WhiteLink Bridal Package

Oh yeah! Had just blogged about my Taiwan trip and right now I'm blogging on a topic which most of us had to go through.

Wedding Package

Such thing actually sound intimidating to me ya? Just last weekend, Xiong and I had just signed up with WhiteLink package at Marina Square with Irene Teo. Remember the last time I mentioned that we went for photo shoot last year in Taiwan? And this year we were already signing up for actual wedding package and hunting for AD (actual day) photography and videography.

We got to know Whitelnk through Xiong's elder bro and sister-in-law. During the wedding show at Hilton Hotel, Whitelink was there promoting packages to couples who were present. Since we were there, we went to look at their package.

The package cost about $3,560 for the basic but thanks to Xiong's sister-in-law superb haggling skills, we managed to get more for less!

We had

  • 2 wedding gowns, 1 kua (for traditional gown), 1 ROM dress (upgrade dress to exclusive)
  • 1 Trial make up (can be used for ROM) and 1 actual day makeup  + dinner make up and hair-do. Any additional make up would need to pay about $80 .
  •  1 hand bouquet for Studio, 1 hand bouquet for actual day + 6 corsages
  • FOC rental for 2 jackets for dads
  • 2 jackets + pants OTR jacket exclusive
  • Photography 30 poses, 3" X 5" photo 2 poses , table top frame, mini album
  • Bridal car decoration (netting + silk flower)
  • 2 following cars decorations
Im not sure if i had missed anything but i guess this is the standard package for most actual day. Irene was patiently explaining the details to us while upgrading item she could. Though i was skeptical about the package (my sister wasn't very pro-whitelink), I felt that Xiong's sister-in-law did fight for what i think we really need. At the end of the nego session, we paid a $500 for the deposit. The $500 deposit allows us to be flexible as we can switch package if we didn't want to take up the wedding one.

Parting with the $500 means no matter what we must choose a form or package or another from them. Their deposit was supposed to be $1500 but we paid 1/3 of it. We would only agree to pay the rest of the amount if we are satisfied with their gowns. The day after the weekend, we went to Whitelink at Kakit Bukit after work to look at their gowns. Surprisingly, they have a wide range of gowns! There are quite a number of exclusive gowns which i really liked. Those designer gown were really gorgeous to the core that at one look, you know that it belongs to the 'higher category'.

Taken from Singapore Bride

Take from Singapore Bride

Not sure if these gowns are designer or exclusive, but i know that they have a good selection of gowns to choose from.

After contemplating for a week, my dear and i decided to go for the package. It might seem early to sign up for the package but in few years time, the price will change. So why not just sign up the package if you are serious in getting married soon.

To find out more on Whitelink Bridal , you can click here .


  1. Hi there, I just read through your blog knowing that you have sign up with WhiteLink Bridal shop for your wedding. I just sign up with them few week back too but I'm not to sure if I have make the right choice signing up with them after reading some review about them some good and some bad. I hope if you can share some of your experience with them or you may PM me. Thank you.(:

    1. Hi Joyceline,

      I just read your comment where you have signed package with WhiteLink. I am also interest with WhiteLink where most of the gowns are nice at their webpage. Do you mind to share information with me such as packages, services etc?

      I am looking forward to hear from you soonest.

      Mei Fung

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