Valentine Day...

Its been so long since my Dear (elvina) has update the blog.. i shall help her update but without any photos cause all the photos with her :X

Valentine Day is coming! and CNY just ended.. I have slightly more hong bao $$ than my dear!! but im going to spend everything on our valentine day this coming Monday!! :D Excited!

On the 9th of Feb, She gave me a wrapped up "gift" and a card tied to it.. Guess what? Its a JAR OF COOKIES that i wish for during this valentine day and dear made it for me! SO happy! Love it a lot and the taste is very nice. To me, it is the best cookies i ever ate.. Crispy yet not so sweet... Just nice the taste.. Thanks dear.. :)
She gather her BFF on that day afternoon and after gg to hospital with her ah po and mum, she went home early to make this for me and gave me on that night thinking that it wont be fresh by Monday.. So thoughtful.. Feel so 幸福! *ps: next year i want brownie!! :p*
Hence, i gg to try to make Monday an exciting, memorable and a fun one.. Hope you will like it..
Alright, i shall write till here and prepared whatever left to prepare!!

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