In a blink of eye, i had completed my degree.

I could still remember the day when ceyi and i had applied RMIT in 2009 where both of us chose our course together. We were enrolled in 2010 and during the 1st day of registration, we met Sharon. Ever since the first day, we were together almost everyday for lesson, lunch and projects. And now, all of us had graduated. Sharon had graduated with degree with distinction. Congratulations to her ^^

Last month, i had requested leave for my convocation today. In the morning, I woke at about 9am. I was pretty excited as I had waited for this moment since years ago. Mum made delicious breakfast for me and had a cup of chocolate. At 10am, i get myself prepared, wearing my skirt and long sleeve shirt. And by the time the clock struck 11am, i was all prepared to go :) Dear was in his white shirt and jeans. Trying to match his shirt colour with me :P 

As morning was raining, Ceyi reached school very early, avoiding slow traffic. As for us, we reached there at a the intended time. Sharon was very late though haha. We registered at grand hall and went to another room to get dressed. SIM had hired people to put on the robe for us. For the very first time, i saw myself looking very smart, wearing that harry potter gown and mortar. The mortar was heavy on my head. 

I walked out of the room, and started taking photos with my dad and mum , friends and of course my boyfriend. 

When the ceremony was starting, all of us, be it guests or graduands, were walking into the grand hall. The whole ceremony was of course serious. But many grads were just sitting there playing phone, busy whats apps and sms while me, i took out a nugget to eat. I was hungry :x The speech was long, monotonous. But i believe its meant to be in this way for all graduations. 

After the whole session ended, its time to go down for reception. Its the tea break time!! All of the guests were so hungry that those foods were snatched up within minutes. Mum and dear fed me with food because i was busy holding my flowers and graduation bear. Mum bought me a rilakkuma bear and dear bought me flowers. Dad wrote my graduation card too. I was very touched  and happy, for once in my life.. my dad was there to see me on my graduation day. 

My babes were also there for me today. I couldn't be there for them because i had started my work. I took some pretty photos with them too. I was very grateful that they made time for me today. Cause they are my babes!

Last but not least, my dear was here for me too. He drove us to school, helped me took pretty photos, carried my bag for me like my PA, took food for me, fed me too, adjust my gown and many more! I really appreciate his willingly to do these for me. Thanks dear :P Muackz 

At night, We had family dinner at jumbo seafood restaurant at indoor stadium. I was really very very happy today! I shall upload some photos another day.   

My Thoughts...

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In a blink of eye, i had completed my degree. I could still remember the day when ceyi and i had applied RMIT in 2009 where both of us c...
I haven been updating blog for a week. Just a short post here. Last week, i met my 4 flowers: shuming, meiching n ceyi, together with their boyfriends, bryan and kenny. Its has been ages since we had gathered together. And of course, shandy isn't part of is anymore? After all those horrid arguments in whats apps, i guess we will call that an end.

This thursday will be our convocation day. We had been struggling for 2.5 years, just waiting for this moment. I think i will be wearing my sis long sleeve shirt, not going to buy any haha.

Right now, xiong is buying mac breakfast for me. Oh! Here he comes !
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I haven been updating blog for a week. Just a short post here. Last week, i met my 4 flowers: shuming, meiching n ceyi, together with their ...
Hohoho! Its another week today. Last week was fun as national day falls on last thursday. I haven get a weekday off since start of work. But anyway, it was so very fun day with my dear of course. Photo taking session and a sunburn day. In the morning, dear drove us to marina barrage. We could have fly kite but we didn't cause they might disallow us to. So, we place our mat, sit down and drink bubble tea. Earlier, we had fish mahanttan for lunch.

We camped at marina barrage for whole hot sunny afternoon before changing place at garden by the bay.As i did not apply body moisturiser, i opened my uv umbrella. The wind was blowing. I hide under my umbrella, and enjoyed the cooling breeze. Dear was trying to act macho, saying that he dont need umbrella, but finally he gave in cause it was surely very hot out there :x 

After sitting for quite a while, we decided to take our our camera and tripod. It was so fun playing with the tripod!! When i was trying to upload the photos.. i realised we took a lot of funny shots  and some nice one. So funny. Some poses are just so.... wahahahaha!

Maybe i will post some ugly ones here.

In the evening time, dear and walked towards to the garden by the bay and took some morning shots. We walked fairly a bit and decided to settled at meadow. We played around there and setting up out mat once again. It was really funny, moving place to place with our bags, camera and mats haha.

As we thought that we would have a nice view, we waited patiently for the fireworks to appear. But, who knows the MBS is so majestic and it blocked 3/4 of my fireworks -.- Though it was almost all block, i never regret sitting there with dear. Because, it was really a fun day.

Im so scared of the sun~~
Nice scenery
Dear take umbrella until so gay :x

So red so prominent

This is a funny photo

What?! Had we jumped?

Always have a nice jump shot

act shuai
Im tired baby..
Dont disturb me.. take photo yourself..

Look! Aeroplane!!

Updating my post is a way to keep track of our activities. It has also been fun doing so. Uploading photos could be troublesome but it's really boring without them. So let's start off......


I met dear early in the morning to collect my graduation gown at serangoon broadway studio at 11.30am. He had just finished working the midnight shift and without any rest, he came to find me after work. I collected my graduation gown within 20 minutes before making our way to serangoon mrt station to collect our mask. The graduation gown is pretty nice as it has STREAKS OF PURPLE. I like purple ^^. Shall take a photo of it during my graduation day. I balloted for 1 more tickets and so luckily, i was successful in balloting the ticket. So, my mum, dad and dear will be going for my graduation day!! 

In the afternoon, we had hot tomato as our lunch before going to shiqi's house to visit her. She is in good health and she is recovering well. We visited her with bird nest haha. She deserves it :) At night, i had dinner with my family at jpot. It was delicious to me of course. Cause i like the food there. Straight after dinner, we had movies at Shaw, watching Total Recall. The movie was pretty confused but the storyline was still alright. the story kinda of like happened too fast and everything was done too quickly. In my opinion, the movie deserved a rating of 7 out of 10. 

Dear hadn't had any wink for 24 hours. I can see that he was tired but he is 嘴硬. He insisted that he wasn't tired.  Only fools believes him :x Dear ah, get more rest wor. I don't want you to have bad headaches because of lacking of sleep. Im feeling guilty.

At the Jpot. Yummy!

A photo together!

Mum and dad.

On Sunday, Dear had a good sleep till late morning :) He needed more rest so today, we met late. We had magee mee for lunch and i prepared an egg to go together with our magee. After filling our stomachs, dear fetched mum and dad to toyogo to buy some containers. And also, i went to buy some office supplies. Boss has been nagging me about the printer for days.  

During evening time, we went to Garden by the Bay to walk. We had prepared our camera, tripod to take beautiful shots our the scenery and ourselves. It was a great day taking photos. Though there isn't lot of nice photos, we still enjoyed ours elf to the max!

Dear, you have to get more sleep le. Your deprived sleep is giving you headaches now and then. It is not good for your health at all. Sacrifice your show for more sleep, you really need it more than anything else. You have to take care of yourself. Only then you can take care of me ;p Muackz

Awww... who bullies you le?


Solo picture

A photo together!

Grumpy dear :x

Smile smile :D

Jumping frog is photo friendly

Micheal Jackson?

My model

Its getting dark...

Opps! :x Zoom in into his underwear :x

I am fat!

The beautiful lights

At the bridge. 

Sitting pose.

Finally a peck on my cheeks :P

I like this photo though he was carrying my naraya bag



My happy boy :D

That's all for today blog. I love you dear :)

Thanks dear for blogging for me. He is working now. Midnight shift. Hope he is not very tired :x
Today is a good day. Boss released me at 5.30pm instead of 6pm. Though he offered to drive me to the bustop, i politely declined. I finally reached dear's house at 6.30pm. We had dinner at mcdonald.

Shiqi also having her operation today and luckily, all was fine and good. She is resting at home now.

Last weekend is really nice, but spoilt. Thanks to my menses. It came on this fateful day when dear wants to celebrate birthday for me. Who knows i have serious menses cramp and i really felt like vomiting in the toilet. I really felt like crying. After camping in the toilet for sometime, i finally walked out, weakly. Dear cheered me up with the pretty sunflower. I was really happy and touched.. but i was really in pain :( I had spoilt the day. Sorry dear. Muackz...

Last saturday, i met up with my babes. Babes gave me a surprise hand made birthday card. It is very pretty! (So as my dear's de ^^) We had a high class lunch at a Antoinette. The food was really nice but expensive. It is worth trying such places though, esp all of us met very little. Thanks babes! I really have a great day with u girls!

Last Tuesday, me and dear also met up with Ceyi. I had received the present from my 4 flowers. Laneige sleeping mask! I was almost going to buy that until i decided to save up my money. I was very happy of course! Its a great present. But i wonder when will i be meeting them up again.

Good news: Yong Sheng is getting married. No doubt we are seldom in contact. I really appreciate his invitation. How can i not go?! I will be going with Xiong, Ceyi, Shu Ming. Im looking forward to his wedding.

And also... a moment ago... me and dear had tried to apply flat at punggol cascadia 4 room flat. Though i had not spoken this to my parents. But slowly i will let them know if we had the flat. Anyway, it is expected to be completed in 2016. Pray we will get it the first time. :)

Not forgetting some photos:


Address:390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, B1-08/09/10C, Singapore 238871
Operating Hours:Daily – 11am to 10pm
(Last order - 9.30pm)
Reservations:Highly recommended, 1 week in advance.
Telephone Number:(65) 67356392

Crazy photos of dear. He was trying to cheer me up because im in pain

Muacks muackz

Pretty sunflowers. Dear know i love them most

Present from my 4 flowers

Birthday present

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Thanks dear for blogging for me. He is working now. Midnight shift. Hope he is not very tired :x Today is a good day. Boss released me at 5...