I had a few days break to my blogging. Day 2 was kinda relaxing too. We woke up naturally and got dressed before going to 有幸福 cafe.

My OOTD. It was about 16 degree and i wore like 3 layer of clothes. I could only layer my clothes in winter.

Took a photo with my brother

And my love

有幸福cafe serves pretty foods. Since we had not had any breakfast, we decided to go there to have brunch. Their brunch weren't like eggs benedict or bread, they served set menu. It was located in a lane near 士林 station Exit 1. Their signature food is 繽紛花園蜜糖吐司 (NT250) but we did not ordered that.

It is located in a small alley near Shilin station.

The entrance of the cafe

They have a good variety of food. 

Introduce their specialties. 

Their creation. Don't all of them look great? But its a pity that i did not try one :(

The interior of the cafe.

We were there early and were their first customer. Slowly, there are more customers walking in. Also, the elderly does enjoy cafe mood too. There are groups of elderly in the cafe, catching up with relatives or friends. How nice would that be if its me. 

A set meal cost about NT280 which includes a soup, a drink, a salad and a main course. Im sure we can't find a meal like $10++ in Singapore. The foods were not that bad. Perhaps our taste buds weren't used to the foods there. But i must say that the pasta is really good.

Dessert . It is a type of jelly. Not sure what flavour it was.

Our next destination was to Taipei Astronomical Museum. It is 15 minutes walk from Shilin station. The reason i chose to go to  Taipei Astronomical Museum was because we didn't have such museum in Singapore. As i was afraid that the museum was crowded, I slot the activity on a weekday to avoid the crowd. But who knows... ...

Not a single soul. Haha. Ok lah, got few of them ok

The reception, lobby , entrance inspector were elderly. It is very nice of the museum to hire the elderly. When we were in the museum, we felt that the whole building was almost deserted. There were no students nor noise, unlike Singapore Science Centre which is always filled with school children. Anyway, we went to catch an hour show in the amphitheater. 

The three of us and a few aunties filled up the 100 seats of  amphitheater. Isn't it cool? Can you imagine how empty the whole museum was? In the end, we spent an hour in the museum, using the toilet more often before we roamed around the night market later. 

The way to amphitheater

The 2 small boys were changing the big note for small one to be used at the night market.

At night, we went to Shilin night market. Though we been there few times, i still love Shilin night market as we can shop and eat at the same time.

Shophouses near Jiantan station

The underground hawker food at Shilin. 

Not bad!

Did not take lots of photo as we were busy biting away the foods on our hands. 

台北市士林區美德街21號1樓(士林捷運)                                                                                               捷運士林1號出口左轉第一個小巷子,再第一個路口右轉就會看到招牌囉

If you would love to visit a music shop, you can go to I Rock.

i.ROCK 愛樂客樂器
111, Taiwan, Taipei City, Shilin District, Zhongzheng Road, 383號                                                Mon - Fri: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Thanks for reading and .....Signing off here!!

Taiwan Trip Day 1

I had been to Taiwan a few times but i was never bored of it. It is a place of the nice people (most), good shopping and food paradise. A place where you can find convenient store everywhere which sells really economical toiletries (unlike Singapore 7-11 which only the rich walks in, not convenient at all) and wide range of KTV at a much affordable rate. And best of all, the temperature in Taiwan was cold in January! When we were there, the temperature was like 13 ~16 degree? Kinda good for us who had summer 24/7 whole year round. 

The reason we were back to Taiwan was simple: To reward to my brother who had completed his "O" Levels. He had definitely worked hard during his school days and when i asked him where he wanted to go for holiday, he answered : Taiwan. It didn't take him that long to answer my question. He must be dying to go there. 

Day 1 was easy as we did not have much sleep in the morning cos we need to catch our plane at 7+am. After landed, we took a bus from B1 to Taoyuan HSR. We know the route pretty well so getting around Taiwan wasn't much of a problem to us. 

My Bro and Xiong. 

Purchasing the bus ticket to TaoYuan HSR from the counter. It cost about NT30 per ticket but you can use 悠悠卡 also.

3 tired faces. Took this photo to tell my family that we had landed safely.

After 20 minutes of ride, we reached the station. The first thing to do was to buy tickets to Taipei ( checked in to our room 1st) and the next, walk to the convenient store to buy food. That is the problem for taking no frills air plane, you have to starve all during the ride ( But all's worth isn't it? )

Looks good right?

When we reach Taipei HSR, we walked towards the metro station, pulling our luggage along. Taipei Main Station (MRT) is so huge that one can be lost inside the station. Make sure you follow the signs indicated on the walls and ou won't be lost! Our accommodation was at 西门町, and 西门 is one stop away from Taipei Main Station. 

When we were there, we look for the lady who told us to meet at Chengdu Road. She would bring us to our room. And our room just look like the photo we saw on internet.

And Xiong will usually jump onto the bed with the remote on his hand . And my brother?

Went to mark his territory on the upper deck. 

They have chair as well on the upper deck,
The room is indeed comfortable for the three of us as each of us had our own personal space. If you are interested in staying in this room during your holiday, you may want to visit this website: 24htaipei . The location is great as it is located just beside 星聚点KTV and 5 minutes walk from 西门station.

The every next thing to do after check in was to look for food around the area, And, we must bring my brother to this very famous 阿中面線。 

 After filling our stomach, we went for a haircut at Luan Jian Hair Salon nearby. My brother need a serious haircut. It has been few months since he had his hair cut. If you know Ximending well, there are many salon there, with a few of the same names. However, according to one of the staff, she mentioned that all the branches belong to different bosses.

乱剪 occupied 2nd floor onwards

We went for the promotion. It includes, cut, wash, hair styling which cost us about NT450. The service is really good. My hair stylist is very young and pretty. She was so young that i doubted her skills. But my hair turns out looking alright so I did not complain much. It was SGD20++ in total for 1 person. If you are going for such services in Singapore, it could easily cost you up to $50 or more. 

Any difference in our hair?

Looking good

After the grooming session, we took the Metro down to 公馆 station. We were supposed to go to 公馆 Night Market, but when we were there, we couldn't find the night market. Accordingly to the local, he said that 公馆 night market is not very active on weekday. 

While walking around, we saw a lint of queue not afar. Went over to queue and realize everyone was queuing for pancakes. 

The night market was located near to the station.

Opps a bit blur.  Turns out that the pancake was overrated. I guess it was cheap so everyone was queuing for it. 

Giving up, we took a station down to Taipower Building Station, and tour around 师大夜市.

There are quite a number of food at 师大. We had 阿诺 Crepe, Thai Chicken and more chicken etc.

Can't miss my 盐酥鸡

Must Eat!! Its very nice!

阿诺Crepe has expanded to a shop on its own.

After filling our stomach, we went back to our hostel, preparing for our next day activities.

Places went for Day 1

师大夜市- 台北市大安区龙泉街
Once again, thanks Glamabox for sponsoring January 2015 box. I am really glad and appreciative that Glamabox had actually sponsored me box after box. Thank you Glamabox! Your products have been awesome!

Each of their products were carefully tested and selected before they ended up in your box monthly. For the month of January, there were more face products as compared to the other months which has an equal distribution of face and body products.

Now, let look inside January Glamabox!

The design for January is simple and not fanciful. 

They have... ...

Face mask, cream, mud , lipgloss etc!!

Sponsored [ January 2015]

by on 9:28 PM
Once again, thanks Glamabox for sponsoring January 2015 box. I am really glad and appreciative that Glamabox had actually sponsored me box a...
Hi guys, im back to my blogging habits. I had just came home from Taiwan and it was an awesome trip! The weather in Taiwan was very cold but it doesn't affect our holiday mood. This time, we didn't took lots of photos as most of the places were visited during our previous trips. I shall blog about my Taiwan trip soon!

Well, please bear with me.  My recent blog posts have been filled with cafes and food everywhere. Hope you do not feel hungry reading my post. You will regret.

Hungry Heroes is a 2 storey high located among shopshouses and residential area. One will never thought that such a luxury place will be located among run-down shophouses. It was a short walk from Farrer Park MRT. From Exit B, walk down Tessensohn Road for 4-5 minutes until you reach a short stretch of conventional shophouses. They are located in one of those.

From the name of the cafe, it is easy to link Marvel superheroes like Superman, Batman, Thor etc. To suit the theme restaurant, Xiong and I wore our superman top for an extra playful gesture. Sadly, most of his friends did not come with superhero tee-shirt. 

The superheroes

Hungry Heroes was lavishly decorated with most of the superheroes figurines, super model paintings and superheroes newsletter as their place mat. Pictures speak louder than words.

The 2nd floor

The ground level

Hungry Heroes basically serves meats. Heroes need more energy to save the world. They need protein to build muscles and 6 packs. They are macho and they eat meat meat MEAT! If you are the sort of  a veggy person, you might be turned off by their menu.

As most of Xiong's friends do not take vegetables, it was the best place to come. We ordered the meat platter. It was a wholesome piece of meat on the table.

Lamb, beef, chicken and pork. 

This meat platter was shared among the 8 of us. The potion was adequate and no other main dishes were ordered (except side dishes). 

And also, celebrating the birthday boy who turned 25 few days before new year.

33 Tessensohn Road
Singapore 217656
Tel: 6295 5401

Operating Hours
Mon - Thur : 4pm - 11pm
Fri & PH eve: 4pm - 12pm
Sat: 12pm - 12am
Sun & PH: 12pm - 11pm

The 8 superheroes!