I have been procrastinating posts day after day. Hope that i will be able to post some of the foodies up real soon.

After a long day at Flea, we came to this dessert house call Honeycomb

A dessert place near Bugis MRT,  Honeycomb serves soft ice cream and fresh honeycomb. I remember the last time i ate honeycomb was a few years ago when i bought one from CkTang. It cost me $25 for a small piece.  Honeycomb was really nice, they contain those wax like which will make you chew and chew, oozing honey from within. Accordingly to the sale promoter (last time), she told me that the wax is edible and it is good for your gum (because you keep chewing and chewing). 

The place is really small.  There are few countable tables and chairs but being small has it advantage too right? 

They even have soft toys for you to hug :X

Their menu was pretty loud and clear and they hung them on the wall.

It is easy to choose especially they have few choices (easily distracted by many choices). I went for the caramel while Linda chose classic. 

The honey in the syringe and a small piece of honeycomb.

We injected the honey and ate up the dessert pretty quick. It is quite interesting as to why they would use syringe to contain the honey but i think its kinda different from the rest. The syringe is a one time usage but i believe some customers would like to bring them back for souvenir?  

If you think that this is not special enough, they have another attraction.

Kit Kat the Cat

When we entered Honeycomb, the cat wasn't on the bench, it must be strolling around the street before going home. Initially i though the cat eats kit kat but its actually not haha. 

Kit kat doesn't bother me much even though i was taking its picture all the way. I guess it doesn't like to be disturbed.

If you happen to be around Bugis, you can visit this place after a nice brunch with your friends at

30 Bali Lane
Singapore 189866
Tel: 98007628

Operating hours
Mon - Sun : 12:00pm - 10:00pm

Signing off~~

I always love Glamabox for their box. Till now, i have collected a few of their design and it was really worth collecting more  >.<

And for the month of December, 

The dainty box 

Unboxing the pretty box, we have... ...

We have ampoule, eyeshadow and foundation, hand cream, facial soup and etc.

Some of you might have heard some brands before. But those who don't and feel that one or another products help you, you can read read the contents below. I hope all the below will be informative to you ^^

1. Noelle - Lime and Grapefruit Hand Cream

Refreshing, uplifting hand cream which moisturizes hands and cuticles while boosting the skin's natural regeneration to give you a more healthier and sumptuous skin. 

Instructions: Apply an ample amount of hand cream onto hand and gently massage until the                            handcream is absorbed. Use it frequently as required after every hand wash.

2. and 3.  Kim & Marc Illuminating 2 Way Cake and Eyeshadow  

An affordable makeup brand for all ladies! This could be a new brand as I couldn't find much of the info on internet. I guess it is currently available in HK only.

The 2 way foundation contains ultra fine  micro-sphere powder which can easily covers up blemishes and spots on face. It contains 15spf and helps maintaining natural collagen and elasticity. The lightning powder also refract rays which make your skin appears radiant and transparent.


Wet: Dampen the puff and take an adequate amount of foundation to apply on face evenly
Dry: Apply evenly with the puff.

4. Shara Shara Girls - Ice Toner and Water Lotion

Korean brand. Lotion helps prevent oily, tightening pores , brightens and moisturizes the skin. It contains 100% Himalayan glacier water(rich in minerals), it has a cooling effectwhich refreshes tired and hot skin. The texture of the lotion is watery and light. After applying i felt my skin is refresh and matted.


Toner : After facial wash, use hands to apply on skin.
Lotion: Apply moderate amount all over face.


6. Shara Shara - Honey Bomb

All in one ampoule. Contain.Contain honey extract, royal jelly extract and propolis which provide rich moisture and nutrient. Formulate with Niacin amide and adenosine that give dull and winkle skin bright and glowing skin. 

Instructions: Apply onto face while tapping for absorption. Keep in fridge and apply before sleeping to soothe and glowing skin the next day.

7. Victoria - Lanolin Eggwhite Facial Soap 

Korean brand too! I saw good reviews on this products and people are rating 4.5 out of 5! Can you imagine how good this product is?!

Made with eggwhite, glycin, rose water and other natural ingredients, it can be both as a mask and cleaner, helps reducing pore size , removing blackhead, firming, whitening and moisturising and fit for all skin.


Facial: Gently foaming with water, put on face in circular motion, rinse with water and use twice daily

Mask:  Gently foaming on with water, put on your face in circular motion. Let the foam stay for 5 minutes then rinse with water. Recommend 2-3 times very week.

8. eFresh - Perfect skin Theraphy Face Cream with Green Caviar Extract and Green Cavier Complex

Perfect Skin Therapy Face Cream with Green Caviar Extract brings immediate moisture and aids in anti-aging.

Instructions: Apply day and night to face and neck.

Green Caviar Complex contains ingredients like Alpha- Glucan Oligosaccharide and Aloe Vera extract, helps in skin renewal. Soothes sensitive skin effectively and improves radiance, elasticity and moisture. 

Instructions: Apply day and night to face. Follow by Perfect Skin Therapy Face Cream with Green Caviar Extract. 

9. Smillson - Oat Nourishing Tea Moistening Bath Lotion.

Formulated with oat essence and green tea distillation formula to moisture skin , repair allergy designed for sensitive or normal skin to dry skin. Daily use leaves skin moist , soft and healthy.

Instructions: Apply a suitable amount of the product onto the bath towel or sponge and gently knead until plentiful foams appears. Apply the foam to wet body, massage 2-3 minutes then rinse off with warm water.

10. Bakel - Collagen + Malic + Pure Peel

Collagen cotains natto gum with high elasticity and firming properties which keeps skin young and well-nourished. 

Instructions: Apply product on face, neck and neckline and eyes area every morning and evening. Apply gently until absorbed

Malic is a serum. It contains ingredients to promote skin renewal and luminosity. Helps obtain even skin color and improves skin complexion.

Instructions: Apply product until fully absorbed , avioding eye area.

Pure Peel is a exfoliating gel mask. Formulated to eliminate the layer of dead cells, accelerating cell renewal . Skin appears soft, smooth, uniform and luminous. 

Instructions:Apply uniformed layer on face and neckline, avoiding eye area . Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.


Last but not least, thanks Glamabox for the small plushie which i can hang in my room haha.

After looking at all the great products from Glamabox, wouldn't you feel tempted to purchase and try on those products?! They even have cosmetics like foundation and eyeshadow. As a beauty junkie, how could you miss that out?!

Signing off here!!

It was a success. A very successful one.

The idea for flea is very simple. Linda and I was chatting one day that we had some good quality clothes to sell. And it all started through a simple question:

Linda: You think you share a Flea with me?
Elvina: Yea ok, always wanted to do so.

We decided this Flea within a minute and the next , I had already booked a booth at Lucky Plaza flea on 14th December.

The flea at Lucky plaza was more on a expensive side. It costs us $150/ day for a booth and $4 per chair . I bought a booth space and 2 chairs, which totalled up to $158.

I know that Lucky Plaza is the place to go if you have pre-loved clothes and good handbags to sell.

As it was our first flea, I feel that we need to do some homework: read more on bloggers experience, ask for more information through friends / relatives, went down to lucky plaza to have a look, etc.

The flea on Sunday starts from 1pm - 7pm. However, sellers can start queuing before 11.30am where they organisers only allow them to prepare their booth from 11.30am onwards.

All the sellers were standing by the door. 

We were there at 10.30am but were already 13th in the queue (we choped a Q 1st while the guys carried the luggage from the carpark). All the sellers had twice more clothes and stuffs than we have but anyway, that's all we have. While queuing outside the door, there were some customers coming towards you asking you to open your luggage and show them. A group of sellers opened their luggage and started bringing a small crowd over. Please note that this is not allowed. They can fine you.

After a while, a security came up and chase them away, told them off a little and walked away. At a distance, the security took a photo of them.

As for me, there were also some customers walking over to me telling me that they want to see my stuffs too. I told them: later. LOL! Too bad lehy, I don't want the security to take photo of me too >.<

In the midst of queuing, I went in to check out the stalls and see if they were already set up.

Total mess inside the flea. The guys had to sweep and lay the tables out properly.

The tables were layout nicely. Some of the customers were waiting and sitting around themselves chatting. 

Took a photo while in the midst of queuing. Xiong's brother was playing with his phone.

I went to toilet at 11.25am so I wasn't sure what was really happening when they streamed in the flea. According to them, they mentioned that just after they found a booth, the customers rushed to them and demanded them to 'Open, SHOW ME' the stuffs in our luggage. We had 2 luggage, one big and one small. We intended to clear the clothes in the big luggage first before opening the small luggage. But xiong mentioned that customer demanded them to open both luggage! When i returned from toilet, the clothes were already in a mess! They were many people crowding around our table and one even said: I take 10 dresses from you, find for me!

They are just like released from a cage and they dig our clothes with 100% enthusiasm and strength. Some of our clothes dropped to the floor but they are very nice to pick them up for us. It was so crowded that once you position yourself in that spot, you will be in the same spot until close.

Photo credits to Linda! We had no time to take photos actually. The people were taking our clothes to see, some took and try (we allow of course). 

Photo credits to Linda too, she was cropped off ?! Can you see how cui my face is?! 

We started selling our clothes for $5 per dress $3 per blouse and bottom. The sales was good initially as they are willing to take $5 for good quality and pretty dresses. But be prepare that they will bargain. We gave them better price if they buy more. Other competitors were selling about the same prices as us. At about 3pm, we started selling them at 4 for $10, 2 for $5 . And another hour later, 3 for $5 and 1 for $3. They do not mind clothes with a little defects, out of fashion clothes, faded dress as long as they are cheap. 

In between, a man walked up and started digging and turning our clothes. As you can see, all are ladies clothes and none of them suit him. Scary old man! He freaked us out a little.

We left like 7-9 pieces there at about 5pm. Introducing our cashier : Xiong, Sales staff: Me, Chris and Linda . Photographer: Linda

We sold off our clothes at a pretty good rate and we started selling them like 2 for $1 during 4.30pm. The stall beside us kept coming over to see how much we were selling. I also manage to sold my bag at $7 and some make up at $1 each. The cheapest we went for was 1 for 50 cents. But there are still people willing to buy at 50 cents. We stand from 10.30am to 5.30pm. Never went for toilet breaks as we couldn't get out (too crowded).

Wanted to give them as free gifts but the boys said just sell them off at $1.

We packed up and leave the place at 5.30pm. Decided for mookata as we did not have lunch.

If you thinking to do a flea ( and its your first time), do take note on a few things:

  1. Prepare more tissue paper and mask if you have sensitive nose.
  2. Don't bother to buy any seats if you are doing a flea, the chairs were nothing but just taking up spaces.
  3. Bring portable fan , we were sweating a lot inside the flea.
  4. Prepare plastic bag.
  5. Go there to queue early or good booths will be taken up.
  6. Do not sell them stuff while queuing.
  7. Wear comfortably.
  8. Most of your customers are foreigners.
  9. Ask one of your friend to man the cash, 1 packer and 2 sales personnel. 
  10. Prepare enough change. They can pop a $100 note to you . Most of them will give u $10.


On a good note, it's a tiring yet fun experience for all of us. We managed to recover our total booth cost and initial cost. Made a small profit in the end which could make us buy more clothes later on. 

Another blog post for today! Linda and i had been preparing hard for our Flea at Lucky Plaza this weekend. We had lots of good quality clothing to clear at $5 each and top and bottom at $3. The both of us had a total of more 100 clothing? But 60% comes from her haha!

Flea Market 

Totally brand new!

Bought but never wear before

$5 ! Good quality ok!

Bought but never wear before again!

Pastel purple

Totally new !

These are just some clothes. There are far more better looking clothes for our flea! I had also prepared some other gifts for customer who buy more. 

From Sephora! 

And special thanks to Linda who prepared the cardboard for our Flea!

Photo credits to her! (Our pretty Lady Boss!)

So everyone, please come to the Flea market this Sunday from 1pm to 7pm to support us!!

Pray we have business this weekend !!

I was slightly more busy these days which might have explained my low blogging frequency.
Let me recap my last weekend!


It was mid week and I had the sudden urge to do my nails. I have not been doing my nails since July and they were not well kept. Three of my nails were broken due to work and i was really sad about it. Joycelynn (my manicurist ) put me on waiting list as her slots were full till end of December. Luckily, one of her customers couldn't make it on Wed night and i was able to take her slot! Happily, i ended work at 6pm and rush to Tampines. Due to bad traffic, i was late for 10 minutes!!

And immediately, she started the manicure session.

Can you idenify the three fake nails?

After 1.5 hours, my nails were nicely decorated and tada!!

Nice right!!

By the time my nails were done, It was reaching 8.30pm. I reached home at about 9.30pm and had my dinner. 


Love and I were chilling our Saturday at Shuffle Bistro as we love bars with live band drumming mandarin songs. We were checking out several bistro and there was another one call "Switch'. As Switch live band only begin at 9.30pm, we decided to go back Shuffle again.

Thanks love for the lovely photo.

We ordered Churros (Not bad ) and Hawaiian Pizza.

The Churros was good actually !

During that night, there was a special guest from Superstar. He is.... Aedan Kang 江韩文. I was really happy and shocked (I support him more than the Alfred Sim). He sang 2 songs that night. I have to say that he can really sing!

While listening to the live band, i was indulging in my Somersby Apple Cidar.

One is not enough, i had another round of Moscato after wards.

My happy love


On Sunday, Linda and i were packing clothes for the flea market this Sunday. We had collected 100 over clothes in total, excluding some from our relatives. After packing some clothes, we followed Linda and Xiong's Bro to Shangri-La hotel to view their ballroom.

Here are some photos
Xiong and I tagged along !!

They kinda like had a blue theme on that day but overall the ballroom looked really grand. It could easily host up to more than 50 tables. But the price of each table was expensive. Unless you can afford more than $2k per table, you can consider this hotel

The lady was nice enough to show us the solemnization place too.

The place for solemnization is at Pavilion. According to the wedding coordinator, she mentioned that this place was renovated. The lightnings and decorations were value added and overall they add elegance and luxury to the room.  

Can you imagine how beautiful it is?

The outdoor allows the solemnisation and BBQ. If it rains, the whole event could be moved indoor.

The lobby area

Pretty isn't it?!

Work harder so that you can afford to hold your solemnization in this place :X