My lover of 3 years proposed to me last Saturday! I was totally caught unaware and the whole process was filmed by his brother.

Never I thought that he had planned for more than a month. He had indeed conceal his actions very well.

It all started out when his elder brother invited us to stay in MBS as he told us they had won a free night stay there. Without much though, we agreed readily as we had not stayed there before. I was aiming for the much raved infinity pool.

On that day, it was just like any other normal day. Love told me that he was activated in the morning and he will only be able to meet us after his work. It was quite normal as an army boy, he gets activated for as long as his office has not enough manpower. So, my phone rang in the early morning at 7am , informing us that he will meet us after work.

As I was told that we will only be checking in at 5,30pm, I went to my granny's house for my cousin's birthday. It was until 5pm, his elder brother came to fetch me to MBS. I was holding on to my phone, hoping my love would send me a text when he ends work.

And after a short ride, we reached Marina Bay Sands.

I was wearing my backpack. Its not obvious because it is black too. His elder checked in at the counter while me and Linda went to the toilet. After that, its time to go to the room!

Once I stepped out of the lift, his brother started filming us. I thought he was trying to record the video to keep a memorable stay in hotel. But when i turned to the left corridor, I saw my FYP friend standing there, holding a few big cards.

That's where I knew something was not right.

As I walked along the corridor, his friends passed me balloons, filled with words to why he loves me.

Entering the room, it was romantically decorated with heart-shaped balloons and rose petals.

Love decorated the wall with our photos, each of them were written with words on where the photos were taken and what we were doing.

Beautiful isn't it?

The photos doesn't end at the corridor, there were more which were tied to the balloons. Love had definitely put in a lot of heart and effort for this proposal. Everything looked so perfect to me for a proposal. Thanks to him, I felt loved all over again. 

He spoke words with love while holding my hands, the promises he made and he will fulfill. I am really touched and happy that he is willing to do all these for me.

I said Yes!

It was that very moment that I am locked to you, for I really want to be with you for the rest of my life. 

At night, the view was awesome as love chose a room which faced The Fullerton Hotel. It is really romantic, to be loved by him this much. He gave me the best whatever he can.

Thanks Love.

For putting a big ring on me.

For all i know, he had plotted this scheming proposal with the rest of his accomplices.

Thanks to you guys, the whole proposal was a success!

And now, let me tell you why I said the plot is scheming.

Few weeks before the proposal, he had an idea of a free night stay by telling his Sister in law to tell me that they had won a free room. They had even brought a luggage along to make the plan fool-proof, allowing me to believe that the 4 of us were going to stay a night together.

As i was told that we were going to have fine dining for dinner, I was told to dress up as much as I can so that I wouldn't embarrassed myself. Well, Xiong wants me to look at my best because he knows that I will be mad at him if I looked shabby during the proposal.

Linda took a photo of me at the lobby. I thought it was nice to take a photo of myself as i had took sometimes to dress up. Oh well, her purpose was to inform Xiong and the rest of the guys that "the target" has reached the lobby and they should be well-prepared.

In the morning at 7am, he was activated to work as his company was not enough staffed. He was actually activated to decorate the hotel room with his accomplice, Tan Fei, who was also activated by him to carry stuffs to the room. The hotel actually allowed him to check in at 10am so that he could doll up the room. Therefore, the check in at 5.30pm was a hoax and the key was prepared before hand.  

Oh well, I love him. So all these white lies doesn't matter. Hahaha!

The next day, we had breakfast at the club lounge at level 55th.

After breakfast, we went back to the hotel room to poke those balloons. 99 of those balloons. Gone in a day!

Going for a swim.

The weather was hazy but that did not stop us from taking a dip in the pool. 

/my man.

The view would be better if not for the haze. Still, it feels great to be there, looking at CBD area from the top of the hotel. We took some photos using his Sony Xperia since it is waterproof. After the experience, it had really proved that it is waterproof!

While me, I was sun bathing under the hazy weather. Got to put a decent photo!

The day ended quickly and we were back to our usual self. We checked out at 1pm, feeling recharged and happy. ... And feeling complete...

I love you.

I am Engaged! 17102015

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My lover of 3 years proposed to me last Saturday! I was totally caught unaware and the whole process was filmed by his brother. Never I th...
She is my first best friend when I was born. We took lessons together when we were children; the days when our teacher couldn't recognize us because we looked almost the same. During school holiday, we will stayed over at granny's house for few days.

And in 1 week's time, she is getting married, moving on the next stage of life with her beloved.

But before she is officially married, the sisters(her bridesmaid) prepared 1 special night...

And this is her, my pretty cousin, Esther!

Together with the 6 of us, her bridesmaid, we checked in an apartment in Clementi, thinking of the gate-crashing games. The apartment was booked by her. She found a good place through Airbnb and it could house 8 of us. There are 3 bedrooms, and a balcony with good view.

Living room


Though the afternoon, we made ourselves comfortable while discussing the gate crashing games. 
We shall not go into the details. Everything shall reveal in 1 weeks time.

Other bridesmaid~ My cousins SQ friend and her uni friend.

After a short discussion, we managed to settle the gate crashing game. By then, all of us were so hungry that we were taking some snacks.

We started her hens night at Wala Wala. It is a good old western bar which served pizza, pizza, alcoholic drinks and sides.


All of us wore the devil's horn to start the night. The smoked pizza is very delicious as the duck slices are covered with nacho cheese.

Of course we ordered other foods like their buffalo wings and truffle fries.It was enough for all of us. 
After filling our stomach, we started the games. 

One of my cousin's friends, Eunice, planned the games for her. She is a very thoughtful lady who really thought how to spice up the games :X She bought the cartooned penis-like cards from online specially for her.

Cute isn't it?

Seriously, I will not talk much of what we did that night but I must say that the games were safe, not outrageous nor it is very sexual. My cousin might be a little crazy but deep down inside, we are deeply rooted to our traditional belief.

A photo with the bride to be.

At the end of the games, we took a group photo and all of us went our ways. My boyfriend came up to pick me and off to home we went~~

All her bridesmaid are pretty okay! :X

Hens Night for my Cousin

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She is my first best friend when I was born. We took lessons together when we were children; the days when our teacher couldn't recogniz...
Ever heard of this brand: Artistry? I am sure some of you are a big fan of this brand and that you have a full range of products from facial products to make up items. However, I am also not surprised if you had not heard of this brand before since Artistry do not sell their products through retail.

Just a short summary: Artistry is not a new brand, just like other cosmetics line, they are an established brand with more than 20 years of history. They offer full range of products for all ages and wide selection of cosmetics for all women. You can check them out through this website.

After many years of a Clarins user, I switched my range of facial products to Artistry. I get to know of this brand though my sister, who started to use their products recently. It all started out by knowing Amway and that is where Artistry was recommended to me.   

The set comes with a facial cleanser, toner and 50ml of moisturiser.

As the series explains, Hydra V sets to lock in the moisture to your skin, keeping your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.  

Gentle gel type of cleanser which helps to remove excess oil, makeup. At the demo session of Hydra V, they did a test on the PH level of the gel and was tested that it is acidic. Please don't freak out if it is acidic, you should be happy. From there, I learnt that ladies face is generally more acidic as compared to men and to maintain healthy skin, we should be using a cleanser which help maintain our PH level, not neutralizing them. An alkaline cleanser might instead, causes dry and sensitive skin.

Transparent type of gel texture which gives off a very mild pleasant smell

Slowly building up foam after lathering.

The gel is very gentle as the foam is not too concentrated after lathering. I like the mild scent of the cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh after 1 wash. Unlike other products, I do not feel as much tightness to my cheeks. 

Non-alcohol toner which removes remaining dirt and makeup, as well as condition skin to allow better absorption of moisturizer. This toner is 200ml and I believe it can last me for a period of time.
I applied the product using cotton pad. The lotion itself has a rich content as my skin tends to be brighter and supple after wiping my skin. 

This moisturizer is 50ml in size. It looks really small in my hands and not sure how long it can last me. However, size doesn't matter as long as the product is awesome! Application is easy; just apply all over your face with 2 pumps after toner. The lightweight gel leaves my skin cool upon application. After tapping motion, my skin turns matte , refined and radiant! It doesn't look or feel oily like some other products do. 

Trying to take a closeup photo of the gel. Kind of like a watery gel.

Just after application, my skin is sooo hydrated!

After a while, my skin becomes matte. 

I like this type of product because at times, i tend to leave home without makeup. It doesn't make me look like an oily pan and my skin wouldn't shine for the wrong reason.

Overall, I feel that it is a good product to use as my skin did not appear to be sensitive after usage. Also, my skin is not over drying and it doesn't produce as much oil after few hours.  If you would like to learn more on the product, you may visit the website at: .