Our wedding is over. It happened so fast that it seems that we are not having enough fun.

Last week, we had our guo da li, 过大礼 on 12 Sept. It was 3 days just after Hungry Ghost Festival and all of a sudden, we were so busy settling the  march in songs, the Guo Da Li stuffs, the guest list and etc. On Tuesday, we collected our stuffs from Amanda Dreamweaver. They are located at People Park Food Centre level 2. Upon collection, we were advised what to do, how to do and etc. 

After collection, we went home straight because we had a lot of things to do.

Brought the things home to sort out. Didn't crop my love out from the picture and pardon for his sitting posture >.<

Contains 12 large oranges, 1 set of 四点金, 龙凤烛, 聘金,猪脚罐, hainanese Jin Dui, 2 bottles of red wine, wedding cakes and etc. The shop lent us the basket and a deposit at $300.

At the end of the days, he sent me home together with my dowry gifts. Girls' dowry set are more or less standard. You can get the package from the shop and based on your dialect, they will advise you what you need accordingly. 

The Next Day..

Our auspicious time was 9am. Love was late as he was caught in the heavy traffic.Together with his aunt and brother, he reached around 9.45am , carrying all the barang barang to my house.

In case you didn't know what is a Jin Dui, it looks like this. 2 round sesame ball (empty inside) which the guy will bring to our house. Be careful not to break it as it would be inauspicious. 

Here comes the barang barang!

These are from the lady side. I have 2 pillows, bed sheet, 2 sets of pyjamas,  2 oranges and the rest are all in the package and etc.

It was quite an awkward morning as it was the first time my family met his aunty.  After Xiong has brought the stuffs, he opened the basket and we started to do the exchange. Dad has took his 6 large oranges and return 12 small oranges (Dad didn't prepare any oranges at all and only bought them the day before at 10pm at giant). 

Jin Dui to use as prayer.

Caught in action. My third uncle came to help my dad

Then my dad took the 龙candle and return the 凤ones.  Then exchange the wine or the oranges

Caught in action again.

Last minute stick the orange pet bottle.

Put some sweets together with the orange. 甜甜蜜蜜

Last but not least, the 聘金. Dad was thinking how much should he take. But knowing him well, it is not someone who will take a lot. For the first time, he took all the orange notes haahaa

All looking at him haha.

After the exchanges were done,  Xiong's aunty took a photo of us with our Guo Da Li stuffs.

Say Cheese.

We took a family shot too.

The photo seems very blur because it was sent through whats app. We ended around 11am and love has to go home to 安床. My sis family went over to help us set the bed while my niece and nephew to jump on it. 

After they left, dad placed the red banner on our door. We are all set for Saturday!