Hi March. Bye February!
My mum had finally completed her radiation session!! Whoo ~! Congratulations! As to reward her strong will power and determination, i of course brought her to somewhere nice and savoury to celebrate her victory over cancer! She told me she wanted Marche o.o Weird of her to want to go back because she isn't the type who really goes for swiss style. She is just tempted by those bakery during the last time i brought her there -.- She was complaining to me that the pizza did not displayed the same way as it was when we were there. I did not know because i wasn;t much bother about the pizza display -.- So we ordered quite a number of food, ate to our full capacity, i foot the bill, and we walked off. In the night met dad and sis at nex while morning i met my dear. The reason: I woke up because i thought there was school. But ceyi whats app me to tell me there's no lecture at all! O.O I was stunned. For the frst time, i am really stunned. Dear was already at my carpark with his tired look. I felt so guilty that i disturbed his sleep innocently! And what's worst, i pulled him out to play .. *Guilty* Dear is the always nice man. Despite my blurness, he did not scold me, but continue to let me suggest where i want to go. Good right? :D Haha, compliment you so much, later you become cocky :x Hehe.

Im a hardworking bee.
This whole month i m working at tangs. Tangs. *Yawn*
Dear should be studying right now.
Hmmm, when was the last time u mugged so much? Put the chicken essence in front of you k? Motivate yourself to stay awake if you dun want drink your chicken essence. Or will you rather i feed u ne dear? I think if i did... He will be filled of horrid memories of chicken essence. Jia you sweetie! *Mugged mugged*

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