Gelish Manicure @ Bugis

It was my boring Saturday as my mum and dad went out early morning to ICA building to collect dad's passport and my love was working in the afternoon. I had the whole afternoon for myself so i dedicated part of my early morning to mop the floor and wash the corridor.

After housekeeping, i decided to meet my mum in bugis. Was looking for a manicure shop to do my nail but the prices were either $25 or $30.

Chance upon this shop at Bugis Village level 3.

This manicure is fully operated by Chinese National. But even so, they have very nice personality and service. I feel comfortable throughout the whole session. 

But most importantly, this is the price im looking for. $16 for gelish express with filing my nails in shape. Within 45-60 minutes, my nails were done and i paid $16 net for their service. 

Price list

Chose a bright red!

Hi to my red nails!

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