Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing all of you have good career, wealth and health in the year of Goat! As Chinese New Year falls on Thursday, my holiday starts on Wednesday where our company declared an official off day on the Eve. It was indeed a long weekend but happy things doesn't last long. Recap our happy activities over the holiday season.

Last Monday, I attended Xiong's family reunion dinner at MooMoo Mookata at Changi. It was quite inaccessible unless you have a car but the place was really cool as we had mookata in a tent.

Look at the background ! How beautiful the place is.

Oh, such bad quality photos. 

Linda and I went to Fairprice at Whitesands to buy some lou hei ingredients. I never knew that the ingredients were sold separately, neither did i know we are able to buy ready-pack veggies. The whole lou hei ingredients (good quality salmon, veggie, crackers, etc) cost a total of $37. Back at Xiong's house, we arranged the ingredients accordingly but the crackers covered the whole plate in the end. Therefore, we could see nothing of the lou hei except the peanuts and crackers -.-

Steamboat after lou hei~~

The food and service were good as there's many people around. Once a while we can see low flying airplane. The food were not good but i felt the one at Golden Mile is better. However, it is a good place for family/friends gathering if you want a private space. 

On Chinese New Year Eve, our company declared an official off day and all of us were able to gather with our family. Every year, my uncles and their family will visit us on the Eve for reunion dinner! It was always a short gathering and late into the night, i would always prepare the fruits and fa cake for prayer. But something different this year was that Love was staying my house for the night. *Happy*

On Day 1, love had work in the morning. Well, in the midst of holiday, someone has to protect our country right? In afternoon, i waited for his return before we went to my aunty's house.

In my 20 years, this is the first time i stepped out of my home for Chinese New Year Day 1. Every year, our family will always stay home to help out serving food to the rest and cleaning up the house after they left. We had to prepare all sort of foods, from fresh vegetables to raw food, replenishing the soup as and when, taking out table and chairs etc. It wasn't easy to be the host every year, catering food for a big family. And for the first time in life we had dinner outside our house. Definitely appreciate my aunty and uncle who were willing to host the steamboat in their house this year.!

My uncle's house is huge enough to take a family selfie!

It has been a tradition to visit my Grandma's house at Toa Payoh on Day 2. All of our cousins will visit her cosy 3 room flat. It used to be very spacious (of course when i was little) but our family grew to 4 generations that we had to even occupy the room (with little walking space).

A shot with my love. 

Some of my cousins are missing.

At night, Xiong's brother came to find us and off we go to Chervon to sing~~

Me, love, his brother and sister in law~~

Day 3, we went to Pengerang, Xiong's mum hometown. His brother, Ah Qiang, came to pick us up and he drove 3 hours over to Pengerang. It was an impromptu activity but it was definitely a fun outing. I shall blog about it in my next post~~

Some NG!

My big red packet. See her legs, remind us of pigs trotters.

Testing my camera before the selfie.

My aunty's hair, NG~~

Ah po don't know where to look

My cousin bombard the photo.

We have left dimple!

Alright, signing off here ~~
Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. Seriously speaking, every year of 初一 i would be free in the morning. All of my relatives will be busy visiting their relative while my family would only meet up and have dinner on Eve and 初一. That was why I am blogging now.

And... Last weekend was Valentines' Day and Love had planned a staycation at Mandarin Orchard. It was my 2nd /3rd staycation (had previously stayed at Siloso Beach, Grand Copthorne Hotel). However, love had planned another surprise for me on the day before Valentines.

Last Friday, love sent a message to me, telling me to stay in office at all times and ask my colleagues to take turns to buy lunch. My initial thought was: Was the haze that bad that i need to say indoor? But after deciphering the emocon on his message, i realised that i was supposed to stay in office for good. And true enough, someone came knocking on the door and... ...

sent the bouquet to my hands.

I was so elated to receive the enchanting red roses. Attached was a  his hand-written card which says Happy 3rd Anniversary. I counted and there were 11 of them, Did a google and it says: Be my sweetheart. Yes, I am ! Haha. 

After work, Xiong came to pick me up. With the red roses on my hands, I hugged him real tight and gave him a peck on his lips. It's all these small little things which brighten my day no matter how bad it was a day at work (I did not have a bad day but it was just a saying).
Thank you love.

And the next day, we went to Mandarin Orchard.
Starting our staycation... ... I shall use photo to introduce the room

Spacious toilet but it's a pity not having a bathtub.

The shower head was big!! 

2 basins. So you don't have to fight over it.


They have a mini sofa.

A study table

These are photos of a Premier room. They have all the basic you need. They have new movies on their TV but at a cost of $18 per movie. Also, they have adult movies! At a cost of $18 too. The room was on the 25th floor but the scenery wasn't that good. It was facing the side of Takashimaya and the back of Orchard. The room cost about $300+ per night on a Valentines' Day promotion, which comes with a box of chocolate.

The messy room hahaha!

A photo together.

At 6.30pm, love had arranged dinner at Triple Three. They serve buffet style with good variety of foods. As it was a V-day special, there was a rose on most of the table.

Some of the foods we had.

They had Japanese (sushi and sashimi), Indian (prata, naan and curry), Seafood (Lobster, crab, mussel, etc), Western (pasta, mashed potato, ham, etc), and more. Did not have a great shot of the foods as we were busy eating away.

Xiong was so happy >.<

They also have a good range of desserts and they were all so cute and exquisite. 

Very pretty isn't it? You can see heart-shaped cookies everywhere and the colour of red and pink, Romantic to the max!

After dinner, it wasn't long after love fell asleep while i was watching TV. He left me to watch TV alone until 12am when it was airing The Devil Wears Prada. I had managed to convince him that it was a superb show (definitely it was, starring Meryl Steep and Anne Hathaway).  

The next day, we woke up at 8,30am, having our breakfast at 9am and checked out at 11am. 

A Selfie before we left the room.

We spent our Sunday watching The Kingsmen before we head home to wash my clothes. 

Then again, thanks love for the staycation though it was only 2 days 1 night. We can't afford this type of luxury every year but i hope the love we share will always stay. Happy 3rd Year anniversary!!

My face is white to the max. Scary.

Valentine Staycation 2015

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Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. Seriously speaking, every year of 初一 i would be free in the morning. All of my relatives will be busy ...
I am so happy to be part of their proposal! We were friends for 8 years (since our poly days) and now i witnessed the pair who are ready to move on to the next stage of life.

Where Wei Teck proposed

This is the first proposal i had attended. WT had booked a villa at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa last weekend just for this moment. The villa had 2 rooms (comes with bed net), a living room, an outdoor picnic table as well as a private pool. It is definitely photo worthy.

When we had just arrived, we saw our friend: Angela, was busy arranging flower for WT's  proposal. She used to work as a florist which explains her skills in arranging the bouquet. Can you imagine she bought those individual strands and piece them together to become like this?

99 roses. Sincerity 

Busy florist at work. She spent 2 hours to get the flowers done. *Thumbs up* 

When all of us were present, the groom-to-be called us all to the living room to delegate jobs. He handed out posters to each of the couples and placed us at a spot he wanted us to be. His plan was to get his girlfriend to walk to all stations while the couples explain what they had did over their period of 7 years before proposing at the tent (the 1st picture which i posted just now). 

Meeting time.

WT handed out out his hand made posters to the couples.

We were waiting at our station, taking photos, entertaining ourselves.

Getting into position

Bride-to-be arrived at 6pm and the plan went smoothly. Finally... ... the moment  of which all of were waiting for......

I had seen how serious he was reciting his speech over and over again, hoping that he did not forget the words he wanted to say.

With all these scheming techniques, how can Shiqi say no right?

It is supposed to be a romantic picture but somehow it seems that WT is forcing his kiss on SQ.
This is the best picture I had on my camera. I'm so sorry guys !

Good job WT! We will be waiting for your wedding invitation card soon!!

Signing off~~

Wei Teck's Proposal!

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I am so happy to be part of their proposal! We were friends for 8 years (since our poly days) and now i witnessed the pair who are ready to ...