Oh Yes! Finally had the kind of hair colour i want.

I did contemplate for a while whether or not should i go for extra-ordinary colours such as ash green, blue, block red, or pink. In order to ensure that my company allowed, i even asked my boss if i was able to dye my hair (Well, image plays a very important role!). Surprisingly, he said: I don't care ~!

Well, that's where i decide to go for a change.

Book my appointment at

Got this baby from Taiwan this year. Though i had lots of cosmetics at home, i had never really done any reviews on them.

This product is available in Watsons! I was kinda of shocked when i saw this as i though they are not selling locally. As for the price, you might have to check out at their stores.

Isehan Gel Eyeliner

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Got this baby from Taiwan this year. Though i had lots of cosmetics at home, i had never really done any reviews on them. This product is ...
Thanks to my babe's boyfriend, Xiong and I had a chance to visit Universal Studio at night!

Universal Studio Singapore

After work, i met them at Vivocity at about 7.00pm before taking monorail to Sentosa. I was told that some of the rides were extended and all of us were really excited about it. 

As soon as we walked in, Frankenstein was in the middle of the pave taking photos with public. 

Ran over to Frankenstein to take a photo with him.

After that, we walked in and saw the Minions Mart. I think it was new because i hadn't seen it the last time i was there. So we went in to check it out.

And you know, they sell products which had minions faces everywhere. Their mugs, soft toys, towels etc. 

Jassy and I

The sky got darker as it was near 8.00pm. As I am not a professional photographer, my photos quality get lousier the darker the USS is. For the next few photos, i tried my best to shoot good photos but it doesn't appear to be what i want. I should really learn how to adjust those settings instead of setting to automatic mode. 

And the night begins... ...

Came to the Sesame Street and the kiddy ride.

And the lights in USS shine even brighter... ...

Xiong and I

And the tall couples

As we need to queue 30 minutes for the transformer ride, we walked on to play the Lost World.

This photo is just bloody blur.

The Lost World is a water ride, Jasmine had long prepared poncho for each of us. How meticulous she is! 

Taken from iphone front camera

Ready for the ride!

Jas and Colin sat back-facing the current, eventually they were wetter than me and Xiong haha! And up next, The Mummy... ...

We didn't get to ride on the roller coaster as it was under maintenance. 

Another kiddy boat ride!

Lastly, we managed to get on to the transformer ride after 40 minutes of queuing!

Our happiness ended very quickly at 11.30pm and Xiong sent all of us home. We were sweaty and tired but luckily, we managed to hop on the 2nd last monorail to Vivocity (Cannot imagine we had to walk all the way back to Vivocity!!). And alas, we were all home safely by 1am.     

And that's how we ended our Friday's night !! ^^    
Our photos (softcopy) were here finally! Was happy with the outcome of the photos as the whole photo shoot was tedious and tiring. But the results proved to us that all hardship was worth it!

The photos were really pretty but i felt a bit wasteful as i wouldn't be publishing any of the photos on facebook. Seems like the book will keep with us until the day we ROM.

So.. sneak preview:

Hello guys! Back to Cafe Hunt! I have been to some cafes around Singapore recently. Though i had only managed to explore a few, i shall still blog and post photos of what I had there... ...

And this time, exploring neighborhood cafes:

NOM Cafe(No Other Meaning)

Nowadays, we do not have to travel far to get to cafes as many owners are setting up cafes around neighborhood. I found this cafe through Xiong's sister-in-law and surprisingly, it is located just few bus stops away from my house. NOM is one of the cafe which served rainbow cake and i am obviously there for their cakes! ( Who doesn't love colourful stuffs?)    

It was a five minutes drive and Xiong parked his car just outside Macpherson Community Centre. NOM cafe was opened in February this year and it is only about 4 months old. 

After the whole afternoon at sea, i was given 30 minutes to bath and do my make-up before Boss fetched us from home. Company dinner was held at the Mouth Restaurant in China Square at 7.30pm. 
We were caught in the jam and ended us the last party to reach the dinner. 

Let's start with white wine.

I haven been blogging for a week. And when you procrastinate, this is what happens: My posts might be up all at once!

Last week was very busy with our company anniversary! We had to look for comapny which does custom-made caps, planned some games and foods. There are also other jobs to follow up on and not forgetting to have a nice dinner with our Taiwan colleague. 

It was a holiday for our company last Friday. Most of us came to work late as our boss wouldn't be coming into office. I woke half an hour late only as i needed to collect company caps.

Early birds!

 I was in my tee-shirt and shorts. Never had i been this rebellious haha! But because our company anniversary was held at the yacht, we ought to dress up appropriately :X As we rented the yacht at 1.00pm, we left office 1 hour earlier to avoid jams near Sentosa.

You will be bombarded with photos!

Whole lots of different yachts at One Degree 15 Marina
After 8 years, 绝对 Superstar is back! And this time, i was there for the audition.

Remembering last year, Xiong was telling me: If got the next 绝对 Superstar, i will sign you up. And i told him, if there is lor. ZZZZZ But who knows... It is back in the following year! As Xiong had strongly made his stand last year, i felt that i couldn't let him down as he was so excited about it. I did contemplate a while whether to go for this audition but in the end, i printed the application form and filled them up.

I decided to go for the audition.

Early Saturday morning, Xiong woke me up at 7.30am (even earlier than the time i wake to go work), chose my clothes, did my my usual make up and off we went!

We were there at about 9.30am but there were already lots of people queuing for their superstar dream.We joined in the queue shortly.

The queue to registration

More queue

The queue at the carpark

More people

Mediacorp was strict with their security as all cars were checked before entering carpark.

There were lots of people there: Youngsters, boy/girl band, friends, pregnant lady, aunties and uncles and grandma. Of course, Singapore practices priority queue for those who need more than I do.

I was in the queue when i took this picture. The most elderly contestant. *Respect* 

许振荣 is tall and handsome!! 

I was in one of the cameras shouting: 绝对Superstar, 有你就有他! And some photos!

After 4-5 hours of waiting time, we were put into the canteen,waiting for our turn. There were many of us. Some of them were practicing their songs, some were resting and there were also others who were chatting away. 

I was chatting with another contestant while waiting for my turn. As time was running out, all contestant were only allowed to sing Chorus. 

When it was finally my turn ( about 2.10pm), the crew called out my number and i walked over to prepare myself. 

Canteen (our waiting area)

I was behind the door with another contestant.
As the glass door wasn't insulated, i could clearly hear the other contestants singing. I could only say that all of them , yes, ALL OF THEM could really sing! 

When it was my turn, i took the microphone from the previous contestant and walked in. There were 3 judges, 3-4 camera man, 1 assistant and 1 big camera looking at me. I positioned myself and began introducing my name and my song. And i began to sing.... After 30 seconds, i finished my song, said "thank you" and walked off. The judges did not rang the bell at me but (i guess i would not be able to make to the next round).

After the whole audition, i was so relieved. Never been this relief before. It was finally over. And whether i will be in or not, let's wait till this weekend!

Buy 4D?


Never knew i would be there for the audition. If it was 10 years ago, i would never talk or dare sing in public. All the thick-skinned comes with age. But thinking about it, i had never regret going for the audition. It was worth trying or otherwise, i wouldn't have gone if i am much older. 

Last Sunday, I woke up to early morning to draw lots for Exit Plan winners. I was really happy to announce the winners as the tickets were with my for almost a month. They must have waiting to go to play the escape with their tickets. I know how it feels !!

And after I'm done, I woke Xiong up. Literally shake the whole bed to make him wake up for brunch! Its a beautiful Sunday morning, don't waste the good times! As we were thinking to catch  X-men in Vivocity, we explored the cafes around Tanjong Pagar and we finally settled on one.

Recently, there are too many cafes around Singapore and they came like a wave. I know that there are more cafes coming up and perhaps countless of it but to all food lover crazes:


 To me, it's definitely a good news. They just motivate me to wake up on early weekend to queue for good food and coffee. My babes and I are ones who really love to try different cafes around Singapore. We could get up as early to wait for available seats when we couldn't make reservations.

Welcome to Arteastiq

Brunch @ Arteastiq

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Recently, there are too many cafes around Singapore and they came like a wave. I know that there are more cafes coming up and perhaps count...