"To start a relationship is not easy, to maintain a relationship is even harder"
Dear, there might be times when we have different opinion, might have time when we quarrel, might have time when things don't turn out right. We have went thru many things tgt. Many promises are made and some are broken but we do not blame each other or hate each other for the broken promises and that's because we are maintaining our relationship well..
Although people told me that we are still at honeymoon period but I believe that we will still be the same as long as we both work hard to maintain this 得来不易的爱情. Things like sending u to and from work, cook for you, fulfill your wishes, I will still do it. And I believe you will still bake for me, massage for me right right? :)
Sorry dear for just now.. Hao bah.. Time to sleep le and i think you are in your sweet dreams le.. Good nights and sleep tight! Jia you for your work Tml! Muackz!


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