Just wondering why i had so many posts of rainbow cake at once, I had recently turned 25th this year!! (Had already become 25 last Sunday).

Ombre has becoming so in fashion that you can find on hairstyle, eyelashes and even cakes!

Few months back, i was crazy about having ombre hair (Xiong felt that it was a total disaster) but i decided to go for block hair colouring at Artica  (Read here). Though the hair colour had totally faded off by now, but at least i had purple hair once.

And introducing my

Ombre Cake!!

Too pretty to cut! Imagine how much efforts the baker had to do for the roses on the outer layer. 3 different colours! I was told to thaw the cake for 30 minutes before cutting.

Looking at the side

Full creamed

But best of all... ... Inside the cake... ...

My dainty rainbow cake!

Thanks to my love, he got this cake for me. This is of coursed a customized cake! I remembered telling him once that i wanted a ombre rainbow cake and this is what he got for me!! The cake was really good!! The cream is rich and the cake is devilishly good. The multi colour cake make you irresistible. And my family indulged in this heavenly cake! 

I have no idea how much this cake cost but definitely not the price you can get from normal bakery shop. 

The sticker gave you away honey,

The website for the Production Kitchen is so cool. You can also check out their facebook. They make beautiful, interesting cakes that suit almost all event.

Previously, i had also customised Xiong's birthday cake from the famous blogger: Shiberty

Just some ideas if you are looking for customised cake ^^

On that day, though i have the prettiest cake on earth (O.O), Xiong wasn't there to sing a birthday song for me (只有唱歌才有过生日的感觉). He had to work till 10pm and i cut the cake without him.   

But still, thanks for the cake, i loved it a lot. Seriously, i didn't expect that you would prepare for me. I even asked my mum to buy a small cake for my celebration. That was how my mum gave you away. Though you were not there, you have the next few days with me to Genting. Had enjoyed the trip, food and weather (and losing money in adult's arcade O.O). 

My 25th Birthday!!
(Like announcing my age :X) 

I am so glad that i have my colleagues, friends and family to celebrate my birthday. There is nothing more i can ask!! As you get older, i felt that having accompany on your big day is a blessing.

During lunch, my colleague drove us all to NOM Bistro again If you haven know about NOM, you can click here for my previous post for a short read! Well, we were there for the Rainbow Cake!!

We ordered our main course and sides. I ordered something different this time as i had rosti on my first visit.

My cup of Cappuccino!! 

Chicken Skin

Surprisingly, it is very nice! Very crispy!

Chicken Wing (not bad)

Fish and Chips

At the end of lunch, my colleague ordered 2 cakes to share. One of them had to be rainbow cake of course!!

Evertyime i went to NOM, i couldn't get to eat the chocolate fudge rainbow cake. Though it was my third visit, i have not get a chance to try  :( Upon asking, we were told that the cake will only be available the next day :( 

If i am not wrong, it is peanut butter cake.

This chocolate peanut butter cake tasted more like brownie than a cake. The chocolate is thick yet sweet.

And finally,

Happy Birthday to me !!

Thank you guys!!

If you had noticed my blog well enough, i had actually added the category for

Tokyo Luxey is a website which focus largely on Japanese cosmetics and beauty products, introducing these products into Singapore. I have always been a fan of Japanese fashion and beauty and was totally intrigued by their clothes and makeup from the first time i bought ViVi magazine.

Thanks to Tokyo Luxey, i was invited to their meet-up session on 11th July at P.S Cafe at Harding Road. Though it is difficult to hop on a cab at Holland Village, i still managed to get on one and went to Dempsey Hill with Serene (another awesome blogger- do remember to check her out!).

We were given few products to try on. Let me slowly explain one by one ^^

  1. Skin Conditioner
  2. Eclafuture
  3. 24hr Cosme Foundation
These few days i've been an active blogger, posting posts after posts! There are some other which i have yet to give my review on but i shall work harder to post all of them up by this week!

And yeah, one little quiz here:

What goes up but never comes down?

Don't have to think so much. The answer can relate to all of us.

Answer is AGE.

Okay everyone, face it. You cannot escape from coming old. Well, i am in my mid 20s soon (Oh God!) and i know that all mid 20s will go through some sort of crisis. But its alright, i have friends and boyfriend going through with me right now. That's the great thing of having friends. You hang around with the people of same age group who grew up together with and they know all sorts of embarrassing things you did in your life.     

And we meet up on every birthdays! This year... at

Brunch at Habitat Coffee

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These few days i've been an active blogger, posting posts after posts! There are some other which i have yet to give my review on but i ...
Hello guys! In this post I am going to share one product which was purchased from Taiwan too! It was highly recommended by my colleague actually (She follows Taiwan blogger a lot) and I get to know this affordable and effective product from her.

Hanaka Intensive Renewal Facial Mask

Look at the expression. So cute right >.<
I love going back to my manicurist, Joycelyn, again and again because she can paint my nails within an hour.

As i had decided to take a half day leave to rest for today, I booked an appointment with her to pamper my nails. My nails had been really brittle and unkept for weeks.

The reason i always go back to her was because she
  1. is very skilled and precise. She can complete my nail art within an hour.
  2. Reasonable price (of course)
  3. Convenient for me  :D
  4. Great service!
  5. Meticulous in her work 
  6. Very creative! There had been few times i had no idea what i want. I mentioned i wanted flowers and she drew it free-style! Amazing!

Here are some of the designs she had done on my nails!

Hi guys! I have something to share today!

It is an awesome apps. Let me introduce to you.

This is actually from Street Directory. What happens is that when you download this apps, they will be able to locate your current location and inform you of what offers there are which is near your vicinity.

So... Here we go:

1) For apple user , search for ''Singapore Map'' under apps store. It applies the same to android users. It's free!

It was an impulse purchase actually. Who ask me to be unable to resist the Bella Box packing and their known-to-be-great samples?!

And few days ago, i had decided to go for my first purchase of the BellaBox. As a real sucker for sales and surprises, I purchased my first BellaBox at $9.90 where the box would cost me for $19.90 every month. But of course, i am also curious of what goodies they would provide in the blue polka dot box. Just few days ago, the courier sent the parcel to my door-step.

Upon opening my box... ...

Ask you to buy more >.<

And here the goodies... ...

It contains:

  1. Dr Jart + Bounce Beauty Balm
  2. Benzac
  3. L'oreal Paris Hair Expertise Eversleek Shampoo & Conditioner
  4. Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret EDP
  5. GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment
  6. GlamGlow Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment
These products do really make my purchase worth!!

Let me explain a little further on these products.

Item 1 and 5

Item 5: GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

This looks like an amazing product that it helps to fight all common skin concerns such as pores, problem skin, blemishes, pimples, breakouts, zits, spots, black and white heads, razor bumps, in grown hair etc. It contains ingredients which blend to reveal exceptionally clearer and healthy looking skin.

All you have to do is to apply a thin layer to clean skin and leave it for 5-20 minutes. After that, remove with water 

Item 1:  Dr Jart + Bounce Beauty Balm
Unique BB cream with intense hydrating and brightening efects that will give your skin a radiating and gorgeous glow. 

Item 3

Item 3: L'oreal Paris Hair Expertise Eversleek Shampoo & Conditioner

These are basically shampoo and conditioner. However, according to the read-out, L'oreal Eversleek Shampoo is 100% sulfates free which leaves your hair healthy looking with 48hrs frizz free too!

Item 6

Item 6: GlamGlow Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

Please do not look down on this small sachet. This little thing is 'designed as a 10-minute and anti-aging facial in a jar for immediate camera-ready glowing skin'.It contains ingredients which aids in brightens complexion, hydrates and balance, detoxifies, improves skin elasticity, tightens and lifts, tightening effect, anti inflammatory , heal and soothes skin, speed cell regeneration, heal breakouts and fight skin issues. 


Apply thin layer to clean face . One will expect tingle-tastic tightening effect in 10 minutes or less. Remove mask in circular motions to exfoliate.

Item 2

Item 2: Benzac

Fight acne with drying skin. Benzoyl Peroxide kills P-acnes bacteria within 48 hours. Acrylates Copolymer helps to absorb sebum and release glycerin that helps hydrate skin.

Last but not least... ...

Item 4

Item 4: Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret EDP

A small sample size perfume which contains fruity floral scent. This size is definitely great for travel use!!

The items above definitely cost more than $9.90!! Upon reading at these products, i am really awed that these are not just normal but fantastic products which i think i really need >.< All girls love pretty and healthy looking skin. In case you are wondering where to buy this 'surprise box', just go to BellaBox (click) and you can start your first purchase there! Please read the terms and conditions before you start your first purchase.

And there i go signing off~~

Thanks to Bellabox for the information above. They had given me full instructions on how to use these awesome products! ^^
I have been delaying many of my posts as i was busy these days.

Busy with my meet-ups, love and my family. I am going to update what i had did for the past 2 weekends.

NDP Preview 

Thanks to Xiong's colleague, we were able to attend the NDP review this year. Though we had ballot for the tickets, never once were we able to win any. Marina Square was extremely filled with people everywhere; all the eateries were fully occupied and McDonald was definitely a great place to packet your food to the preview.

We followed the crowds and finally reached the entrance. Our fun pack was yellow.


Updates on weekends!

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I have been delaying many of my posts as i was busy these days. Busy with my meet-ups, love and my family. I am going to update what i had...
Heard of this cafe from Xiong's friends that Choupinette serves one of the best egg benedict in Singapore. As a lover of egg benedict, Xiong and I decided to check out last weekend.

They opened at 8:00am in the morning. I met my sis and jie fu after they had finished check-up. As it was drizzling, Xiong and I were late. The cafe was easily located next to Coronation Plaza. It was pretty small but there wasn't lots of patrons at 9am.

The cafe is elegantly decorated in English cottage style (I feel) with breads, Chou Chou around you. It is very hard not to miss those eye-catching pastry. They look damned good that you feel like having a taste of all the cakes and breads.  

Wide variety of breads to choose from.

I did not manage to take a photo of the menu but their price range was about $20+ for the mains. The set meal comes with a main course, fruit juice and coffee or chocolate.

Focus on the bread. It looks very normal but once I tasted it, my impression of that bread changed totally o.o

Here comes my chocolate and grapefruit juice!

After filling our stomach, my sis and i walked over to look at the pastry and breads. Each and every piece of them are so tempting. My sis bought quite a number of breads home for breakfast and some chou chou to satisfy her sweet tooth.

How to resist?!


See the thick layer of chocolate~~

Tiramisu  for dine in only

As the cafe doesn't take in reservation during weekend, one might have to wait a little while during lunch hour.

If you are one bread-lover, do try Choupinette which serves all day breakfast, brunch, lunch and tea.

607 Bukit Timah Rd
Bukit Timah
Singapore 269708
Tel: 6466 0613

Operating Hours
Tue- sat: 8:00 am- 7:00pm
Sun: 8:00 am - 6:00pm
No reservation during Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.

Brunch @ Choupinette

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Heard of this cafe from Xiong's friends that Choupinette serves one of the best egg benedict in Singapore. As a lover of egg benedict, X...
How i wished to go back to the old times again...

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