I have a good birthday present this year.

Dear sponsored my long champ, my Fancl collagen and juicy couture perfume! I chose it all, he paid for all :X My dear is just like my ATM :X I should say that he doted me a lot and gave me to what i wished for. This is my dear :D

I got a number of freebies from the helpful Sephora staff. This was the last bottle but she gave it to me.

3 packs of collagen for me. The nice sales lady gave me a bag and a whitening mask plus 2 glass of free tense up bottle :D

My colleagues bought a a bracelet from:

Pretty isn't it? The bracelet was packed in a vaccum pack. I love it a lot! Definitely can go with my dress on my sister's wedding day :D

And Sephora gave me... ...

For all ladies who have Sephora loyalty card, please redeem your birthday gift from any Sephora counter during your birthday. During your birthday week, Sephora will send an email to you, telling you to reedem your birthday gift. When you are at the counter, show the ladies your email and they will give you the gift! Tada~ This is what i received yesterday. A mini palette containing 4 different eye shadow, 2 lip colours and a blusher. Very pretty isn't it? But i think the eyeshadow doesn't suit my skin very well. 

As for myself, i came across this website: http://www.beautybay.com

I had also always wanted a urban decay eye primer and my current primer is finishing soon. It cost $33 in Sephora. Because of the price, i never bought it as i feel that it was too expensive. In the end.. i bought it for $29.10 from this website. It provides free delivery but i will need to wait for 7-10 days. I hope the goods will come to me soon!! 

A very busy birthday!

My uncle wedded on 27th July 2013 this year. I was happy for him and wishing him an everlasting marriage!

I celebrated my birthday one day early as i knew we were gonna be busy on 27th. In the morning, i went to work as usual and waited dear to fetch me from work. I was told that i did not have a birthday cake as he was very busy with his bowling schedule. I felt sad :( as it was our norm to have a cake every year. So my sister bought KFC and Domino pizza for all of us. After fulling our stomach, we had an appointment at St games for my brother booked a book for some band rock game. But before we leave, my cake suddenly appeared:

See the huge chocolate there? :P Dear had bought a cake from canlele and not forgetting my macaroon! I love macaroons! 

Then, we set off to play rock band. 

On my birthday itself, i attended my uncle wedding in the morning and met up Xiong in the evening. In the evening, we ate Dian Xiao Er for dinner and we ate a lot. Here's what we ordered.

Its a lot isn't it?! Anyway, we managed most of the food and we left the restaurant with bloated stomach.

I spent 20 minutes putting on my fake eye lash but i think i did not succeed. 

After that, we spent one hour at the arcade. See his seriousness.

When he said that the next activity is starting, we stopped all activity on hand and go to the next place.. but who knows.. the next place is just beside the arcade.Dear had actually bought a pair of shaw premier tickets for Wolverine! I was so excited as we did not try this theatre before. We sat attentively throughout the whole movie until it ended. It was not too bad, neither it was a very good movie. As all marvel movie are, they will have a villain and hero and lover too. Marvel can never escape from such storyline. We went home after the movie. On Sunday, i went to bridal boutique with my sister as it was a day she has to pick her wedding dress. The picking session did not take too long. She was fast and decisive. Unlike other girls who chose for a whole day and ended up without a conclusion. 

We had a simple lunch at rocky master. All of us were really hungry. Rocky Master serves affordable fusion foods in Delfi Orchard. You can easily spot the cafe as it was located outside the ground floor of Delfi Orchard. 

I love the pizza more than other foods! It was really very delicious! In the afternoon, we met our parents and walked about Orchard until night.. 

Yeah! Its finally Friday again!
My mood is rising and im in game for a good rock later tonight .Wahahaha~

I am turning 24 this year and life still goes on. Who really cares anyway. I live my life and i love my life. I have a great boyfriend, loving family, close friends and best colleagues. My sister is getting married this year. How time really flies...  (I always use this phrase, i know). Its been 2 decades since i started fighting with her since i was born. There was never a time of loneliness or quietness, even when my brother was born. And now, all of us are moving on to our next stage of life. It is a natural thing to do of course.... ... I wish her happiness... ...

Yesterday, my boss had gave us(his second son and me) a mini birthday celebration in office. During lunch, he brought is to Ding Tai Feng at Tai Seng but the queue was so long that we have to wait for 50 minutes! Can you just imagine waiting 50 minutes for food? We will be starved to death by then. So boss decided to drive to Nex again for Ding Tai feng. At nex, we did not have to wait as there was no queue. All of us are happy about it. We ordered the usual and settled lunch pretty quick. After that, he suggested buying a cake back to office. I chose tiramisu as i love this cake a lot. 

And so, i took the cake out from the fridge and put it in our meeting room. The small guy helped me to bring the lighter over and we lighted the candle. Somehow, there is one big candle and 2 small candles on the cake. That makes me 22 this year and 2 years old for the small boy. I'm growing younger!

Never mind about this.

My colleagues sang the song and we blew off the candle. Small boy blew really hard at the candle o.o

I distributed the cake to everyone. Boss has the smallest share. And so.. after that, we took a Eurustech family photo.

We had all the candid shots and the 2 small boys were playing around, pushing people out of the camera screen. I guessed you know who was being the unlucky one in this photo. Hahaha!

They left after the cake was cut and photos taken. I guessed we will see them next year again. I was really appreciative of my colleagues as it was really the first time we celebrated birthday together. It was really fun! :D

And tonight... Will be my night! Hahaha!

There wasn't many photos taken on the third and fourth day of BKK. The main thing to do was to shop and shop and shop. Third day was at platinum mall and we shopped around pratunam night market till closed.

As for the fourth day, it was a Saturday. We couldn't miss the weekend market: Chatuchak Market!! I believed all girls who love shopping will know this place very well.

I hated to end our holiday... But back to reality.

Xiong had work on Sunday the moment we just landed Singapore. He was very tired but he did not want to take his leave. Me and my dad had a day to rest before going back to office. It was great going back to work but it was even better to go back on a holiday. For that week when i was back, i was very excited and worried for Friday. It was because... me and dear were going to choose our flat!

Our queue number was 616 out of 841. The chances of getting a good flat might not be good, so we went to ask for help. Well, after much consultation, both of us had a small argument over flat matter and of course, we had different opinion. After much discussion, we had finally agree to settle at Seng kang Crescent. It is located next to the TPE and Chen Er Bo said that this flat was suitable for us....

On Friday (19th July 2013), i took a half day leave for this matter. I was rushing a report and i left office at 1pm. Dear was already waiting for me at the carpark. As we were still early, i suggested to visit my granny for lunch together. I haven been visiting her for a while as all of us are busy with work. As and when we are able to, we will. After having a short break at her house, dear and i had decided to drive off to Toa Payoh Hub to see our flat one more time. We sat and waited, looking at the screen to see if our choice had been taken. When it was our turn, we walked into the room, towards the counter.

The lady who served us might have spent her entire life, working for HDB hub. She was pretty old and fragile. That wasn't really the point. The point is, dear felt that she was very blur with the procedure and stuffs like that. But we still have to continue. We proceed to hand over our pay slip, cpf transaction etc. The lady gave us all sorts of documents to sign. I felt that we were signing at our own risk x.x After sitting there for half an hour, the lady said we had to pay $2000 at level 3. We got up our sit and left the counter. After making payment, we went back to sign more documents to complete the process. The whole process took almost an hour. After we walked out of the HDB, dear and i felt a bit relief and unsure. Unsure if all documents have been signed correctly. But thinking over it made us feel moodier.

We decide to leave it to the hands of government.

As for now, we are waiting for their letter to come for the loan repayment matter. I felt excited and looking forward for our flat :P But, don't expect our red bomb to reach you guys soon. We need time to save up x.x

Also, my birthday is coming near too.. But there are too many upcoming activities which over-ride my birthday. I hope i will still be able to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones.

I will blog about my birthday the next round :D
Time to blog BKK second day!

This day, we had decided to go shop around town area. Town area means siam square, discovery centre, MBK etc. We woke up at 8am and had our breakfast at 9am. The food were decent and nice. There's not a lot of variety of food but they are enough for us. After filling our stomach, we headed out to pratunam market for shopping. The market opens early in the morning and closes at 9am. Just imagine they were closing their stalls at 9am. All of us had missed the morning as we did not wake up as early. However, we managed to get some good buys from the market. After that, we walked all the way to Siam.

Our breakfast in the morning. Though the food doesn't look very appetising, they were delicious. 
A random shot when mum was doing her shopping. 

We passed by this huge shopping mall in order to get to Siam.

Our pace were very slow, just like the life of tourist (which we are) in Thailand. We walked, took some photos, and eat along the way. My mum was very happy haha. Look at her!


Our plan for the day was very simple. We were supposed to go to Town area to walk about. And my aim was to get to naraya to buy a pouch for my colleague. Getting a pouch was simple as i had just need to get one. Other people were screaming and looking around for their best designs in naraya. I could understand as i had once wholesales naraya last year. Though i did not particularly liked their design, I had bought some as gifts. But currently, i am using the naraya bag which i bought last year. Overtime, i felt that their quality was really good. Their workman ship was good as i do not bet any threads fall-out even after a year. Also, it was easy to wash and maintain. And best of all, you can go it with any outfit! 

Alright, enough of my naraya.

Next, we moved on to the train station and cut through the control station. My mum and dad wanted to go to  the 四面佛 to pray. And so, we went to pray before going walking about again. There again, we walked and take photos, walked and take photos. Life is just so puurrfect!

After walking for a whole day, we came to the bridge, which linked us to MBK. This is MBK:

See my mum poses for this.

I was excited because it reminds me of the manicure at the bridge! :D But before we went to that, we had to shop for phone casing. Iphone 4, 5, note 2, S2, whatever you can name it! This time round, i bought 2 iphone 5 casing, some casing for my colleagues, 1 S2 casing and 1 ipad casing for my sis. All the casing! However, my sis told me that i was scammed as the ipad cover was faulty. For my mum, she was also happily shopping for her note 2 casing. As her's was a new phone, she had hard time finding cheap casing in Singapore. 

When she went there, she was speechless. 

She grumbled to me that her $50 casing cost only 300 baht is Thailand. 300 baht is as good as $12.40 in Singapore. At that moment, she bought 2. She was still happy with her buys though haha. For dad, i guess he wanted to walk around and see. He did not buy anything this year.

And me? I rushed to the bridge to do my manicure after buying my stuffs. But halfway, Xiong stopped me and pointed a lady at me. 

He: Isn't this guy was the one who drew your nails last year.
Me: Oh ya hor! I remember his face. Oh?! His hair had grew so long already!
He: He might have job hopped long ago.

I walk towards this salon and started asking for prices. He said "okay" and so i sat down. 

After a while, i am very sure that they had moved to this salon as i saw the lady boss. I was so excited to get my nails done. My nails cost 200 baht.
Here is the design:

See the "lady" in yellow? She is a great manicurist.

 At dinner time, we met ah ling at MBK. She brought us to dinner at :

My biao jie~~

The food are affordable. This restaurant is located at a deserted place near National Stadium BTS. 

167/9-12 Huay-Kwang Intersection,
Ratchadapisek Rd., DinDeang, Bangkok 10320
Tel. 02-692-6850-3
Fax. 02-692-6854

There are many different branches but i guessed we went to this branch. The foods are really very delicious! Thailand foods are like this. They doesn't look very presentable on the table but when u tasted them, the flavours were like bursting around in your mouth and make you wanna have more of it. 

We walked out of the restaurant, carrying our stomachs. We were too full to even walk about haha. After eating, we took a cab and went back to our hotel. Getting all set for the next 2 days shopping activities!! 

Bangkok 3rd Day

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Time to blog BKK second day! This day, we had decided to go shop around town area. Town area means siam square, discovery centre, MBK et...