Hi guys, I think I had abandoned my blog almost entirely :X These days I have been busy with looking for wedding locations and visiting Interior Design for our new home. 

People around us might that that we are kiasu as we had not received our house keys and booking wedding dinner in 1 year advance etc. But who knows, there are many hotels which were already fully booked on auspicious date on 7th Jan 2017.

Anyway, Xiong and I are planning our wedding on 5th Jan 2017. This date has been confirmed and we had already paid a $5,000 deposit with the hotel. We had viewed a few hotels and which some of it were Amara Hotel at Tanjong Pagar, Orchard Hotel and Marina Bay Sands.

We went to the wedding fair at M Hotel and we thought that we loved it a lot.

M Hotel Banquet Suite

The ballroom

It is a paid wedding fair ($38) but love and I got to go in for free as we are the 1st 50 couples to register (Yeah!!). The ballroom is really pretty: there is no blockage of pillar, romantic decor and the food was really delicious. It is a cosy ballroom as it can hold a minimum 25 to 32 tables. This is the Banquet suite at level 10. 

The ceiling height is about 4m and I am sure the photos will look good.

The stage is in the center with 2 projectors at the side and L shape march in. Gotta note that the LOVE at the stage was from IM Perfections. You have to pay for it.

Menu at the VIP table.

What's more special was that there is a menu placed at each of the table of my guest on the VIP table. Like most hotel does, the waiter will serve the potion individually to my guests on the VIP table. 

They have other vendors at the ballroom as well: Event stylist from IM-Perfections, Coolgurt, vendors for wedding shoes and hand bouquet etc. 


Why we like M Hotel:
  • I get the whole level 10 for my guest, be at at the reception, or solemnization ceremony or our wedding dinner. It all at level 10. I bet my guests wouldn't be lost.
  • The changing room is just next to the banquet. During our 2nd march in, we need not go up to our hotel to change. The changing room is spacious and there are seats for us to rest. 
  • The ballroom ceiling height is about 4m and it will look good in photos.
  • Their ballroom is able to cater from 25 to 32 tables, and it would be the right size for us. 
  • The food was delicious and they do serve shark fin.
Our coordinator is Fiona and she is really nice. Someone who we are able to talk to and able to accommodate to our request. A very nice and friendly lady.

But what's more important, at the wedding fair, their perks are practical that we felt that it should be adequate.
  • 1 night stay at the bridal suite
  • 1 night stay for helper (Very seldom do you get a night stay for helper)
  • Free flow wine, beer soft drinks and Chinese tea
  • Free corkage (Feel free to bring in anything you like)
  • Standard complimentary printing of invitation 
  • Free use of solemnization room.
  • 1 complimentary table when there is 25 tables booked.
Of course like all couples do, we will try to squeeze more of what we will be paying for. Some couples might ask for 2nd night stay, discount, more parking complimentary etc, whatever you think you can fight for.

Price for weekday in 
  • 2016 Banquet Suite Weekday: $1,068++
  • 2016 Banquet Suite Saturday:  $1,208 ++
  • 2016 Banquet Suite weekend:  $1,188++
  • 2017 Banquet Suite Weekday: $1,088++
  • 2017 Banquet Suite Saturday:  $1,228++
  • 2017 Banquet Suite Weekend:  $1,208++ 
 In case you were thinking how the Anson Room look like.. you may view the below. 

Located at level 2, Anson Room is smaller, cosy and poised. The ceiling height is lower but the decor is decent enough. As compared to Banquet Suite, 

Anson Room  

Sorry for the poor quality but this is the best I could take.

You can choose 3 decors in case you didn't like the one which is displayed in the picture. Though the ceiling is lower, it doesn't stop us from liking the ballroom. It is a small intimate event afterall. 

The price for Anson Room is also cheaper:
  • 2016 Anson Room Weekday: $838++
  • 2016 Anson Room  Saturday: $988+
  • 2016 Anson Room Weekend: $988++
  • 2017 Anson Room Weekday : $858++
  • 2017 Anson Room Saturday : $1,008++
  • 2017 Anson Room Weekend: $1,008++
If you had noticed, the price increase per table from 2016 to 2017 is a mere $20. Compared to other hotels, M Hotel offers a more competitive prices for couples.

 Also, they are able to accommodate us in terms of payment. Other hotels require couple to pay 50% of the total amount 3 months before the banquet and the balance when the wedding ended. Every hotel differs. M Hotel allows couple to make an upfront full payment after the wedding banquet or during check out. 

Afterall, love and I felt comfortable with M Hotel which therefore, love and I decided to hold our wedding banquet there :)

Shall blog on other hotels too. Stay tune!

Adding another achievement to my life, i had completed my Pro Gel course at J Studio. I am happy that i have completed something which I wanted to do years ago. I never thought that painting nails would be my passion in my teen to adult life.

I was a nail biter, just like my sis and we used to bite our nails whenever we saw the white line growing above the fingertip. It was until in my mid teens, when I saw people selling stickers for nails, i was so awe by it and since then, i stopped the habit of biting nails and was determined to grow them. In my sec school life, I was a netball-er from Sec 1 to 2. During Sec 3, i dragged going to my CCA as i had to cut them short whenever I went for lessons. At times, I was caught having long nails by my own form teacher. I like having designs on my nail but wasn't as crazy that i paint them to school. I was a good student after all.

By the age of 20, I have about 20-30 bottles  of nail polish  at home. Used to paint them in my poly school days and my colour would be black or navy blue or purple and other odd colours. Tried my first gelish at age 22? And the feeling was awesome as i was able to afford to go for a mani service.  

And now, i am learning for a passion and hopefully, a freelance one too.  

I used to harp to my friends that i had always wanted to learn the skill of the manicure. They told me it was getting common now,but its just something i wanted to do. It would be definitely cost me some money but if i feel right, perhaps , just let me try it. Love was very disapproving that i would spend my money on my passion but in the end , he just say: go for it then. He doesn't agree but he was supportive. That's how he reacts. 

So I googled and chanced upon  J Studio. I was so mesmerized by her designs and that after looking at her course, I decided to contact her. She is a very nice lady and a serious manicurist haha. 
She took sometime to explain to me on the different courses which is offered and recommended me what I would be suitable for.  After giving much thoughts, I had decided to go for the Pro Gel course.

The whole journey was a satisfying one. Whenever I learnt a new pattern or skill, I am so excited and would like to draw another one with similar pattern.

Over the 3-4 months, I had learnt 20 designs with basic nail care etc.

Gel extension

The designs I had learnt below:

French Mani and single colour.

The 20 designs 

Right now, I am still practicing on my skills. Thanks to my friends, they are willing to lend me a helping hand. 

But most importantly, I would like to thanks my teacher, Jess Puan, who helped me achieve my dreams :) She taught me how to draw, the technique, the way to hold the brush, the amount of gel to pick up and etc.. Can't thank her enough!

Thanks Jess!! 
Coming to an end of Dec 2015, I have gotten busier, fatter and happier?

Perhaps not so much on the 'happy' part because I am getting older, but some things should be worth celebrating!

And Ahem.... I am getting married in 2017 January. My love and I had the dates already but sadly, it will fall on a Thursday. It will definitely be a small event and only those people who I care will be invited.  Shall slowly reveal and blog on more wedding stuffs next year.

And oh well, my mum and I are back from Port Dickson ! What a short trip!

Port Dickson is about 4-5 hours drive from Singapore. The whole ride has been smooth. Everyone was trying to grab some rest as all of us woke up to an early morning. We gathered at Punggol at 6.30am waiting for the coach to arrive.

Stop by some place to have our breakfast

Going to Seremban for lunch

Couldn't take more photos as I was trying to nap throughout the journey. The after effect from going home late night on TGIF. We roamed the shopping mall for about an hour, got our stuffs from supermarket and head to the coach again.

The resort is about 1.5 hours from the shopping mall...

In case you are wondering where we stayed... we had our 3 days 2 nights at

Can you see that the cabins were the outline of a hibiscus? For your info, hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia.

There are more than 400 cabins in the resort. And near the cabins, a hotel is built nearby which allow us to take the lift up to level 7 to take the scenic view.  But, part of the hotel is still under construction.

The lobby is spacious. From time to time, there will be some performance there.

The hotel reception is far from all the cabins. One will have to call for a buggy to fetch hotel guests to and fro from your accommodation. However, their service is superb as the waiting time for the buggy is only 10-15 minutes. When it rains, it was a hassle as they did not have a lot of buggy or manpower to fetch all hotel guests back,. But all these doesn't matter as you are supposed to take your time slow in a resort.

The 8 of us can sit on a buggy comfortably. With this, they can easily fetch 2-3 room guests to their room.

I was so excited about their room, as I heard that they had a indoor jacuzzi. How often do you see an indoor jacuzzi in Singapore? You will only get them if you are willing to pay $1,000+ and above.

Entering the room... I was shocked.

2 large beds which can be shared by 6 people easily. I have so much space to open my luggage and putting other barang barang. We were given 4 complimentary soft drinks as welcome drink. If you are intending to go there, please note that you can have them for free. But of course, the soft drinks are not refillable haha.

Taken from another angle

The transparent glass which most adults were afraid  to walk over. But it is definitely safe to walk and lie on haha. The seawater is somehow green. Imagine it is in blue, I could stay there a little longer.

1 cubicle and 1 showering area. There were no locks, so .. no peeping please.

And moving on further outdoor..

Ta-da, your very own jacuzzi! The clear water which makes you very much wanted to jump up in it.
Can you resist?

Another view of it!

While looking at the pool, you can see your neighbors as well.

Say hi to them!

While facing in front, you can see the rest of the cabins.

If you are staying the right location, you may even get to see sunrise in the morning!

Can you see how pretty it is?

Dinner came too soon and we went out for dinner.

The Thai food was so delicious! It is about 30 minutes from the resort.

The next day, we didn't have much activities going on, ended up soaking ourselves in the pool.

The 2 aunties resting and chatting, listening to hokkien songs and shaking legs.

The group of us who went together to the resort.

Last but not least.. the sunset view..

Lexis Hibiscus is a place worth going if you love the sea and nature or when you would like to avoid crowded area. There's nothing much to do there except relaxing yourself in the room or cycling around the resort. They do rent bicycle to guests at a cost of RM10 for half an hour.  

Of course, such luxury stay-cation doesn't come cheap though they are slightly cheaper than hotel rates in Singapore. One night in the cabin cost about SGD 500 and above. They are a new resort and accordingly to the tour guide, they started operation only in April 2015.

Do click below to view more on the gallery:

12th Mile, Jalan Pantai
Pasir Panjang 17250,
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tel: +606 - 6600 2626
Email: reservations@lexishibiscuspd.com

Please buy 0181 for 4D. Wish you all huat arh!

Thanks for reading and see ya!

Signing off here!
So many things to blog yet so little time to write them.

How i wish I can write them all out in a single day..

Random thoughts

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So many things to blog yet so little time to write them. How i wish I can write them all out in a single day..
I was so busy that I couldn't find time to blog some events in my life.

My niece had turned 1 in October and we were really happy to see that she is growing up well. She has the "princess temper" and will throw tantrum whenever she did not get what she wants. Hope she will grow up to be fine lady soon.

To celebrate her 1 year birthday, my sis booked a cafe at Tanjong Katong for a mini gathering at With a Pinch of Salt. The cafe is painted with pastel blue strips, animated pictures and it gives a very cosy feeling. Children will like it a lot. It is able to house about 30 + people and the food is good.

Cute isn't it?

Cute right? Its all pastel pink.  My sis made contact with some bakery and customised her cake. 

This 2-tier cake cost about $200 plus and it weights 4 kg. My sis had it delivered to our house in the morning and we were to bring the cake to the cafe. It could not fit in our fridge and the base was too big. In the end, we kept it in my room, with the air conditioned on, in case the cream melts.

It started at 3pm and we were there on time. There were a couple (my sis friends) who were there early. 

Slowly, all the guests streamed in. 

My cousins,

Our in-laws

The cafe was totally filled up and there were not enough table and chairs for all of us . I was walking around most of the time and found a spot to stand comfortably. The foods were replenished from time to time to ensure that it was enough for all of us. 

I have to say that the foods were well cooked and delicious.

Baby was feeling frustrated the whole day. Not sure why but it could be that she is not used to the crowd.

After an hour or so, it time for cake cutting. We have to act fast because some of the guests had to leave early and also, the cafe had another event at 6pm. 

The family of 3. My sis, brother-in-law and baby Eng. 

Jie Fu and his family~

Our families. 

I was trying to put as much photos as i can in a collage to save space and efforts editing hahaha. 

The party ended at 5 plus and all of were us packing up. Sister distributed the party snacks to the kids before they left. And in a blink of eye, the party is over. 

This 1 year span of time taught me how to be an aunt, especially with kids, they are so fragile, innocent and precious. I have no kids of my own but I am really happy to seeing her being born and bringing happiness to the family. Everybody doted her like she is our own and we would give her the best. This is just what makes us human and I am glad that we encompasses love and affectation. 

Hope Baby Eng will grow up to be a happy being.

She definitely loves how my dad carries her to sleep each time she lies on his shoulder.

If you are living in the east and would like to hold a mini gathering for your kids birthday, With a
Pinch of Salt will be a good place for host. I am not affiliated to them but I feel that good place should be shared with readers.

With a Pinch of Salt

297 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437080
Tel: 63482297
Email: eat@withapinchofsale.com.sg

Operating Hours:

Mon- Thur: 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 11 am- am
Sun: 11am-11pm
My lover of 3 years proposed to me last Saturday! I was totally caught unaware and the whole process was filmed by his brother.

Never I thought that he had planned for more than a month. He had indeed conceal his actions very well.

It all started out when his elder brother invited us to stay in MBS as he told us they had won a free night stay there. Without much though, we agreed readily as we had not stayed there before. I was aiming for the much raved infinity pool.

On that day, it was just like any other normal day. Love told me that he was activated in the morning and he will only be able to meet us after his work. It was quite normal as an army boy, he gets activated for as long as his office has not enough manpower. So, my phone rang in the early morning at 7am , informing us that he will meet us after work.

As I was told that we will only be checking in at 5,30pm, I went to my granny's house for my cousin's birthday. It was until 5pm, his elder brother came to fetch me to MBS. I was holding on to my phone, hoping my love would send me a text when he ends work.

And after a short ride, we reached Marina Bay Sands.

I was wearing my backpack. Its not obvious because it is black too. His elder checked in at the counter while me and Linda went to the toilet. After that, its time to go to the room!

Once I stepped out of the lift, his brother started filming us. I thought he was trying to record the video to keep a memorable stay in hotel. But when i turned to the left corridor, I saw my FYP friend standing there, holding a few big cards.

That's where I knew something was not right.

As I walked along the corridor, his friends passed me balloons, filled with words to why he loves me.

Entering the room, it was romantically decorated with heart-shaped balloons and rose petals.

Love decorated the wall with our photos, each of them were written with words on where the photos were taken and what we were doing.

Beautiful isn't it?

The photos doesn't end at the corridor, there were more which were tied to the balloons. Love had definitely put in a lot of heart and effort for this proposal. Everything looked so perfect to me for a proposal. Thanks to him, I felt loved all over again. 

He spoke words with love while holding my hands, the promises he made and he will fulfill. I am really touched and happy that he is willing to do all these for me.

I said Yes!

It was that very moment that I am locked to you, for I really want to be with you for the rest of my life. 

At night, the view was awesome as love chose a room which faced The Fullerton Hotel. It is really romantic, to be loved by him this much. He gave me the best whatever he can.

Thanks Love.

For putting a big ring on me.

For all i know, he had plotted this scheming proposal with the rest of his accomplices.

Thanks to you guys, the whole proposal was a success!

And now, let me tell you why I said the plot is scheming.

Few weeks before the proposal, he had an idea of a free night stay by telling his Sister in law to tell me that they had won a free room. They had even brought a luggage along to make the plan fool-proof, allowing me to believe that the 4 of us were going to stay a night together.

As i was told that we were going to have fine dining for dinner, I was told to dress up as much as I can so that I wouldn't embarrassed myself. Well, Xiong wants me to look at my best because he knows that I will be mad at him if I looked shabby during the proposal.

Linda took a photo of me at the lobby. I thought it was nice to take a photo of myself as i had took sometimes to dress up. Oh well, her purpose was to inform Xiong and the rest of the guys that "the target" has reached the lobby and they should be well-prepared.

In the morning at 7am, he was activated to work as his company was not enough staffed. He was actually activated to decorate the hotel room with his accomplice, Tan Fei, who was also activated by him to carry stuffs to the room. The hotel actually allowed him to check in at 10am so that he could doll up the room. Therefore, the check in at 5.30pm was a hoax and the key was prepared before hand.  

Oh well, I love him. So all these white lies doesn't matter. Hahaha!

The next day, we had breakfast at the club lounge at level 55th.

After breakfast, we went back to the hotel room to poke those balloons. 99 of those balloons. Gone in a day!

Going for a swim.

The weather was hazy but that did not stop us from taking a dip in the pool. 

/my man.

The view would be better if not for the haze. Still, it feels great to be there, looking at CBD area from the top of the hotel. We took some photos using his Sony Xperia since it is waterproof. After the experience, it had really proved that it is waterproof!

While me, I was sun bathing under the hazy weather. Got to put a decent photo!

The day ended quickly and we were back to our usual self. We checked out at 1pm, feeling recharged and happy. ... And feeling complete...

I love you.

I am Engaged! 17102015

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My lover of 3 years proposed to me last Saturday! I was totally caught unaware and the whole process was filmed by his brother. Never I th...