Chinese New Year is ending. I haven calculate my ang pao money yet but i believe its enough for me to meet ends need. Im also starting my assignment soon as i needed to hand it in on the 27th Feb. Im free from work this week so i don't know if in the end i could go to bkk during may. But everything see how again. Cto the ball chu yi stayed home and helped out. Like like cinderalla, wearing home clothes to clean clean clean. Cinderella might have a better life than me because she could dress up prettily to the ball at night before reaching home at 12am. For me, there's no night activities. On chu er, dear come fetched me from his camp after his work and head to bishan 1st before going to ah po house. Thanks to my brother we ended up in bishan, with shops closed except mcdonalds'. Chu er and we were in Mcdonalds'. Nice one -.- At the rest of the day, we just nua at ah po house. With no space on the sofa, we sat on the evergreen flooring. Watching shows. We had simple home cooked dinner :) At night we went down to he pan at esplanade there to just squeeze with people during this festive period. And days after, the whole Singapore is so quiet and rainy that you hardly see people carrying oranges on day after chu san. And after this whole chinese new year thingy, people started selling valentines bears or roses on Singaporean are really..... can change very fast. I bet shopping malls are hanging: Buy one for your loved ones , Love is in the air. Well, i seen much of it already and maybe such norms will never change.

Dear where are you looking??

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