Time to blog about my Flea market last month.

It has been 2 years since the last time i had flea with my Sister in law at Lucky Plaza. The flea at 2 years ago was so much better in terms of location and space of our booth. But this time round, our location for this one time off business was shifted to right-inside the flea market at level 6. We had to move through those permanent tenants and carry our luggage through the narrow pave. 

The rental space for 1 table is $160 before GST. The flea start at 12pm and will end at 7pm. We are allowed to queue outside the entrance before 12pm so that we could get a good slot inside. This flea was shared among me, my sis and my cousin.

We were queuing outside the entrance.

The crowd at Lucky Plaza was crazy on Sunday. When we arrived at 10am, the whole orchard road was empty except Lucky Plaza. It was so crowded that we had to move through the crowd slowly with our luggage, When we arrived at level 6, we were 2nd in the queue. There were many of us ta-baoing McDonald' breakkie and iced Milo. Some of them came with trolley as they have twice more than what we had to sell. 

When the organizer allowed us to enter the premises, we chose our booth (Its first come first serve basis). Just as I expected, the people (mostly Indonesia helpers) rushed in and started helping themselves with the luggage. They would ask if can open and they are more than willing to help you to do it. 

Next, your clothes will be everywhere.  

Flea on an early Sunday

They began to ransack your luggage, flipping the clothes right and left, tossing them around, trying on etc. We initially sold the clothes for like $5 per dress while top/bottom at $3 each but the price is dropping every hour. At a point of time, someone was shouting 3 for $10 for dresses. We had to match their price so that we are able to clear our pre-loved stuffs. Not more than often, they were also asking for bags and shoes. If you have lots of bags and shoes to clear, Lucky Plaza is one place where you can clear your bags away. One of our customer also took our spoil luggage for $10!

The serious money making mode.

At 3pm, we still have a lot of unsold clothes and the prices continue to decrease.

$1 per piece, cheaper than Daiso!

At 6pm, we managed to our shoes, bags, jewelry, 90% of clothes and some makeup. We were getting tired and sore from standing straight 5-8 hours without much toilet breaks. sweating and tolerating the fabric dust in the small enclosed area (including queuing time till closing ). At 6.30pm, after we sold the last piece of jewelry, we slowly packed up and headed to Paragon for dinner. We earned a decent amount from the flea. After deducting the rental cost of the booth, we treated ourselves to Thai food. It was a satisfying dinner from a hard day of work.

Took some really nice Christmas photo before going home.