It was a long wait. Love and 1 waited for 2 years so that we can have the wedding. It also means that it has been '3 years' since mum passed away. If only we could get married when we were 26, perhaps mum would be able to witness all of our happiness...

Early morning... 

As i am not a Teochew, i do not have to wake up so early. I woke up at 6.30am, bathed and had my make up on at 7.30am. My make up artist is Sammi (Whitelink) and after setting up her makeup stuffs, we began. At the sametme, my bridesmaids were there around 8.30am and all of them started preparing the gatecrash foodies. My MUA took less than 2 hours to do my hair and make up.
PG and VG were also there at around 8.30am to shoot and film for our morning highlights.

It was such a busy morning for everyone except me. I was enjoying the aircon in my room, waiting and waiting..
My cousin took a photo of me.

Soon after,  i received a text message that my prince charming has reached Ubi's carpark.

You have no idea how fast my heart beats when i saw this photo...

Our gatecrash games were pretty simple and easy. There is no qualms about what my bridesmaid are going to do to them. Life has never been simple and my cousin was telling me: So easy to marry you.
Well, love has been groomsmen for a number of times and he would have seen the worst. But i guess i love him too much that i didn't want him to suffer on our big day.

I was sitting patiently in the room while the guys are sweating and playing those games. It was so loud that i could hear the sounds outside. 

Taking selfie of myself. I love the make up!

Doing a quiz about me. He got so many errors and still tried to argue the answers after our wedding -.-

It was definitely entertaining as i heard lots of laughter outside. Not long after, i heard the sound of unlocking the gates. Love must have happy. There is no promises, no contract to sign before he entered.

So simple!

It was already closed to 10.45am when he entered and we still had to go through the tea ceremony before we left for Sengkang! 

My aunty prepared the 甜汤。 Thanks to her for making the efforts.

We started the tea ceremony right after the the desserts and one by one we greeted the relatives. It was a new experience seeing love greeted them the way i do. I felt really happy and grateful inside.

While we were busy, the groomsmen were taking photos outside. I wonder why Yang Ann doesn't wear black shoes.. Did love go easy on the shoe colour?

Kids were waiting for Uncle bear to come

We are indeed couples, even posting the same pose separately..

The weather was good after we had finished the tea ceremony in Ubi, we made our way to the carpark and time to go Seng Kang. Dad sheltered me to the car with the red umbrella ( well, they do in Hainanese Wedding and we just followed). 

Car ride to Seng Kang was relatively smooth on the Saturday morning. We reached there in about 15-20 minutes. On the road, there were many couples getting married on the same day as us.

They are ready!

We knew that we were already overrun around 30 minutes. After we entered the house, we went straight to the room to have the Tang Yuan, cooked by mother-in-law. After that we began the tea ceremony. My hubby's family is not big so we finished the tea ceremony very fast.  While going through the tea ceremony, brothers and sisters (Except Jas who helped us with the ang baos) were filling their tummies at the corridor. 

The photo taking comes along and after that my bridesmaids helped me to changed into Kua.

It looks like we are of the same height but in fact we are not. Me and my pretty bridesmaids!

Even though we are pretty much overrun to close 45 minutes, we still continued a short photoshoot in Temasek Poly. Love and i studied there from 2009-2012 (3 years, not 4!)  and it was Year 2 when we were in the same class. We were in the same FYP in Year 3 together with Wei Teck, Shi Qi and Angela and we thought that we made an odd team. But somehow , we got along well and till today, we were their bridesmaid and groomsmen for each other wedding. 10 years of friendship and still going strong.  

Credits to Wei Teck. He always has our nice photos. 

After the photoshoot in TP, we rushed (like a mad dog) to Ubi to return home with the pig. Thanks for Ah Qiang and Ah Hao helping Xiong to carry the pig to Ubi. It is really heavy. The meaning of Pig symbolise that the bride is still a 闺秀。 Dad has to cut the middle part of the pig and return the head and tail to Groom. With his brother help, we drove to Sentosa straight to check in while the brothers helped us to carry the rest of the pig to Seng Keng.

Its funny to take a photo with the pig. And mum was also in the picture! 

I will be posting about the Dinner in a while later but before i end, i will post some photos of the morning activities

Signing off~~
Our wedding is over. It happened so fast that it seems that we are not having enough fun.

Last week, we had our guo da li, 过大礼 on 12 Sept. It was 3 days just after Hungry Ghost Festival and all of a sudden, we were so busy settling the  march in songs, the Guo Da Li stuffs, the guest list and etc. On Tuesday, we collected our stuffs from Amanda Dreamweaver. They are located at People Park Food Centre level 2. Upon collection, we were advised what to do, how to do and etc. 

After collection, we went home straight because we had a lot of things to do.

Brought the things home to sort out. Didn't crop my love out from the picture and pardon for his sitting posture >.<

Contains 12 large oranges, 1 set of 四点金, 龙凤烛, 聘金,猪脚罐, hainanese Jin Dui, 2 bottles of red wine, wedding cakes and etc. The shop lent us the basket and a deposit at $300.

At the end of the days, he sent me home together with my dowry gifts. Girls' dowry set are more or less standard. You can get the package from the shop and based on your dialect, they will advise you what you need accordingly. 

The Next Day..

Our auspicious time was 9am. Love was late as he was caught in the heavy traffic.Together with his aunt and brother, he reached around 9.45am , carrying all the barang barang to my house.

In case you didn't know what is a Jin Dui, it looks like this. 2 round sesame ball (empty inside) which the guy will bring to our house. Be careful not to break it as it would be inauspicious. 

Here comes the barang barang!

These are from the lady side. I have 2 pillows, bed sheet, 2 sets of pyjamas,  2 oranges and the rest are all in the package and etc.

It was quite an awkward morning as it was the first time my family met his aunty.  After Xiong has brought the stuffs, he opened the basket and we started to do the exchange. Dad has took his 6 large oranges and return 12 small oranges (Dad didn't prepare any oranges at all and only bought them the day before at 10pm at giant). 

Jin Dui to use as prayer.

Caught in action. My third uncle came to help my dad

Then my dad took the 龙candle and return the 凤ones.  Then exchange the wine or the oranges

Caught in action again.

Last minute stick the orange pet bottle.

Put some sweets together with the orange. 甜甜蜜蜜

Last but not least, the 聘金. Dad was thinking how much should he take. But knowing him well, it is not someone who will take a lot. For the first time, he took all the orange notes haahaa

All looking at him haha.

After the exchanges were done,  Xiong's aunty took a photo of us with our Guo Da Li stuffs.

Say Cheese.

We took a family shot too.

The photo seems very blur because it was sent through whats app. We ended around 11am and love has to go home to 安床. My sis family went over to help us set the bed while my niece and nephew to jump on it. 

After they left, dad placed the red banner on our door. We are all set for Saturday!

I am slowly getting back to my normal life after 6 months of craziness at work. Though work is still busy, it was not as busy as the first quarter. I kinda slack back since i am preparing for our wedding next month.

Wedding next month , oh god!

I have not been blogging about my wedding preparations journey and i thought that i should be doing it since i am getting married next month. Love and I are very chillax as we wanted a simple wedding. As we grow older, we place importance in different aspect of life.

Let's start off by saying our wedding location.

Deciding on our Wedding Location  

It didn't took us too long to decide a venue since we almost ran out of venues. Our wedding date is 15 Sept 2018 and we were only booking 7 months in advance. Besides being a popular date, it is also the F1 period. We went to a few places but they were all fully booked for both wedding lunch and dinner. In Jan 2018, we attended the wedding Bows at Bugis and we knew that we had to book a place somehow. Park Royal Pickering, Kitchener are booked, Hotel Park Royal is booked, Novotel is booked etc. Basically the whole suntec area is untouchable since the road will be closed for F1 Semi-Final and all our guests would need to enter the area by foot. In the end, our choices are left with Rasa Sentosa and RWS. Rasa Sentosa was too far away and there are limited parking slots. In the end, we decided to go for Resort World Sentosa Convection Center. Honestly, the perks for RWS are not very enticing but due to our limited choices, we went ahead with them instead. 

In the RWS package, we have 
- Soft Drinks  (Coke, Sprite and Orange)
- Mixed nuts on cocktail stands
- Chinese Tea during dinner
- Free flow of beer during commencement of dinner tl end
- Complimentary 1 x bottle of wine per table
-  Waiver of corkage charge for  duty paid and sealed hard liquor
- 25% of car passes (additional at $12 nett)
- 70% of invitation cards from total confirmed tables
- 2 night stay in Ocean suite with breakfast for 2
- 2 Ang Bao boxes 

There are total 8 dishes and the table cost $1,388++. One table can host maximum 11 pax and the extra 1 pax is chargeable. 

Package is almost standard with the rest but the thing is, we are not allowed to bring in third party vendor for foods. Eg, I wanted to have a dessert table from XXX Company but RWS management doesn't allow. If you want to have dessert table, RWS will be able to provide at a charge comparable to market rate. However, if you want to bring in a wedding band, they of course will you to.  Anything except food.

Reception Area

Corridor to the Ballroom

A selfie at RWS entrance.

And that is so far on our choice for RWS. I shall slowly blog on the rest of wedding preps soon.
Can't count myself a blogger anymore. I ain't blogging at all.

Time to update some #throwback.

First and foremost, I am very happy that my BFF has married her schoolmate /boyfriend for 10 years. Being together for 10 years is no easy feat. I broke up with my boyfriend for 5 years and found another one and getting married after 6 years. Well, love is blind. At least Ah Xiong  still loves me the same after these 5-6 years. The current channel 8 is airing a drama series about baby, so i casually ask him a question: Bii, if you were to choose between me and baby, who will you choose to save first. His answer was: Of course save you lah! So i ask him: Why not our baby. He says:Cos you more important ma. For a moment, i felt that i am lucky to choose a man who loves me .

2 hours later.... At the carpark, he told me:Ah Bii, 男人的话不可以相信. 

Well, anyway,  Congratulations to my BFF

Colin and Jasmine.

In the morning, we had the usual stuff like gate crash and tea ceremony. Colin was lucky to have a easy gate-crash as bridesmaids are a bunch of gentle an demure ladies. Weather was good and all of us has a great time.


All of us knew each other since our Sec school days and it was really fun to reminisce our good old days. 

The bowenians  - Bride is busy taking her solo shoot haha! They chose to take some outdoor photos at Selatar. It a popular shooting place for wedding too!

Me and the bride.

We were rather on time when the morning session ended. Jas's family isn't huge and therefore the tea ceremony ended pretty fast. Colin's family is so much larger but somehow we also manage to keep it within the time.  Morning session ended around 1pm and all of us went home to rest before going down to MBS to help out on the reception.

At 3pm, we fetched Jas's parents and we were there early.

Doing her bridal make up in a room looking like some mamasan

As it was early,love and 1 sat at the reception table , watching the time tick by. He ended up being one of the receptionist for that night.

Table shot with the couple!

Her wedding ended well, there was no hiccups,unhappiness or any others. Everything went well and smooth. Food was good and i think we did a great job too! I truly feel happy for her and hope that the both of them will always be loving. The kind of happiness is beyond words especially with someone who we grew up for more than half of your life.  

In another 3 months time, it would be my turn to celebrate my big day!!
Had been putting too much hours on work which affect my personal life..

I need my life back.

My life

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Had been putting too much hours on work which affect my personal life.. I need my life back.
It seems so long again since i login to my blog. Life is so busy these days. I should need a good update to what is going on with life...

In January 2018, our company is buy going through the transition of implementing Oracle in Singapore. This means that we are on the same platform globally; Taiwan, Korea, US and soon they are moving to Japan. With this, it has kept us busy at least 6 months. All the superusers gone through the difficult moments together to the verge of breaking down and giving up. It was almost a mental torture trying to keep up with work and problems with the system. So much so, we are all still alive.

Granny was discharged from hospital from almost a week before Chinese New Year and we are happy to have her back at home. She has been staying in Hospital since Nov when my siblings and i went for the Batam trip. However, during the CNY period, she was on sleeping pill as she didn't have a good sleep for a long time. We hired another maid to look after her, bought the hospital bed, wheelchair and her necessities. But to our surprise, she was again admitted to hospital on the 4th night of CNY. Love and i rushed down to the hospital to look at her. She has became so thin that her bones were just covered with skin.

As she was unconscious,we left the hospital and went home separately. The next day at around 5pm, i received 5-6 calls from my dad. At that time i was having a conference call with customer. As i didn't pick up the phone, dad sent me a text message and to my horror, he said that grandma has passed away,told me to go hospital to thank her for everything that she did for us. I wanted to go but in the end i was stopped. I felt very sad but there was nothing i could do.. My dad and uncles did a grand funeral to send her off her last journey.

It was a somber CNY.4

In 2 more weeks, my very bestie, Jasmine, is getting married. I am very happy for her and i wish her well and happy. Shall post more photo if i can after her wedding.

And this year, i am getting married too. To date we have not planned anything yet as we are all busy with work. 

Alright, time to stop blogging and take a break. 

Busy Life

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It seems so long again since i login to my blog. Life is so busy these days. I should need a good update to what is going on with life... ...