Another week since i blogged.
Day by day it passed. So far i had been working for 8 months. Had really been a while since i joined company.

 Dear had i had been together for also a year. Too fast to realise that it had been a year too. His car is finally repaired since that accident. Well, both of us are pretty still in a piece, just that this time the impact was really great that i thought i would have flown out if without seat belt. Over that weekend,dear had got us a mini get away at siloso beach in sentosa. He had planned lots of activities for us and iFly is really indeed very fun!!

In the morning, both of us hoped on a cab and headed to sentosa. our session started at 10.30am and we were praying that we wouldn't be late for the class. The instructor who taught us how to fly was really handsome haha. Throughout the whole session, we took some photos and getting into the tunnel twice. I can really fly pretty well haha. Let's go skydiving dear hahaha! :x Well, our photos did not turn out very well (cos we were flying) but managed to take a cool pic after that.

We looked cui cos we went home late the night before.
We got a cert for flying whee~~

As we got hungry after flying, we decided to eat at Toast box for lunch.

The toast box in sentosa was really a money sucker. I had 5 bucks ($6.20) for mee rubus. We had no choice because the foods there were really expensive. Oh well~

At 3pm, we were able to check into the room. We stayed there once and dear felt that it was a pretty nice place to stay in, so this was the second time we've been there.

I had become fatter

 Expensive foods!
Candy crushing!

At night, dear had reserved a table at skyloft. A very romantic places as i couldn't really see anything except for lights. Hmmm, the firework wasn't very impressive as dear had thought it to be.A disappointment for dear i guess. The food there were... just so-so and it was very expensive too. 

We spent our night in vivo city watching journey to the west. As expected of chou xing chi, his movies are pretty lame. But i quite like this movie because it wasn't very 肤浅 haha! After movie we ran all the way back to sentosa station to get on the last train. Luckily we made it hahaha!

Shit! Caught shopping in the act
On the second day, dear had planned a number of activities for me too! We went to visit the aquarium in experiential museum! There's lots of funny fishes swimming around us and there's so much more to see. Some fishes  were like so lazy to swim to us as we couldn't find much sharks when we just entered. The whole walk-about took us 1.5 hours as we had rested inside for a while too. 

Im blue da ber de da ber da~~

There's lots of jellyfishes and star fish! I get to touch starfish once for my whole entire life! So hard. I always thought starfish would be like jelly but hell no! They are just like cement with rough surface.:x It was really fun and relaxing lingering around the aquarium haha. But we had next activities waiting for us

And dear brought me to the ... incanto!! It was musical magic but it was quite interesting to see magic with our own eyes. Luckily, no one was hurt during the show haha. Dear had definitely spent a lot for that 2 days.. I hoped you did enjoyed as well as i do. Muakz!

Our simple dinner before going to his aunty house for visiting..
Saying about the visiting, it was my first time visiting my dear's relative after a year. I was kinda shy as his cousin were already grown up. His cousins are very nice people and xiong definitely is close to them. It was really nice to know who he grew up with. My dear is definitely someone with thick skin when he's just with his family. And i know where his gambling habits come from. No wonder dear is macam A 赌神。Lol!

Let me blog a little today.

Happy Valentines' Day everyone!
I believed everyone has a nice and good valentines' day as well as lunar new year.

Chinese new year had always been usual. With my cousin coming to my house every year to have steamboat and lo hei together. But with every year, my cousins are getting older and older and one of them is getting married. Time never waits for man. This phrase really describe well. New year could have been more fun... ...

On chu er, my family and i went to ah po house. Dear met me in the afternoon as he had work on chu yi during midnight. He did not get much rest but still he accompanied me all the way to ah po house just to say happy new year to ah po. This is the first time dear had tried ah po's cooking. It was definitely nostalgic as i could not remember when was the last time i had her cooking's.

Also, we will not fail to take photo together as memories when we were in our pretty outfit.

On the third day of New Year, Darren, together with my family, went to the temple at guan yin shan to pray. Also, a tradition which the Chias had maintained since years ago. But this time, it was different. Darren came to fetch us all to pray and followed us as well. The Shi Gong always looks so youth though he is 71 this year!

Then on a Thursday, dear had planned some activities for our Valentines' Day. It was also our 1st year anniversary. A year,,, so fast... On Thursday, i met him at Tai Seng mrt after my work and we took mrt all the way to BayFront station. Dear was holding a bouquet and standing near the lift, waiting for me. He was in his white top and maroon pants (Blue checkered shirt bought by dear and brown pants). With his super gel hair and frame less glasses, he was waiting for me patiently haha. My handsome boy :P

Dear had booked a table at Todai to memo rate our love, treating me to the one of the best buffet in Singapore.

To my horror, not only the service wasn't good, the foods were not to my expectations as well. The buffet at Carousal taste so much delicious. Anyway, we ate to the brim before leaving the buffet. Dear send me home and slept in my house afterwards... ...

Friday is a happy for me as we are moving towards the weekend! Dear stayed overnight in my house because we had to bai taisui. This is his first time praying so he had no idea how to go about it. He followed us quietly, praying to the gods in the temple. Good job dear, next time when i go pray for important things, i will ask u come along too ^^ Pray that dear will have a smooth year ahead.....

My family

I love you !

My turn to blog on Day 6 of Taiwan

Today, we took our time slow to go to various places to relax and sightseeing. 
In the morning, we took quite a long journey to reach Dan Shui to get some local food. Dear brought us to Dan Shui as it was one of the oldest place in Taiwan. The weather was pretty good in the morning and it wasn;t any colder like the days before.

The place is very pretty. So dear and I began walking around. We passed by some shop houses and dear was hunting for his ah po tie dan and fish cracker. We had also walked into some biscuit shops. Well, we are sensitive when a shop gets too crowdy haha. It was really kinda a lazy day for us. As we walked along, we saw a ship which Tan Fei mention: A museum which collects weird things over the world. As Fei had recommended this place, dear and I decided to go in to take a look. We pay some entrance fee and began taking photo...

Sign board

Yup, this is the one!

We took about 1.5 hours to finish walking this small little museum, then continue to walk further to go to a place to have Jay Chou set meal. According to Dear, he said that Jay Chou used to patronise this shop when he was in his uni. He would ordered the same food whenever he ended class. So that's how Jay Chou set meal came about. Its all about marketing strategy right? 

This is the one!

Angle from our table

This is really nice!

I was lunch and we were having this. It wasn't very fulling but we will be looking for food on the way to the ferry terminal. Dear brought me to another place: The lover's bridge. I have no idea how this name come about but i guessed it was also some marketing strategy. 

But of course before that, we bought a ice cream which was this long... ...

The famous ice cream!

Our ticket to the attraction

A photo together at the ma tou hehe

We took a ferry to the place. The trip was only 20 minutes. There's lots of couples at the bridge and it was petty hard to take a nice photo.

After taking some nice photos, we took ferry back and went to new taipei city to soak for some wen quan.

The wen quan was green and smelly. I did not like the smell but it was worth trying out. Dear had slept during the wen quan session. Good for him. 

As evening approach, We headed down to Shi lin night market. It was a shopping paradise and i seriously is in love with this night market ...

I love taiwan!

Day 6 of Taiwan !

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My turn to blog on Day 6 of Taiwan Today, we took our time slow to go to various places to relax and sightseeing.  In the morning, we t...