I have currently three mascara in my kit and they are:

I have been good, diligently using my mascara to work almost everyday. Right now, these 3 mascara are my best companion for my less-defined eyes. For asain, all girls will want fuller lashes, volume and long kind of lashes but because we are asians, we are not blessed with that. And so.. we often cheat with fake lashes. Like my sister, she is a mono-lids with short lashes (luckily i am not but i wasn't any better), she wants to use a mascara which tell people that : I have lashes alright?! And so she told me to buy one for her when i was at watson private sales. I ended up buying her a mascara (purple tube with feathery-light effect , meaning you won't feel heavy on your lashes) which provide XXL lashes, for lengthening. Right now, its working fine on her and she likes it.

For my mascara, i had these 3 which gives different effect.

Lancome: Doll Lash Effect Mascara - Wide-Eye Look. Volumized, Extended, Lifted Lashes 

Well, i use this to work almost everyday for the 3-in one. People who are lazy like me who wakes up at 8am for 9am work, we often go for this for a quick, time saving mascara. I bought it at the airport in taiwan and i never regret paying SGD99 for 3 tubes.

Loreal: Ultra volume with collagene.

This was bought from Ceyi when she was at some sales. As it states, it is a volumised mascara which give your fuller lashes. Its is not very very waterproof as it smudges at the end of the day. But if you are just going out for a short while, it is worth using esp it is affordable. Not too bad i must say, but not one which you will go for a second time.

Cyber colours Ex-volume

I bought this stick in Taiwan, recommended by the sales personnel. It is not cheap.. in my opinion, but it is really a great mascara.  Another three in one : lengthens, volumise and makes curl stays. According to the SA, she said that a lot of hong kongers are using this and it is always out of stock. And so believeing what she say, i decided to buy one and try. Surprisingly, it is really good . The mascara promised whatever it delivers. It doesn't smudge at all. But one bad thing is that, it can be quite difficult to wash off as it is too waterproof. 

I am tempted to get the maybelline false lashies but i have some bad experience with their mascara. I am not so sure if  i should get.. I didn't want to waste my money again on bad mascara. 

Just my 2 cents worth

What a hot weather!

I was sweating the whole time in the car while taking my driving lesson. It was freaking hot! As xiong has to work today, i have thoughts of spending my time cleaning up my cupboard and stuffs like that. And also, to pack my make-up items.

I admit that i love the eyeliner, mascara and stuffs like that. But i usually don't wear them out, esp to work. I guess boss will just tell me leave (when he doesn't recognise me in make-up).

I know dear will scream at me when i do this:

My eyeliner collectibles:

I have black, blue and brown and white
I did a comparison for my liquid eyeliner and this is the result. The left liner is from faceshop while the right liner is from Sephora. The cost of both liner are approx $20 but you can definitely see the difference. The traditional eyeliner is so much darker than the felt-pen type. But of course, the felt-pen is 100% easier to control and draw on your eyes. For sephora liquid eyeliner, one needs to have some skills in order to draw a perfect line.

And my crayon-type liner:

They smudge so easily that my eyes turn panda at the end of the day. They do not last for even an hours if you have very oily eye-lids. Not only that, after 4 hours, they were almost gone and you won't see them staying on at all. But they are the most easiest to draw and even if you do not draw your line well, you can always smudge it (on purpose) haha. 

The rest of my eye liner:
Not exotic colours 

Sometime i wear brown to work (If anyone really notice haha). All these three colours are from Sephora. They cost less that $15 for each and very easy to glide on. I don't use white of course, except for highlighting brow bone and my waterline (really, if anyone ever notice) -.-

After all, feltpen type is still the best choice as its really easy to handle. I am into my 2nd pen and i seriously have no thoughts of changing it until i felt frustrated walking store to store but it was not available. In the end, i bought the 1-day tattoo from Watson at $19.90. The one which i am currently using was given to me by xiong. It 4pm right now and i .... shall continue blogging about my collectibles!  

Eyeliners! ♥

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What a hot weather! I was sweating the whole time in the car while taking my driving lesson. It was freaking hot! As xiong has to work tod...
Although our seats may not be as good, but it's my first time watching jay chou concert with dear :D
Its not as best as i expected but overall, its still nice. The effect is nice especially this...

hey girl~
and feel like we are at hawaii at the end of the concert.....

However, its disappointing that no one shouted for encore at the end of the concert and hence, the concert end kind of early.. heard that jay chou concert in beijing and shanghai have at least 3 encores...
But nevertheless, we will still go for jay chou concert in the future together right dear? :D

~ KrisWx

Jay Chou~ 8Jun13

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Although our seats may not be as good, but it's my first time watching jay chou concert with dear :D Its not as best as i expected but ...
Im finally back from TAiwan!

It was really a 3 fruitful days in taiwan. After bidding my dear goodbye, i went to my gate.. Alone.. I sat on a lonely airplane  for 4.5 hrs.. Ate the yucky food provided on the airplane.

When i reached there, i met my colleague who came to pick me up. At night, we went to shilin to have dinner

After that we went back hotel to prepare for our next day. 

On the second day, we visited computex. It was really an awesome place but the products are more or less homogeneous. 

There are lots and lots of beauty at the fair.

Mei nu hahaha! She poses for me! Sweet isn't she?  Anyway after visiting, my colleague and i went to eslite store to find books. At night, our customer treated us to dinner and that was end of the day. 

On the last day, we went to ximending and taipei university befpre heading to airport.

At night, i had finally met my dear n family at the airport!! I had missed them !! Dear carried my luggage and fetch us to eastcoast  to have dinner. 

On saturday, we met up to go to jay chou concert together. We were quite excited about it as jay has been our idol for years. I put on some makeup which i learnt from the lesson.. I had finally learnt to put on fake eyelashes.. And i love them a lot! They make my eyes fuller and deep set.

I love my eyes. Hahaha

And my handsome dear!

Love you muackz! 
One post for you honey..

Before i really off my 3G, there are some words i want to tell you.. Don't worry dear, im right now at my gate, i know its three short days but the days when we are apart .. It feels longer.. Thanks for sending me to airport and ate a fattening kfc with me. 

I will be back for jay chou concert yea! You had better train up haha

Love you baby! Muackzzzz!