Been 3 months into my new job but i am still missing my colleagues from my previous job. Initially, I had been dreaming to get my first job to be in a MNC 3 years ago when I had just graduated. Being so fresh and innocent, I felt that it would be my world, I would work hard to climb the corporate ladder, to work diligently, OT almost everyday, frequent pubs with colleagues after a hard day work, just like those TV drama usually show. But all these never came true. I value my free time with my family and friends and everyday I am looking forward to end a day's work.

Some of the difference I had working in a SMC and MNC:

  • Perhaps I started out in a new setup company, all my colleagues are young and energetic. I get to talk to my top boss everyday and there is no strong hierarchy inside office. We go out lunch almost everyday and all of us sat on a same table with my big boss. Well... there's only like less than 10 of us running the operation. I have no problems chatting with my colleagues because we belong to the same age group.
  • In my current company, it is a well-established company with headquarter stationed in the US. I had never talked to my GM since the first day i stepped into the office and there are a proper approaching style from supervisor to manager to director. My managers are supervisor are very nice bunch of people but we would never sit on the same table with them for meal. Its implicit yet obvious observation. 
  • In previous company, I admit that we can talk some nonsense with my big boss but in a MNC, it is no monkey business. They have a booklet for employee for rules and regulations and clear job scope for everyone. If this part of the job doesn't belong to you, you direct to another department to do it. In my ex company, we could cross job easily and that's where I learnt many things. In an MNC, they would pay you better but most likely, you will be repeating your stuffs everyday and everyday.
I am really getting used to my new job and 8-5 seems to be the thing for me right now as I could pursue my passion and returning me my free time. I had been attending 3 lessons of manicure since the start of this month and I have another 4 more to go. Taking to learn the skill is something that was so out of reach last time as I am one who possess 3 minute interest. I am really grateful that people around me are supportive (I must have been harping on it since ages ago). Shall continue to practice on it and hopefully, I can be a manicurist one day.


Last Friday, I took a half day leave for the first time on my new job. Everyone was on the holiday mood as it was considered to be a long weekend. After 12pm, Xiong fetched me from work and we went to The Cathay to catch The Maze Runner. It was an action movie and it kept me awake throughout the screening. All the time you can see them running here and there, back and forth. Well, its called The Maze RUNNER for a reason ya. And towards the end, you know that it was not over. Let's just wait for the last part for the movie.

After the movie, we didn't know where to go and nothing seems to come up of our minds. We didn't want to go outside as the haze was really bad. In the end, love drove to Safra at Toa Payoh to have a good sing. The price for happy hour 2pm to 7pm was only at $16 nett per guest and $13 for Kbox member. If you are a Safra member, you will be entitled to 10% discount. We lazed around in the room, showing off our singing skills and serving ourselves free flow of drinks. It was a good 2 hours.

Pardon for the blurred picture

After the singing session, we went to queue for food at Punggol Nasi Lemak. It is the most expensive Nasi Lemak you can find in coffee shop and it costs us $10+ for 2 packet of Nasi Lemak. After which, we ended our day, eating our rice on my cosy sofa.

Some Updates~~

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Been 3 months into my new job but i am still missing my colleagues from my previous job. Initially, I had been dreaming to get my first job ...
I'm starting on something with my life. Something which I had always wanted to do but gave up due to lack of financial support. My parents will not support me going for it as they felt it was a waste of money. They would rather I learnt driving. Into my third year of working life, I could finally spare a bit of my cash to pursue my passion which ....I shall slowly divulge....

Last week, just after my lesson, Xiong and I met his brother and sister in law at

The cafe is beautifully decorated with elegance fittings and vintage furniture, making the whole cafe looks classy .The Tiffany pillars and soft lighting are a plus too!

In every cafe i go, first, take a photo of the menu. It's always important to know what kind of food the cafe is serving.

I was really hungry so Xiong ordered one Pasta and one Toast. If you had known Dazzling Cafe, they are famous for their toast. You can't miss that. 

We ordered a pasta and a toast to share. As we wanted to have the toast, we were afraid that ordering 2 pastas would be too much, 

The toast is nicely done. The serving is definitely enough for 1 adult.

The waitress will ask if you would like them to cut the toast for you. It could be a hassle if you were to do it yourself because you wouldn't know where to start. 

Another toast!

Took a photo with love. It's been a while since we had a photo together. 

The whole meal cost us more than $100. I felt it was way overpriced but its photo worthy and the pasta were delectable. Queue time.... hmmm.. might have to wait a little bit longer then usual unless you avoid peak hour. 

Dazzling Cafe
15 Stamford Road, #01-85
Singapore 178906
Tel: 6384 3310

I had a nice weekend last week. Love had took a day off on Sunday so that he can accompany me for a day.

We woke to a great morning looking for cafes like we used to do. I love trying other cafes but as he did not try the one at Wheeler's Yard, I decided that we should go there. It was a short drive along PIE  and within 10 minutes, we exited the expressway. Wheeler's Yard is located among those heavy industries. One will never expect to find a hippie cafe in such ulu area.

We ordered our share: I had the usual, Big Breakfast and love had Egg Benedict. The Egg Benedict is served with salad but you are able to change the sides to fries without additional charges if you are not a vege person.

Our stomachs were working very hard after a full meal as Love and I were fighting to keep our bums up to catch our movie at the next hour. The movie theater at Baslestier Shaw Plaza is never full during weekends. It was not those Shaw Plaza that you experience at Orchard or Bugis, Shaw Balestier offers uneven flooring without carpet, flip-up metal chairs and perhaps a smaller leg space. All these doesn't matter if you would want to catch a movie without having to pay for booking fee and having a long queue to buy your food. As love is a Safra members, he is entitled to buy the tickets at $8 each. So overall, we catch a movie impromptu at Shaw Balestier. We chose to watch a comedy movie during the afternoon as we didn't want our minds to be absorbing anything that is too heavy. 

Pixel is a good choice.We played those games before, we understand how the games work and importantly, it is a comedy. We grew up with that games and watching this movie just made me feel nostalgic. 

Soon, evening drew near after we left the cinema. As we were dwelling on what to do on our next activities, I suddenly thought that we could take this opportunity to explore Singapore. 

I heard a lot on the last Kampong in Buangkok and lalang field in Punggol. As the weather was't too hot, we left for the former.

I set my google map to Lorong buangkok and soon the map leads us there... It is not far off the IMH actually. After a few turns, we managed to find our way there. It was a huge contrast when your stepped your foot there. At one side of the Kampong, you can high rise HDB flats, at the other side, one can see premium bungalows and exquisite terrace houses. 

Without further ado, let's start exploring!

It is not a big kampong so it's very easy to navigate. 

You do not see these kind of houses anywhere anymore.

At time, you can see residents inside chatting away, and young people (like us) walking around outside. It was really fun , like we were brought to the days where my parents grew up. 

City boy meets rural Singapore.

And mee too >.<

The olden days electricity could still be seen there.

One of the houses taken


If you would love to explore, you may google : Lorong Buangkok. Google Map will lead you there.

After exploring the old Singapore, Xiong drove us to Punngol Waterway: To see the lalang! If you are active in Facebook, you probably had seen wedding photoshoot taken at a lalang field locally. It gives us the very soft, romantic feel and felt that it must have been nice to walk among those lalang. 

If you hadn't taken any wedding photos before, you must not have known that behind each and every beautiful photos were our sweats, our unglam patterns and empty stomachs. 

Xiong parked at Tebing lane as I felt it was the nearest to the Lalang Field. There is a police station, Popeyes , some Hong Kong cafe and restaurants nearby. Walk past the restaurants and you will see a stair leading you to a park. Walk down the stairs and turn left. You will come to a red bridge. Cross the beach and just near to the entrance, you will see a man-made track which you that many people walked before. Walk in and you will see lalangs of height above me. You may also find other people around there taking photos.

Strolling with style

Saw those lalang taller than me?

Love and I

We stayed around there for about an hour before we left for dinner. It was difficult walking through those bushes as you might get cut from the branches. 

For dinner, Xiong drove to Marina Country Club. He recommended a bistro which has live band after 8pm. 

We were surprised to see one of the finalist Superstar, 陈彦桦 at the live band. As it was Sunday, the restaurant wasn't full. It was so empty that we were looking at each others in the eyes haha. 

One page of the menu for viewing.

The chicken wing is nice when you go with the sauce.

Luncheon Stick!

Even the Aligo Olio is nice!

And that's how we enjoyed our weekend ^^

600 Ponggol Seventeenth Ave 
Singapore 829734

Tel: 9661 2111

Exploring Singapore

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I had a nice weekend last week. Love had took a day off on Sunday so that he can accompany me for a day. We woke to a great morning lookin...