Thanks dear, for helping me blog ^^ So happy. Still can see you helping me to maintain my blog haha. Its the 1st few time when i stayed home on a saturday. Dear came to find me in the morning and brought me porridge from 85 as i wasn't feeling well, even so, i still went out there to buy food for my mum and 4d :x valentines' day is coming as dear said, i had already given him his share:P I baked cookies together with my babes on a thursday afternoon. Before he came, i quickly packed up the stuffs and wrapper before he saw anything raw ! Haha. He really like the cookies :) Happy. As for next year, i try ok? No guarantees but i will try :) Dear also have been very busy to prepare the valentines' day activities. He is very quiet on this issue and still keeping his mouth tight for the morning and afternoon activities. He really want to surprise me :x Haha. Whatever you do, dear ah, i will be very happy. :) Now, since we are entering into Feb, i have an ongoing assignment to do. I have my international business to start on and maybe plan for oversea trip. I wanna go shopping too but i needed to save up for my money in case i did not have enough. Cash is tight for me at the moment but i believe i can survive. Alright, some photos:

See jassy expression, happy making!!
Making in process
Les is getting tired!
Yeah!! My cookies!! :D

And finally, he tasted my cookies :P

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