1 day escape to JB [ Toyako Salon + Food]

1 Day escape to Malaysia from the expensive Singapore

The four of us.

Last Sunday, Xiong and I tagged along with his brother and sister-in-law to Johor Bahru for our personal grooming (not to mention foodies of course >.<) !

We were jammed at the causeway for about an hour and finally reached JB at about 1.45pm. As the salon is located at Holiday Inn Plaza, his brother, Chris parked at KSL for it was a 5 minute walk from there. The carpark in KSL offer car grooming services and i saw lots of Singaporean cars in their area.

But before that, we stopped by Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh which is just opposite KSL. The soup was good as it wasn't too peppery. What i like most is that Malaysia Bak Kut Teh has lots of other ingredients such as pork ball, different types of mushroom and has a kind of herbal taste. Since all of us were hungry, we just tucked in when the food came. Please pardon me if i have no photo for it :(

It was a quick lunch and we walked to Holiday Inn after that. There were some renovations going on so the roads were uneven. Just be cautious when you walk along the roads.

Holiday Inn Plaza is a old building with about 3 storey and but air-conditioned . We were there at about 2.40pm but most of the shops were not open. There were massages palour, salons and manicures shops around. We booked an appointment with Toyako Salon at 3pm. Anyway, we went in earlier since we were already there.

Toyako Salon

I was recommended by Vivian, who went there to have her hair done years ago. I decided to try out. 

The salon is quite dark as most of their furniture are black. There are many smiley stickers around the salon. You can find them almost everywhere. Perhaps the employees were reminded to keep their smiles at all times. The staffs were nice and chatty. 

Xiong was given a cut and scalp treatment and he was done pretty fast. For me, i wanted a colour+block, cut, treatment. My stylist was Vee Koi (Cool name!) and he 研究my hair for a little while before recommending ash green. Ash green wasn't the type of colour i was going for as i wanted ash blue. But i trusted him because he is a hair stylist (no wrong mah). And the work began...

My original hair has 2 tones and it would not appear good if the roots of my hair is darker than the rest of it. 

The stylist washed my hair and dyed the roots to ensure even colour when he dyed my hair later.

I know i looked damned funny like this. You can see the roots of my hair turned brownish.

The colour of the dye definitely freak me out. It was a total green and i was so afraid that i would look like Shrek after i was done. But... ...the effect came out really good.

My ash green hair. Thanks to previous bleaches, the dye on those area turned out to be green.

My hair stylist is Vee Koi. He is really patient and he explains the steps of treatment and purpose. My total bill came up to est SGD150. If you are going to JB to do your hair, you can try Toyako Salon.

And after a whole afternoon spent in the salon, its time for dinner. We had dinner at some Korean BBQ restaurant.

Posing with the menu O.O

The wide spread of food on the table. The foods were pretty good and all tasted just right.

We ordered 4 plates of pork and best of all, there was a staff to cook or us ! (Great for people who doesn't know of the meat was fully cook). Though the place looks really like those ITAS but the price were reasonable. It sums up to SGD69 for 4. Can you imagine the price we are paying in Singapore?!

  End the meal with watermelon that was being cut into a shape of an arrow . 

Me and Linda

Kris, Me and Linda!

Signing off here~~ 


  1. Hi Elvina, saw your post of 1 day escape to JB [ Toyako Salon + Food].
    Is the salon walking distance from Malaysia customs?
    Did you had bleach before the colouring in the salon?
    What are the hair service you have done for the price SGD 150?


  2. Hi Esther,

    It is a walking distance from KSL but not from custom. You will need to take cab over. I had previously bleach my hair before so my hair was able to 'eat' the colour very well. I did hair cut,hair dye and treatment, total about sgd 150, which i feel is cheaper than local.

    Hope it helps :)

  3. Hi,

    Can you please share your after wash colour?

  4. Hi there, the colour can last longer compare to the purple hair i dye in Singapore. The colour didn't fade too much after wash