About 'My Life'

Hello, this is my blog and currently I am writing for all the contents for this blog. I love fashion, beauty, foods, and i can blog almost anything under the sun. I love travelling too and i do blog my travels! I am also currently a full time worker who needs a job to support my spending haha! But of course, i do go for budget clothes and accessories which i deem affordable.  

My supposedly co-writer

I'm currently happy married to someone (and you know who)who i really love. He is one who will accompany me to wherever i go and therefore, he appears most on this blog. I would also blog about my family and friends. This acts as my virtual diary and i will usually blog about what, where, how, when and which i experienced. This blog is mainly for keepsake purposes and therefore i named it as "My Little Thoughts and Memories". Though it is a very long URL (yes i know) but this is what my blog will deliver.

I am also into manicure right now, doing as freelance manicurist as my time allows. Though I am still new, do show me support for I am willing to learn.

Live your life to the fullest!

If you have any questions: feel me to drop me an email to : anivle.c.n@gmail.com

Thanks ^^


  1. Why is the Jump Shot my photo! it should be yours!

    1. Too many of my photos, so i put yours