My very 1st Valentine with you , has been an unforgettable, exciting, crazy, fun and romantic one. Did you purposely waited till its 14th Feb after 12am and asked me to read your handwritten message? Its the second time you had asked me after 6 months since that very day. In between, we had been no status or otherwise, leaving it be. But today, since i've answered the second time, its considered our second chance and i will not let it slips away again.... From now, we don't have to answer indirectly to other people questions or avoid them anymore :) Its now us :D From today onwards. Our second chance dear...

Now here! Happy Valentines' Day to everyone. Whether you have bf/gf or not doesn't matter!! Everyone is still entitled to have Valentines' Day :D I've celebrated mine yesterday with Wei Xiong. I believed everyone is down working for their Valentines' and not their assignment :x So far, this rule applies to me and my dear. He really takes this valentine's seriously then his studies o.o He planned this valentine's merticulously too. We had 4 activities a day, excluding dinner and lunch. He came to pick me up at 10.10am early in the morning and standing at his car there, waiting for me to walk over. It was raining bits but it doesn't affect our morning ^^ As usual, he presented me with a big bouqet of 12 symbolic roses, and opened the door for me (gentleman!). Then i saw my present waiting for me on the passenger seat. Its my polaroid camera in a brown bag! Dear bought it for me (now i know why it cost a bomb)! I had also been nagging that i wanted one since last year and i finally got it yesterday! Im gonna to treasure it! Wahahaha! He had already put the film inside and was ready to use. See!! So meticulous! :P It was just a click away hahaha! 
My pretty flowers !! 12 roses, dear tell me that it means : Be mine ... ... I love the blomming roses :D
I took his specs to wear :x We are at Qian Hu! 
Happy dear :p

So the present was over and roses on my hand (its really huge!) , he drove us to the west, passing choa chu kang (i thought we are going to the cemetry -.-) and many heavy vehicles areas. Upon turning right! I saw qian hu there haha. Dear, the signboard gave you away, not me :X Qian Hu, is another place i wan to try. They offer fish spa, where you put ur legs into the pond and small fishes flew to your legs with 'yum yum' faces (okay, all fishes look the same -.-) But anyway, we entered, after payment. Dear was saying, wah the fishes so big! Are you sure?! My eyes just went O.O Luckily, there's another fish pond neaby and we just entered. I shouldn't scrubbed my feet 2 days ago -.- But fishes in the morning were so hungry that they come all at once the moment i put my toe in. It was hell itchy and itchy and itchy! Both of us are wiggling our bodies. It itches a lot. Imagine the fishes nibble your feets your heels?! Ouch haha! Lucky in the morning there's only the two of us, if not no image already. But after a while, everything was getting to be better and instead, it became comfortable. So comfortable that i did not want to leave the pond. The results: Smoother, and whiter feets! Haha, when leaving, dear wiped my smelly feets and i wiped his. Both white feets :x Its a good try and worth to go try if you have hard time trying to scrub your feets. The fishes are there to do the job for you! 


When the fish biting session was over, we headed down to suntec city. Dear exited the wrong exited and ended up in upper paya lebar x.x But that doesn't spoil our mood hahaha! Still, we ended up in suntcec to have our lunch at ...
Pizza Hut!!
We had our lunch there because im the one who suggested it. There's lunch offer at that time and we just took up that offer. Save money :x And can eat full, eat good food too!! He ordered his curry chicken baked rice and i had my hawaiian pizza as usual. The hungry us, just eat and eat. Dear order 6 pcs drumplets and i ate to my max! Dear tell me to hurry eat because we are going to another place again. So i still eat at my normal  (x.x) and he brought me to circle line afterwards. 
A memorable pic at pizza hut!

Dear's mouth is so tight. He never says where's he going, or what he has for me or got for me. He's a secretive man. My secretive  Man! He alighted at Bayfront and exited the casino entrance. He brought me walked all the way through the MBS and i thought, wah, romantic, bring me to such a place today haha. The weather was fine and so was the crowd. Couples were seen taking photos, carrying flowers in their beautiful smart clothes. I wore a dress and carrying my Polaroid camera. Cute isn't it? Unless girls who carry fanciful handbags, i carry my black clutch haha, and in my wedges o.o Even weirder haha. We walked until the entrance of Art Science museum, then it finally struck me that dear was bringing me to Titanic exhibition! I was slow, very slow. Titanic tix aren't free for sure but free for me :x Dear had even ordered the tickets online to bring me visit this exhibition. This is another one which i told him i wanted to go :x As planned, he proceed to the cash counter, hand over his card to collect our tickets :D Excited!! We go down to B1 where the exhibition was and entered. We were given boarding pass and pamphlets to navigate around. The tickets are expensive but to me, it was worth to see what it was like inside Titanic. I don't really love the move acted by the leonardo, but i was more interested in the past historical events that took place and how it sank. Its magnificent! Dear and i walked through the exhibition thoroughly and took some photos :x
A memorable photo again haha!! We asked the lady to take a photo for us, it turned out quite well.
One more photo at Art Science meusum! 

Suddenly, one girl called out to Dear's name. It was Christabel! I personally don't know her well but Dear knows her well because they are from the same class in year 1. And if any of you know more about them, please feel free to contact me :x Haha, joking dear. Its all in the past already. You only have eyes for me now i know. Cos you love me and in your eyes, im prettier than her :x Haha, she came here with her bf as well. I assumed they were visiting Titanic too? Christabel hasn't changed much over the years, does she even know who i am?! O.O Haha. just one more sentence: In her bf eyes, she is prettier than me :D Some photos inside the Titanic: 
 Mum, we visited the hotel rooms of Titanic!!
The grand staircase as always shown on the television. Its very grand haha
The third class deck of Titanic. So like hospital, 4 beds to a room :x 

I shall give myself a break here 1st. Shall continue later after i come back :D

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