during the weekend. I had not much rest because i needed $_$ So I wasn't really slacking a lot. Somemore dear's birthday was near during that time so all the more i was still very uptight about the plans i had for him. When everything was finally over, I had some time to clear my books, going out for dinner with mum and friends and definitely, planning for bkk trip for this coming thursday. So far I had planned what to bring for our trip in case i had missed out some other important stuffs.

During that one week, dear has also been mugging hard for his exams. He took a week off to study 4 modules. Really wished him lots of good luck!! Muackz. After his birthday was over, he really put in lots of efforts in studying his exams. Everyday stayed at home to read read read. Hope he can really take it. As for me, i can't do much for him, but just to support him and bought him some supplement to replenish his body nutrients. He had also took some time out to have celebration with my sisters and even watched avengers with us! I just want him to join us for i see him that stressed up. As he could not get out of his house, what i can do was to visit him in a day or another.

Tomorrow will be your 1st paper. Dear ah, apply whatever you have learnt into your exam paper tomorrow. I know you can do it. Be brave to enter the hall k?? Bring your jacket along too. Your pencil case and pens, make sure they are working, bring your water bottle, your chicken essence. Remember to pray to tian king and guan yin, tell then what paper you are having, let them know and give you blessing, eat sweets and wear the proper colour too. All the best to you! Muackz! Your dear will be praying for you too.


Looking at menu

Looking himself in mirror and see what he is doing haha

Funny face haha

Mouth O
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Hihi readers, im back to blogging habits. Here to blog about the one week events... ... After my exams, i was posted to work in Robinsons in...
Dear, just one more week to your exam le, today is already Saturday! Persevere on! Endure! I know you must be dead beat *massage*. After your exams bring you go massage again? Another round of full body massage. This time try choco de ok? Love you! 

Ps: Those who liked your post are cheering you on! Im right here with you too. Muackz

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Dear, just one more week to your exam le, today is already Saturday! Persevere on! Endure! I know you must be dead beat *massage*. After you...
On the actual day itself, Dear and his friend met up tee peng and tan fei at ikea for dinner. Tee peng and Tan fei were late! Dear was complaining to me haha. After half and hour passed by, tee peng finally showed up, and tan fei, was practically late for another 20 minutes haha. After eating our dinner, we went to bedok point to sing. It was already midnight and when the whole session ended, it was about 2.30am in the morning haha. It was the very first time im home this late. Dear still had work the next day but he managed to stay awake during his office hours. Amazing right?! Took some photos together too! I will upload them now:

The chicken wings at Ikea!

Taking polaroid together! Bear day!

See the 3 guys and the picture of the polaroid? Just nice 3 people respectively
On the way to taste paradise on 30th!

Another random shot at ion

Shots of birthday boy!

I can't photoshop this photo because of the lightings doesn't blend well :(

See wei teck de ... :(

Nice right!

See my dear de :P

LOL! C  u t e !

Our fypie!

Angela said no o.o

Foodie at taste paradise~~

See what my dear did to the food..

Dear on the cake its you lei :P
My plan for his birthday :)

His birthday present :D

Hope u have a happy day dear, muackz!!

Xiong's 23rd Birthday!

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On the actual day itself, Dear and his friend met up tee peng and tan fei at ikea for dinner. Tee peng and Tan fei were late! Dear was compl...