Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson [Short Intro]

Coming to an end of Dec 2015, I have gotten busier, fatter and happier?

Perhaps not so much on the 'happy' part because I am getting older, but some things should be worth celebrating!

And Ahem.... I am getting married in 2017 January. My love and I had the dates already but sadly, it will fall on a Thursday. It will definitely be a small event and only those people who I care will be invited.  Shall slowly reveal and blog on more wedding stuffs next year.

And oh well, my mum and I are back from Port Dickson ! What a short trip!

Port Dickson is about 4-5 hours drive from Singapore. The whole ride has been smooth. Everyone was trying to grab some rest as all of us woke up to an early morning. We gathered at Punggol at 6.30am waiting for the coach to arrive.

Stop by some place to have our breakfast

Going to Seremban for lunch

Couldn't take more photos as I was trying to nap throughout the journey. The after effect from going home late night on TGIF. We roamed the shopping mall for about an hour, got our stuffs from supermarket and head to the coach again.

The resort is about 1.5 hours from the shopping mall...

In case you are wondering where we stayed... we had our 3 days 2 nights at

Can you see that the cabins were the outline of a hibiscus? For your info, hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia.

There are more than 400 cabins in the resort. And near the cabins, a hotel is built nearby which allow us to take the lift up to level 7 to take the scenic view.  But, part of the hotel is still under construction.

The lobby is spacious. From time to time, there will be some performance there.

The hotel reception is far from all the cabins. One will have to call for a buggy to fetch hotel guests to and fro from your accommodation. However, their service is superb as the waiting time for the buggy is only 10-15 minutes. When it rains, it was a hassle as they did not have a lot of buggy or manpower to fetch all hotel guests back,. But all these doesn't matter as you are supposed to take your time slow in a resort.

The 8 of us can sit on a buggy comfortably. With this, they can easily fetch 2-3 room guests to their room.

I was so excited about their room, as I heard that they had a indoor jacuzzi. How often do you see an indoor jacuzzi in Singapore? You will only get them if you are willing to pay $1,000+ and above.

Entering the room... I was shocked.

2 large beds which can be shared by 6 people easily. I have so much space to open my luggage and putting other barang barang. We were given 4 complimentary soft drinks as welcome drink. If you are intending to go there, please note that you can have them for free. But of course, the soft drinks are not refillable haha.

Taken from another angle

The transparent glass which most adults were afraid  to walk over. But it is definitely safe to walk and lie on haha. The seawater is somehow green. Imagine it is in blue, I could stay there a little longer.

1 cubicle and 1 showering area. There were no locks, so .. no peeping please.

And moving on further outdoor..

Ta-da, your very own jacuzzi! The clear water which makes you very much wanted to jump up in it.
Can you resist?

Another view of it!

While looking at the pool, you can see your neighbors as well.

Say hi to them!

While facing in front, you can see the rest of the cabins.

If you are staying the right location, you may even get to see sunrise in the morning!

Can you see how pretty it is?

Dinner came too soon and we went out for dinner.

The Thai food was so delicious! It is about 30 minutes from the resort.

The next day, we didn't have much activities going on, ended up soaking ourselves in the pool.

The 2 aunties resting and chatting, listening to hokkien songs and shaking legs.

The group of us who went together to the resort.

Last but not least.. the sunset view..

Lexis Hibiscus is a place worth going if you love the sea and nature or when you would like to avoid crowded area. There's nothing much to do there except relaxing yourself in the room or cycling around the resort. They do rent bicycle to guests at a cost of RM10 for half an hour.  

Of course, such luxury stay-cation doesn't come cheap though they are slightly cheaper than hotel rates in Singapore. One night in the cabin cost about SGD 500 and above. They are a new resort and accordingly to the tour guide, they started operation only in April 2015.

Do click below to view more on the gallery:

12th Mile, Jalan Pantai
Pasir Panjang 17250,
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tel: +606 - 6600 2626
Email: reservations@lexishibiscuspd.com

Please buy 0181 for 4D. Wish you all huat arh!

Thanks for reading and see ya!

Signing off here!


  1. Hi,

    Your holiday in Port Dickson looks fun.

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  2. Hi,

    Your holiday in Port Dickson looks fun.

    Next time you or your friend is visiting, you can book via this site to get member discount rates at Lexis PD

  3. Hi,
    Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Lexis PD.
    Next time you or your friend is visiting, you can book via this site to get member discount rates at Lexis PD.

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