2 weeks since i had blogged!! I was kinda busy and tired for the last 2 weeks. I had attended some Yoga lessons on Sunday morning, planning for Flea to clear my old clothes, and of course, not forgetting to Cafe hop!

Over the weekend, Xiong and I went to Bloomsbury to try their cakes. We only get to know them through Cafe Fest. As i was given $20 to use in their cafe, i thought it was a good idea to use them before it expires on 30th November.

But anyway, I shall introduce another cafe near Symmetry Cafe first.

Their entrance is brightly lit with fluorescent lights and cute decor on their glass door.

Located along Victoria Road, you can go there by foot from the nearest MRT station. If you were having your lunch at Symmetry, you can just walk 2 lanes ahead and you will reach 4 Jalan Pisang to fill your sweet tooth. 

Xiong and I just walked in to sit as it was not crowded. There were no staffs ushering us but i felt comfortable this way. As it was raining heavily, we felt that it was a great place to chill out in Cake Love while waiting for the rain to subside. 

Unlike other cafes who had more decors which looked overly dressed, Love Cake gives me a more spick-and-span, back to basics kind of feeling.   

They served cupcakes, slices of cakes , macarons etc. Also, they do customise birthday and wedding cakes! Over the 1 hour when Xiong and i were there, they were many customers coming in to buy and collect their stuffs. 

But most importantly, in my most visit of the cafes, i would take a photo of their menu! First and foremost, I'm sure that all patrons would like to know how much they would need to pay for the food. Secondly, i feel that as a customer, it is very importantly to know what food they are offering. 

Hope its clear enough ^^

We ordered deconstructed Tiramisu and Italian Soda. I love the concept of deconstructed Tiramisu! They had cleverly placed the 'breakdown' Tiramisu into individual setting. This is how it looks like:

The coffee in the cup

The sponge cake was really good. It was soft and moist. Ladyfinger was good and crispy (of course). But Xiong just poured the coffee over the deconstructed Tiramisu. 

Was playing with the pillow after finishing the food.

Enjoying the non peak period 

And oh! They do have Rainbow Cake too! Rainbow Cheesecake only appears every Friday,  Saturday and Sunday with the first cake at 12pm and 2nd cake at 4pm. I will go back some day for their rainbow cheesecake! 

Love the heart!

Do visit

4 Jalan Pisang
Singapore 129071
Tel: 8222 5558

Operating Hours
Tue - Sat: 11am- 7pm
Sun: 11am - 4pm
Public Holiday : Closed

Signing off here~~

Sometimes i just hope that nothing changes at all and my life stops when i was a kid.

It pains to grow up..

My Wish...

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Sometimes i just hope that nothing changes at all and my life stops when i was a kid. It pains to grow up..
If you had read my previous post, i did mention that i would post a review on

Corpse puppets welcoming you~

Symmetry Cafe wasn't that difficult to find. It is located opposite Muslim Cemetery and you could take buses like 2, 12 , 33, 133 etc to reach there or otherwise, you can alight at Bugis MRT station and walked along Victoria Street. 
The cafe was kind of dark but not to the extend that you can't see anything at all. As me and love were there in a weekday afternoon, there wasn't lots of people around. Let's take a look at the cafe......

It is a rectangular cafe with the bar in the middle. They can allocate few big groups as they have a long tables near the entrance.

See the variety of 'drinks' on their shelf.

And we are enjoying the atmosphere

The menu was very simple and clear-cut. It was easy to understand what they were offering for lunch on Tuesday. We were able to make a quick decision as to what we wanted.

Portobello and Pork Jowl Croissant 

Fungi and Egg  

 Their food was really good. For my fungi and egg, truffle was added to the scrambled egg. I am not a fan of truffle (I could get slight headache if i had the smell of truffle is overpowering), but the egg is really well cook. The salmon looks different but is good too. And!! the pink cream on the bread was very delicious too! The serving was more than enough for me but i still manage to finish them all! I have to admit that their brunch was much better than some other places i had.

As for the portobello, the pork (wrapped inside the croissant), was flavorful. Fries was also good that it seems that they were freshly cooked. Overall, it is a good meal! 

9 Jalan Kubor
Singapore 199206
Tel: 6291 9901
Fax: 6291 9902

Operating Hours
Mon: 10.30am - 09.00pm
Tue - Thur: 10.30am - 11,00pm
Fri: 10.30am - 12am
Sat: 09.00am - 12am
Sun: 09.00am - .7.00pm

Taking photo with the puppets before leaving the cafe

Lunch at Symmetry Cafe

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If you had read my previous post, i did mention that i would post a review on Symmetry Cafe Corpse puppets welcoming you~ Symme...
Weekday could be fun too!

It was really one of the few days which i took leave to go out with my love. Sometimes he had his days off during the weekend but it wasn't enough. During weekend we had to squeeze with the crowd practically everywhere: train, restaurant, movies , shopping malls etc which i really dislike. 

Last Tuesday,  I met Xiong at Suntec, hoping to redeem a pair of free movie tickets. I was really early  but Xiong was late.. But never mind, we managed to get the tickets with good seats. We chose to watch 'The Angriest Man in Brooklyn' as i love watching Robin Williams' film. His 'Jumanji' left a deep impression in me during my younger days. There were lots of "What the hell?!", "What the f*ck?!", "F*ck off" phrases in the movie and not one which was kid-friendly. But overall it was a good movie which i felt close to my heart as they emphasize a lot on family matters. It was really touching that i almost cried!!

After the redemption of the tickets, we went to Symmetry at Jalan Kubor to have our brunch. I was expecting to have some breakfast brunch but they do not have any on a rainy Tuesday. The cafe was located just at a corner of Jalan Kubor. 

The cafe was dimly lit but it was still visible. The cafe was kinda like decorated in the 80s' style. You can spot some vintage posters around. I shall blog Symmetry Cafe in another post later.

After we had filled our stomachs, we wanted to have some desserts at Cake Love. If you had knew about the Cafe Fest Saga, you must be familiar that most patrons who were not satisfied with the management had somehow received compensation from them. I was one of those who made the complain. Though I wasn't satisfied with them (till now due to other issues) but at least there were some form of compensations. It was still bearable.

But before we head over to Cake Love, we were taking some photos at the back alley.

Can you just imagine how dark the weather was? It was about to rain anytime!

Yet we were still fooling around... ...

No idea why that i wasn't standing straight in this photo

Luckily, the rain came before we got real wet! We were looking for Cake Love high and low until Xiong told me that it was just behind us... ...

Their signboard was really cute!

Cake Love was founded in 2009 which specialize in customizing cakes, macarons, cupcakes and many other sweets treats ! I shall blog a bit more on my next post too! By the way, the serve Rainbow Cheesecake on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Their first cake will be out at 12pm and the second cake will be out at 4pm. For cheesecake lovers, please keep a look out for their Rainbow cakes!

And non-stop photos while waiting for the rain to subside... ...

After which we had a short shopping spree at Suntec before we went KTV at Teo heng. 3 hours of KTV session was cheaper than 2 hours! Went for the 3 hours KTV instead and left 10 minutes before our movie start...

And our day ended in a wink of eye... ...


Happy Tuesday!

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Weekday could be fun too! It was really one of the few days which i took leave to go out with my love. Sometimes he had his days off du...
There was never once i complained on my weekends. I love to spend my quality time with love, especially he did not have to work on weekends.

Last Saturday, we had a date just like any couples do; going to Plaza Sing for a movie, walk around and have dinner at some nice places, watched Kungfu Jungle acted by Donnie Yen. And yeh, you know those sort of action pack movie where police chased the murderer and he was beaten to death even before he could be jailed? The movie was good but you would say great if you love kungfu fights.

Before the movie started, dear and i were queuing for llao llao. We queued for approximately 20 minutes before it was our turn and it took us 7 minutes to finish a medium size yogurt. We gulped the yogurt down our throat as we were like 5 minutes late to the movie. Luckily, the advertisement for GV was always long that we did not miss any scene.   

A good 100 minutes ended, we rushed to Clark Quey, afraid that we were late for our reservation. Wasted few minutes taking photo with the Christmas Tree just outside The Central before we made our way to Shuffle Bistro Bar.

Am i looking too fat in this photo?

No idea why but we follow suit when other people took photo with the tree.

Finally we reached Shuffle Bistro Bar. This is one of my favorite place as the live band speak and sang Mandarin songs. If you hadn't know, few of the Superstars were from there! We were guided to our seats after that... ...

Ordered my alcoholic drink. Its been a while since i had alcohol.

At 8pm, the band began to sing some of the pop songs and all of us eat, drink and listen. I like chilling my weekend this way but i would ended up bankrupt if i do this every week. 

It was raining 'extraordinary' heavy that night. 

Up next, our wings were here~~

We were hungry that we did not took a photo of the seafood pizza. However, it was delicious too. 

That night, we ended our day after filling our stomach at Shuffle Bistro Bar.

Took lots of selfie but only selected a few nice ones


Weekend ~~

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There was never once i complained on my weekends. I love to spend my quality time with love, especially he did not have to work on weekends....
I had actually forgotten to wish my best friend "Happy Birthday"! My god, I was really getting old.

As usual, my babes and i would never fail to meet up on each other's birthday. This time, we visited Two Bakers.

Two Bakers seems to be a new cafe which was opened only recently. Located conveniently just opposite Jalan Besar Stadium, it was not difficult to find the cafe as it was a short 5 minutes walk from Lavender MRT. Along Horne Road, you can easily spot a few other cafes located closely to one another. You can hop from one place to another just by foot. 

At one glance, Two Bakers is a pretty small and neat cafe yet filled with cosy atmosphere. A place which i felt quieter than other cafes and is a good hangout with friends. There was no queues at 12pm despite not making an reservations. Perhaps we were later than usual.

Isnn't it a good place for hangout and chat over coffee?

I personally love going to 'not' so crowded cafes as they are much quieter and serene. What's more important is that i felt that i am comfortable with the spaces between me and the other patrons (unlike places like Tim Ho Wan where i could feel the body heat from the guy sitting next to me). I could enjoy my coffee and dining experiences so much that i felt it was home to me (of course i would leave if i saw long queues outside their shop ). 

I had taken a photo of the menu (like i always did to most of the cafes i visited). To some of us, price is a issue whenever we visit cafes? 

Prices are reasonable and you will leave this place with a full stomach. And those of you who are a little conscious on GST and Service Charge, Two Bakers doesn't charge you for any of it. There are GST and Service Charge free! 

I had a Two Bakers Petite Breakfast
a cup of

My babes had...

French Toast with Sweet Caramelised Banana which was really good to start your day. 

Egg with smoked Salmon 

Does all these look delicious to you?

I could have order a few deserts but such hearty breakfast left me with no spaces in my stomach. It is a pity that i couldn't get to eat those beautiful desserts again in whatever cafe i was at. And if you have no idea how beautiful their desserts are, let me show you :

" Inspired by time-honoured recipes..... Two Bakers have created numerous best-sellers including moist carrot cake, dainty Eclairs with dark chocolate and salted caramel fillings ... ..." 

Carrot cake

All the desserts look alluring but i just couldn't bring myself to buy either one of the slices. My stomach wasn't too happy with me if i was to get her something. 

But nevertheless,  this is one cafe where i know i will be going back for more, thanks to the accessibility of transport and the availability of the seats (as for now). 

88 Horne Road
Singapore 209083
5 minutes walk from Lavender MRT ( Exit from V Hotel)
Tel: 62930329

Mon: 11:00 am- 9:00m
Wed- Thur: 11:00 - 9:00pm
Fri-Sat: 11:00 am - 11:00pm
Sun: 11:00 - 9:00pm

My cafe kakis 

Brunch at Two Bakers

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I had actually forgotten to wish my best friend "Happy Birthday"! My god, I was really getting old. As usual, my babes and i wou...