Once a while we would pamper ourselves to a nice spa , manicure or hair treatment. But today, the ladies Chia pampered ourselves to a nice afternoon tea at The Fullerton Bay Hotel over the last weekend.

The hotel was located near Raffles Mrt and it wasn't that difficult to find the place. 

The Fullerton Bay Hotel is located at CBD area which is perfect for photo-taking, dining and for business. 

Though the hotel was small, I felt cosy and comfortable.  At one look you can feel the air of classy and luxuriousness that only the rich would stay in. The interior is nicely decorated with huge chandeliers and other European ornaments which i felt modish. 

Feels like i had entered some royalty premises O.O  

How i wish i could hold my ROM here. Isn't this place a beauty? The floor is so clean that you can see the reflection of the ceilings. It is so spacious , sooo pretty that you can take a nice photo at any angle !!

We made an appointment with The Landing Point at 2.30pm. When we were there, we were told that they would only start serving food at 3pm, so, the 3 of us went out to explore the place. We went back again after a while.

Displayed with majestic and sophisticated furniture, this place definitely reminds you of Tai-Tais having their exquisite afternoon tea elegantly in a posh restaurant. 

I was entirely impressed with their layout and not forgetting to take more photos.

Was trying to aim those comfortable couches but ......

We began ordering the drinks which are refillable.

Decent range of drinks to choose from. The alphabet looked like the f from Facebook haha

 We started off with scones. We got to choose either the plain scone or the one with raisin. The scone is definitely good!

Slowly, the foods were served... ...

My Preggy sis was so happy when the food came. Must be baby Eng craving for food.

It was a 3-tier-ful of snacks and desserts. There were sandwiches, eclair, kuah lapis, smoke hamburger etc.

All of these comes in mini-bits which i can actually just pop them in my mouth. But it is a high-class place where you use cutlery to cut the mini-bits into even smaller pieces. But i don't really care that much though haha! The varieties were limited, what you saw on the photos above were what they served only. Its a buffet style but its not like those you have to get up to take your own food. In The Landing Point, the waitress will go to your table as asked if you would want any more of those foods. Its good for preggy woman who wants to eat but not convenient to walk about.

See this mini hamburger 

I can just put this mini food in my mouth completely.

The bill totals up to about $160 for the three of us. From the variety they served, it costs much higher than other restaurant but if you are looking for a place for good ambiance, The Landing Point is one place to consider if you want a cosy and comfortable gathering with friends.

80 Collyer Quey
Singapore 049326
Tel: 65975277

Operating Hours
11.00pm  - 12.00am (Sundays - Thursday)
11.00am - 1.00am (Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday)

Lunch: 11.00am - 2.30pm
Afternoon tea: 3.00pm - 5.30pm
Cocktails: 5.00pm till closing

Now.. a photo of the ladies Chia

Mrs Eng and Baby Eng, Mdm Wang and me, Miss Chia.

My sis and I.

Alright, enough of foodies! Signing off here!

This is my first sponsored box from Glamabox! I believe many girls would know Glamabox by now. I had heard about them since my school days as i know one of my friend was a subscriber.

Glamabox is a monthly surprise box where you will receive 4-5 products (which were tried by them ) based on the profile (oily skin, dry hair etc) you submitted. Some of these products are definitely not cheap but you are able to get them through Glamabox by purchasing them at $19 per month. Isn't it worth?!!

Thanks to Glamabox, I received the first Glamabox last Friday! Being excited about what the little box contains, I opened immediately when i reached home.

Been viewing some hair salons these days as I wanted to change my hairstyle. It has been 3 months since (from Artica) I did anything to my hair. The colour has faded and I am very tempted to do them again.

Saw some bloggers were sponsored by hair salon and they go back to them regularly. Its good in a sense that the hair dresser knows their style, likings and stuff like that and almost all of them left the salon with such fabulous hair style.

The salons I had tried out so far were good, but none of them couldn't really tell me what type of hair style is nice on me as I believe they are afraid that I would end up being angry/sad.

No idea on what to do but just keep doing my research I guess.

Signing off~~    

Hair woes ~~

by on 4:29 PM
Been viewing some hair salons these days as I wanted to change my hairstyle. It has been 3 months since (from Artica) I did anything to my h...
I had disappeared for a week and now im back. Last week was pretty peaceful and that i didn't have much activities.

But recently, i have been purchasing goods from Taobao.com . It was really an amazing website where i bought my clothes at about SGD4-8? The quality was really better than those i bought in Bangkok. Now that i have taobao.com, I will explore the clothes section to see if they offered the same design as those i saw in shopping mall.

Last Saturday, my date and i went to watch Step Up. The movie was alright and i felt that the previous series were much better than this. The choreography didn't have that 'wow' factors though there were many difficult stunts and moves.    

Sunday was a family gathering as we all come together to celebrate my cousin's birthday. All of us had a good time there and we were enjoying ourselves. I missed those days where we all would play and tease each other. Now that we were all adults (and some additional member to the gathering), we would still never fail to come together once a while for a catch up.

And most importantly, i brought my monopod (which i bought from Taobao.com) to use it for the first time!

My god! My granny looked so cute. Im not sure if she knows where to look but my aunt was just telling her to : look at the sky.

Sometimes, taking photo with a huge crowd could end up disastrous. There were some of us who are looking and some of them were not paying attention.

Look again, when the some of us were not looking at the camera, the rest who missed out the previous shot were looking up. The most photogenic one will be the one who was holding the monopod.  

And this is my maternal family. Small yet noisy family. Hope we do have such gathering again very soon.

Update and weekend!

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I had disappeared for a week and now im back. Last week was pretty peaceful and that i didn't have much activities. But recently, i ha...
I could have spend my weekend happily. But if you had watched and read the news for the last few days, you would have know that most patrons left Cafe Fest with much disappointment and anger.

If you would like to know what had happened, you can read their facebook here.  

Take a look a the website .

If you hadn't know what  'Offers Near You' is about, do take 1 minute to read more here.

The other day i went to Parkway Parade for dinner and was trying to find if there is any promotions offering for desserts (oh my sweet tooth!) . While i was scrolling through the apps, i came across that Scoopz was actually offering 1 for 1 deals!  

All i did was to show this page and i was entitled to the promotion. The promotion is still on-going and will end by 21 Sept 2014. The lady at the counter took down and my name and my IC. Not sure if I am still able to use the promotion but i will still patronize their shop whenever i'm there. 

And tada! My 1 for 1 ice cream cone! It costs me $3.20 only!

Start downloading the app for free and use it! It will save you some money really !

Check out their website  and  promotion !

Umm, im not trying to scare you guys with my pictures below but this is really one darned good product i used yesterday!

Of course i didn't have such a big bottle to use. I was given a mini sample to try on in my July BellaBox. Sephora was selling it for like over $90 for a bottle (WHAT?!!) and there must be something amazing about this product. Upon googling, i saw most of the users were recommending and raving this product...And here is what it says:

'Taken from GlamGlow Mud official website'

Sounds amazing right?! I decided to try on ...

So i tore and ...

Must really show that i tried this product hahaha!

applied on my clean face ..

I know I'm looking darned tired and was stoned when i took this picture. Please ignore my expression. The main focus is not on my weird expression but the product. There were bits and pieces of solids in the mud but i just applied them on my skin anyway. It was an easy application and it wouldn't take long to apply. 

While applying, i can feel my eyes were actually slightly (very slightly) tearing as i can feel the tingling effect right away. Just as the description goes... Tinglexfoliate.. The product really delivers what it promises! 

Right away, i sat in front of the fan to 'cool' the tingling effect. 

After a while ...

Still stoned

The mud slowly dries up and the tingling effect was gone. Now, the tightening effects steps in. As the mud was drying, the tightening effect gradually increases and i can't feel my face moving except my eyes. 

After 10 minutes, i went to wash off the mud and my skin seriously appeared to be 

cleaner, brighter and toned!

See how fair i became...

Honestly, this is one fantastic product i had came across so far which does wonder to my skin. Of course, a good beauty product comes with good price which costs much higher than those mud mask you can find at normal drugstores. Given a chance when i have extra monies , I do not mind paying for it for something i felt its worth.

Okay! Hope my pictures don't give you any nightmares!

 Signing off here~!