Coming towards July, my love and I had returned from our unforgettable trip in Australia and we are back to our crazy workaholic mode. The trip to Australia was so relaxing that made me feel bored when it was the 5th or 6th day. *Yawn* This is one of the trips i get to sleep most as compared to my trips to Taiwan or Seoul. Also, we rented a car and got to drive around the city. With the automobile, travelling was so easy and we were not afraid to get out early but late. But Australia closes their store early so we end our day early too.

Now is the 7th month of the year and I have not started blogging at all, or even posting the photos on my Facebook. For the last month, I brought my work home almost everyday to complete what I have to. Moving on, I will be on another new role under Sales, which I hope it will not eat into my personal time as much too cos I value my personal time.

I should really get my ass moving or otherwise I will be stuck here, like literally.

Oh god~!

Mini update

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Coming towards July, my love and I had returned from our unforgettable trip in Australia and we are back to our crazy workaholic mode. The t...
After a good 4-5 month of renovation, our house is finally completed. We've moved in to our house on 15 April and since there, me and love would stay over the weekend every week.

During our "搬家", we were instructed to buy the 火炉, pineapple, rice, salt,sugar etc and perform the standard procedure of "moving in".  In case you didn't know, 火炉 can be bought at Ang Mo Kio Central at one of the biggest hardware shop there. It costs us around $8 for a decent one. The rest of the items are bought at the supermarket.

Moving in...

We were there at our door at round 8.45am to prepare the ritual. Love needed sometime to set up the fire as he was afraid that the fire wouldn't burn by the time it was 9am. We bought the starter and charcoal, putting as many starter as possible so that it would produce bigger fire (Huat ar!)

It wasn't difficult at all to start a fire.

We are getting ready to enter.

At 9am , we open the door, place the 火炉 in our living room and start rolling the pineapple. We felt good as we finally have a place to call our own. 

Pineapple roll roll ~~

We shifted the stove to our kitchen and left the pineapple to huat in our living room. With that stove, we boiled some water using a small kettle. It was also part of the ritual. Then, we cooked some desserts to eat. We began to bring in our rice, oil and salt which were left at the entrance and store them in proper container.

 After the ritual was done, we waited patiently for my family to arrive, calling for delivery for rest of the day.

Here are some of the photo which our ID took.
This is the outcome of our bill of SGD30K + 

Home sweet home~~

I have been blogging lesser and lesser ever since the start of the year. At the start of 2017,I've gotton so much busier than before. My job scope has been changed and I stayed longer in office often. At time, I would still send email after office hours or before I sleep. That's like quite a norm when you work for an US company.

I was also busy with my house renovations; like shopping for household items; to clean and wash our clothes etc. I would sleep over at my our new house during weekends and holiday. And just this week, we came back from our 1 week long holiday from Australia. 

Spending a week in Australia definitely cost us a bomb, but I felt motivated and recharged after coming back from my trip. We rented a car there and drove around the city in  Brisbane and Gold Coast. We rented a car at Apex Car Rental and it cost us SGD400 + for a week. On top of that, there are parking charges and toll fees. Both of these charges are expensive as well and the most expensive parking was AUD27 per day at a Hotel. Other parking charges would come up to AUD10 at least, either per hour or per entry. 

I shall blog more about our Australia trip soon. Right now, I would just want to enjoy my Saturday night lazing on my new carpet >.<

Carpet bought from Taobao which cost me around SGD100. I am a satisfied buyer.


Updates on my life

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I have been blogging lesser and lesser ever since the start of the year. At the start of 2017,I've gotton so much busier than before. My...
I said I would pot the photos shortly right?

Yes, in just a few minutes.

Alright!  It was his turn today to submit a field report. After alighting me at my work, love sent me a text : Very Serious Jam. I thought nothing of it since I was so busy at work. Work ties me down completely that I hardly digest or type any more letters which I feel necessary. Sometimes, i would just answer: Yes,Ok, See you. Busy. Like shit. Sian. Well, only my love would understand what i'm talking.

But anyway, back to the report. Due to massive "jam"  somewhere, love ended up at our new home again. He took some photo to show me the progress of the carpentry works.

Let's see what we've got.

By Tuesday, we already had

Bed frame up

My wardrobe

Feature wall up

Doors of the shoe cabinet

Doors of my wardrobe

Doors of his wardrobe

Toilet glass door, shower screen, the basin and toilet vanity.
Well, my hubby was standing right in front of the mirror taking photo of his selfie.

By this week, all should be up and we will be seeing more progress. Understand from Love that the aircon guy will be coming to install the aircon this Thursday. Also,our dining table will be delivering to us on Thursday. Right now, we are hunting for sofa, TV and fridge. More money will be gone soon.
After the lights were up. our ID informed us that carpentry works will start on 2nd March. It will take about a week or so to complete since our renovation permit ends by 21 March. Carpentry works would more or less sums up the end of the whole renovation.

Last Thursday, I took a half day off to visit the guys at work. When I reached there at about 2.30pm, I saw the cupboards and shelving along the corridor. It was quite messy at the walkway but there aren't many people since our neighbor were either at work or they have not moved in.

Saw this board but not sure where it is used for haha.


When I entered the house, I saw 3 carpenters working on different area of my house. And to my surprise, the kitchen was almost 80% done!

On the first day of carpentry works.

We opted for an industrial feel for the kitchen so it was kind of greyish and dull, dirty look. 

Our shoe cabinet was also 50% done.

I think I will need a ladder to climb up to get the top shelf. Also, I am not sure how my hubby is going to slot his army boots in those shelves.

Toilet vanity was screwed to the wall too.

Toilet door was installed as well

Not only that, they did help us to clean up the dust in the rooms..

And our toilet bowl...

And the fan which my hubby brought from home!

Coming to the room, part of the wardrobe was also done. After I was done with some photo taking and submitting my field report to my hubby, I left the place to do some shopping at Suntec.

Crap! Somehow I looked funny in the photo. But whatever it was, I was really tired from both personal and work life.

I shall post more progress on our nest on my next post.

It's 1 year. Finally I can remove my P-plate.This plate was passed down from my husband,then to his younger brother, and finally to me. Perhaps next can pass down to Linda? Hope she will get her license soon!

Workload is getting more and more as we are taking on new stuffs. Job is repetitive but i guess all jobs are the same. Our company has released bonus for this year and all seems good, as I felt that handwork does pay off. However, all my bonus will end up in in my house renovation and furniture.

I am looking forward to our new house and how it would end up to be. Doors were up and the latest update was that toilet glass door was up too. Contractor will be coming this Thursday to do carpentry work.

Last weekend, love and I went to have a short getaway at Hotel Jen Tanglin. They are currently having a weekend promotion for Recharge and Refuel and the price was attractive. Breakfast is add on service and it totaled up to $300. It was about 15 mins walk to Orchard and 7min to Hardrock Cafe.

Over the other weekends, Love and I will hop places and places to hunt for furniture and household accessories. I remembered the times we used to hop cafes to cafes during weekend but the hype seems to be over.

While moving on our life together as a couple, there are many things we must accept and love for who we are. It's not like child play that we can just break up if things doesn't work out. There are many things which  I learnt from my mum and dad throughout their wedding life. My love is an emo one and he is just an odd one sometimes. But I just love him, that's just him afterall. But whatever it is, the feeling that there's someone who will always be for you, feels like home...

Ya, that's him!

Life updates

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It's 1 year. Finally I can remove my P-plate.This plate was passed down from my husband,then to his younger brother, and finally to me. ...
It is exciting to see how your house slowly formed out to the one depicted from the 3D drawing.
Chinese New Year is over and now we are back to our renovation schedule.

As mentioned from Danny, the carpentry works will start this week after the workers returned from a 3 weeks long holiday. Our paint job was already done and the colour are looking good.

Our living room : Lime Green

Guest Room: Pastel yellow

Our Masterbed Room: Red

Overall colour theme in our house

I get comments that our house is very colourful. Oh well, yes it is. I initially wanted earth tone (greyish blue) for my house as we want that sort of cosy feel. But after asking the feng shui master, he says that lime green and red suits us, therefore our house became very colorful. Danny chose the powder blue and pastel yellow for us, which i feel it blends really well.

Just last week, we went to Balestier Road to get some lights for the storeroom, service yard, dining, toilets and a room. We had survey some shops previously and decided to get them from Lights Store and Chant Huat. The lights were installed yesterday and let's see how they looked. The rest of the light were bought locally except our corridor light. I shall post some photos here.

This is the only light I bought from Taobao. It cost me only $10 and seriously it looks great. The only risk i having was whether it would be a working unit or not. But luckily, all went well.

Kitchen light. It is a simple design which comes in 3 colours, Cool light, warm light and white light. Item bought from Light Store at $160.00

Bought this square light from Light Store too. It has 3 different design  on how the light shine. The outer layer shine only warm light while the middle one shines white light.  It costs $30 per piece.

We bought the same kind of light, but in round from Light Store and it cost $40 per piece (It is slightly bigger in size than the square one). For the panel which gives off cove light were bought from contractor. Those were LED T5. 

This is another light bought from Light Store for our bedroom 2. Can't really see the effect of it but it the light emits that kind of glittery feel.. Comes with 3 tones as well. It cost $50 per piece.

We bought our dining light from Chan Huat. We have not collected them yet but will post up some photos after the light has been installed.

Lights Store Pte Ltd
473 Balestier Road
Singapore 329843
Tel: +65 6256 1140

We have started our renovation around the last week of 2016. Love and I could finally call a place our home where we can start our family and grow old together.

We chose our BTO at Sengkang and it is located just next to the expressway. It may seems to be noisy but we expected the there wouldn't be as many cars at night. We got a high floor and it was pretty good.

Looking inside our home... ...
We took the flooring from HDB for both living room and guests room. Went through 2 times to BSC to file complaints for the hollow tiles, water leakage in the toilet, poor skirting, uneven windows and some other minor defects. After 2-3 weeks of correction, we were more or less satisfied with what we received initially and went ahead with the renvo few days later.  

We chose Darwin Interior as the ID, Danny, did the interior design for Xiong's brother in Punggol. We felt that it was good and so we engaged him for the services. He suggested that we hacked down the kitchen wall and planned to build an island as we wanted something different.

Living room and Kitchen
Photo taken from kitchen

They remove the electricity point from the hacked wall and placed them in another place. 


The washing machine, fridge base are up, together with the sink. They can build really fast and these are done up in a week. In the following week, we engaged external company to build the aircon. They lay the pipes in a way and will come again the 2nd time (near to completion date) to put up the aircons.

Toilet kerb is up too

Once the piping is laid, in the following week itself, the L-box and false ceilings were up too. 

Window grills for our house were also already installed. 

As Chinese New Year is coming, Danny mentions that the renovation will be paused for 2 weeks as most of them will return to their hometown to celebrate their festive. After they return from their holiday, the carpentry works will be up and by then, it should be ready by end March.

Honestly, I am pretty excited to how our new house will be like.  >.< I shall continue to post more of our new house in the coming weeks!

Our home [ Renovation]

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We have started our renovation around the last week of 2016. Love and I could finally call a place our home where we can start our family an...