Going into my second month of subscription of Bellabox. I was really excited what my surprise box would contain.. Without further ado, I shall share you guys my items!

Bellabox for August!

In case you want to know what i received for my July Bellabox, you can read here 

This is overall what i receive

  1. Hee Eternity Hydro-Gel Mask 24k Gold + Syn Ake
  2. UV Aqua White Starter Kit
  3. Petal Fresh Organics Aloe & Citrus Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner
  4. Sleek Kajal Eyeliner in Nocturnal
  5. Kinohimitsu diamond Nite Drink
  6. Tealy Premium Tea
  7. Kneipp Body Care

Petal Fresh Organics Aloe & Citrus Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner

A revitalizing and hydrating duo that moisturizers and soothes with organic aloe vera, then gentles cleanses and rejuvenates with organic citrus. The shampoo gives off a really pleasant citrus smell. Unlike those creamy texture, it is a gel type which becomes foamy when lather with water. I felt my scalpe refreshing after using the shampoo :D

UV Aqua White Starter Kit

Exclusive formulation enriched with key ingredients to whiten, hydrate, illuminate, tighten and increase skin elasticity.
-Purifying Toner - To use with cotton pad, gently pat toner on clean face day and night before applying moisturiser
-Daily Defense Serum - Day and Night. Use fingertips to smoothen and pat over the entire face and neck
-CC Cream - To be used as sunscreen, skin tone corrector and or foundation primer.

Kinohimitsu Diamond Nite Drink

Promotes mind relaxation and quality sleep. Improves skin metabolism and collagen sybthesis. Improves metabolic rate. 

Kajal Eyeliner in Nocturnal

Bold black crayon eyeliner that has a soft creamy texture. Glides on your lids for highly pigmented finish. The eyeliner is indeed unique in design.

Kneipp Body Care

Uplifting body lotion and body wash duo that soothes and rejuvenates with its natural aroma therapeutic and nourishing benefits.

Hee Eternity Hydro-Gel Mask 24k Gold + Syn Ake

Latest Korean patented technology. Melt hydro-gel mask into hot water after use, and soak your hands and feet fr a holistic beauty experience. 

Tealy Premium Tea

Thanks to Bellabox, i came in touch with Tealy. I was given 2 different type of teas to try. It was nicely packed in a zip lock bag. That morning, i tried Anjou Paradise Ceylon Tea. It smells and tastes great. It was kind of a mixture blend of tea leaves which differentiates themselves from other tea brands. From their website, I realized they have mint chocolate truffle black tea. I just wonder how it will taste like o.o Do check out their website if you want to try something not ordinary.

So.. what did you receive your the August box?

Signing off~~ 

My Bellabox for August

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Going into my second month of subscription of Bellabox. I was really excited what my surprise box would contain.. Without further ado, I sha...
Though i haven been blogging for few days, i was surprised to see that hundred of viewers entering my blog. Hope that my blog is one of the many which you enjoy reading :)

A short update from my last weekend.

Last Sunday we were again, thinking of which cafes to go for our brunch. As you know, we were spoilt of choices since there were too many of them around Singapore. I decided to go online and checked out some of the famous one. That was when Forty Hands appeared on the website.  Xiong and i were pondering if should we should go ahead until we saw Forty hands appeared again on Cleo Magazine on July issue.

Situated among the shop houses, Forty hands isn't difficult to find. All you have to do was to spot an area where people were standing outside of the shop, waiting to enter. We join in the queue and was placed on the 2nd waiting list. 

The cafe was fully occupied, even the one at the lower ground. The place was quite small and we had to actually move through the crowd carefully where there's lot of people. 

The pillars were obstructing the walkway. But there's nothing you can do about it.

The lower ground which we were told that there were no aircon

2 pages menu

I remember that the magazine was introducing the Big Boy Breakfast while i was flipping over the pages. It must be really good enough to be published on the mag. Without much thought, i ordered that. Xiong ordered his Egg Benedict served with Beacon. We had Latte and Mocha too!

Big Boy Breakfast- scrambled eggs

Egg Benedict

Total damaged: $47.50 (No service charge as you need to pay your bills at the counter )

The brunch was pretty good and different from the other cafes we went to. It was really filling 

Forty Hands78 Yong Siak Street #01-12
Singapore 163078
Tel: 6225 8545

Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 8am - 7pm
on Monday

After brunch, Xiong went for the haircut at DA Hairdressing.

After the hair cut, I took a photo of him ... and just nice someone bombarded his photo...

Epic photo

After cutting his hair, we were just strolling around Far East until we pass by a crepe shop. The smell of the crepe was luring us over. Unable to resist the temptation, we walked over and... ...

The crepe kept us full for few hours before going to The Grand Stand. After chatting up with 2 car dealers, we gave up and went over to our future Seng Kang flat. Xiong drove through the whole KPE and we finally reached Seng Kang.

For a short update: Our flat is still building in progress that we had yet to see the first unit above void deck. 

Compassvale Cape

After that, it was almost 7pm and we went back... ...

Signing off here~~

Singapore Garden Festival is here!! It is held at Garden by the Bay between 16 Aug to 24 Aug 2014. There are a few highlights to this event: Landscape and Fantasy Garden, Floral Windows to the World, Balcony Gardens,Orchid Extravaganza, Garden Fiesta and Vibrant Market Place. If you want to know about the events, you can go to their website for more information.

The festival stretches from Flower Dome and all the way to the Supertree Grove and the Meadow.

Besides admiring various exotic flowers species, i was also there to take photos and more photos.

You can purchase the tickets at the ticketing booth near the Flower Dome.

There were super lots of people during that day as many of them went in groups with their committee. We were there at about 1pm and the carpark was almost full. 

Took photo with the pillar which was displayed with orchids. Pretty indeed. 

Many of the visitors brought along their professional DSLR and tripod. Of course there were some of us who relied heavily on our phone camera. Whichever it was, all of us were trying to capture a shot of those pretty flowers. In order to take the best shot, most of us were queuing up to take turn for the shoot. Can you just imagine how crowded it was on last Sunday?!

My mum was in mood to take photo haha

Ah ah!! Don't touch it bii! 

The oldies were taking their time strolling around Flower Dome. Beside enjoying the aircon, they were also enjoying the fresh air from the plants. If they could, i know they will want to stay in the Dome for the whole afternoon.

My dad didn't like to take photo. That was why he looked damned fierce.

Before we went to Garden By the Bay, i went to remove my lash extension. I did not have anything on my eye after that. That explained my tired eyes.

We left the Dome for the outdoor as we were afraid that we did not have enough time for the other events. Out at the Supertree Grove, there were vendors selling their products such as plant pesticide, seeds, mini potted plants etc. One of the vendor was selling pitcher plant too! 

While walking, i saw this big leaf which is huge enough to cover my upper body.Reminds me of those naked man who used leaf to cover themselves in movies. 

We walked towards The Meadow as there were more to see. It is an indoor tent. When you enter, it is quite dark and the floor was uneven. If you have kids, its better not to let them run about as freely. 

In each tent, there were different activities running simultaneously. One of them was displaying designer art work using flowers and artifacts. 


In another area, it was displaying home living decor.

Every design is unique.

There is another tent where residents from various GRC display their plants they grew in their community. 

At the outdoor... ...

As the garden festival was huge, we took the whole afternoon to explore before going for our dinner. We might have missed some of the areas as there were too many people. Going on the week day would be better but I did not have the time to do so. 

If you have time to spare over this weekend , you can visit SGF. The price for visit is as follows:

Signing off here~~ 
It was a day of agony for Xiong on 14 August 2014.

A day of life and death.

The most important hour to decide his fate ..... for education.

Alright! Alright! I know I'm exaggerating but those who are holding a full time job and taking part time studies, KUDOs to you cos' you know how life really sucks. The bitter days when your colleagues go for a drink after work and yet you have to travel to school to study. Life sucks further especially you live in the extreme East and your school is at the extreme West. And during lessons, the words on the projector and books appeared distorted and none seemed to make any sense to you. When your exams are coming, you take a few days off to study harder than you never before and those topics do not seem like you had seen them before in class. The next thing that goes into your mind was : FML.

If all these seems very familiar to you, then congratulations! You must have already been through the life of a uni student in Singapore. So far, these are symptoms of a uni student I saw in Xiong, my sis and other friends.

After seeing your results, i was really happy for you! Such godly results isn't something i expect though. Thanks to 观音,妈祖保佑 and of course your burning of midnight oil, i felt that you deserve it.

Once again Bii, Congratulations to you!! You are officially a graduate !!

Graduated finally!!

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It was a day of agony for Xiong on 14 August 2014. A day of life and death. The most important hour to decide his fate ..... for educati...
A short post for today.

Recently, i won 2 eyeliners from Tosowoong from a Facebook event. Never been this lucky before!!

Tosowoong is a brand from Korea. The first time i saw this brand was from Qoo10. During that time, they were having promotion for their eyeliner set. Their cute metallic box caught my eyes and i was seriously in love with the colours. Being a beauty junkie myself, i couldn't resist but to purchase discreetly in office. Now the box lies with the rest of eyeliners. I came to the point that i had almost collected most of the basic eyeliners colours like white, brown, blue, burgundy, purple, grey, gold etc....Basically, I am obsessed with eyeliners.

Previously, i had did a short review on the Tosowoong eyeliners. They are good to start with especially you have not used any eyeliner before. 

Auto Jewelry Eyeliner

Chocolate and beige

I like this type of design because I tend to bring my eyeliner out while shopping. It can be conveniently kept in my pouch. Best of all, it is a functional.

The eyeliner is retractable. Twist the bottom to get more of your eyeliner. If you feel that the tip has became blunt, pull out the sharpener from the bottom and sharpen it.   

See how easy the job is done! 

As it is a creamy texture, the colours glide on my skin very easily. It has elements of glitter in it so therefore you can also use as eyeshadow actually. To use as eyeshadow, remember to smudge the line before it dries up.

Left : beidge, right: chocolate. Look how it sparkles under the light. 

After it dries up, the eye liner practically stays. I did a few rubs but it remained like it was left untouched. To make sure the colour stays even longer (my lids get oily after a while), i will always apply primer. 

For this eyeliner, it can be easily removed using oil base makeup. 

Its quite difficult to see as the image quality is not good :(

I had applied the remover on half of the eyeliner above. Removing the eyeliner with oil based is easy and hassle free!  

Beside the eyeliner, they do have other products on their facebook. I bought RX pore tightening serum for my boyfriend. He is currently in his second tube. It basically helps to whiten, tighten and anti-age. If you want to know more of the brand and product offerings, do check out their facebook here

Signing off~~
Oh Yeah! A new place to visit and take professional selfie shot in Singapore!!

Thanks to Mapwerkz, I was invited to attend an event at Cloud Productions SG last week!

If you love taking selfies with your partner, friends, family or needed a place to shoot your products, you should really go to :

Located in Bugis Cube (just opposite Hotel Intercontinental Singapore) Cloud Productions is proud to be the first to launch POP-UP studio. If you hadn't know what a Pop-up Studio is, it is a studio where you can
  • Be creative in your photos. 
  • Choose your favourite background!
  • Take high quality selfie photos with the their professional camera equipment 
  • Take unlimited photos
  • Rent their props!
The studio is small yet adequate. Besides the DSLR, they have polaroid cameras and photo printers! If you love square prints, you can top up $10 to print 12 pieces of (7cm x 7cm) for your safekeeping.

Photo credits to Cloud Production SG.

As it was their first opening last Saturday, besides us, there were other patrons who came to show their support! It was really lively! Props like straw hats, soft toys, chairs, frames, spectacles were provided during the selfie session. But if you want to bring your own props, by all means! They allow you to bring your own props. Its all about customization and creativity!

They have masquerade mask too!

Before we actually took the photos, the other bloggers and I were playing with the props. I took a number of selfies with them and was enjoying myself.

Besides providing selfie session, Cloud Productions does provide:

Product Shoot

Customers can book 60 minutes session to shoot their products. The studio, lights, product tent and reflector were provided in the rental! All you have to do is to bring your desire products! 

I did an experiment using the book and the photo turned out to be great! The background is clean and the lighting is good. However, the owner mentioned that only general products and packet foods are recommended.

And after the orientation, we began the selfie group session!

All the bloggers!

Look how we enjoyed taking photos :X

Please ignore my ugly socks.

All the photo turned out to be brilliant and we are able to take all the soft copy!!

Why I think Cloud Productions is a great place for photo-taking?

If you love taking photos, Cloud Productions is a place you must go! You can take unlimited photos at an reasonable price. Also, you need not bring your own camera as there are professional cameras, light kit, props and even polaroid cameras. Best of all, you can even print some of your photos at the shop itself!

It would be fun to bring your family and friends along if you wish to take photos as memoirs. Currently, they are having an promotion of $30 ( instead of U.P $60) for 30 minutes selfie session. In this 30 minutes, you can take all sorts of photos you want (except nude ya) and keep them for life. Isn't it worth to go? Instead of taking photos at professional studio which cost you a bomb, Cloud Productions serves an affordable alternative for people of all ages to visit.

Check out their promotion and prices below:


Also, present your voucher to them to get even further discount!

To find out more about Cloud Productions. click on the following link:

470 North Bridge Road,
Bugis Cube #03-19,
Singapore 188735
Tel: 8387 9410

Operating Hours
Tuesday - Thursday: 12.30pm - 9.30pm
Friday - Sunday : 10.30am - 9.30pm
Closed on Monday

Visit their facebook page here!

To do booking or inquires, you can contact them at : hello@cloudproductions.sg

Thanks for reading my blog~~ ^^