Perhaps, i still need to record some serious stuffs. Set aside from the blogging for me and Xiong, many other matters still happening around us. I have been accompanying my mum to hospital almost everyday, to her radio therapy session. She has about 17 more to go which i believe she can do it. Though those side effects are appearing, my mum is still coping well in everything. I did as much as i can in the household. But i can't help her in cooking. All the way to go mum!

And for the past week, i still receive sms from sijie. On those very ling sui thing. Just a moment ago, i received another sms from him. He has his up and down and so do i. I've been very kind to him, as all my friends and my dear said. Yes, i get soft hearted easily and this is who i am. When a virtue becomes your flaw, it gets kinda disappoint because it was being misused in another way. Just like being honest does give you dilemma as well. Im not going to hide the fact that sijie did msg (cos he did anything). I will just put it up here for all to see because whatever things are worst had already worsen. So what's the point of not saying it at all? Rather than keeping quiet, i will just air it out. Im grateful to my dear that he has been very patient with me all these while. Though he nags at me at time, or say my bad points straight in my face, I definitely know he meant well, by pointing mistakes to me. I value his honesty and straight forwardness. He is one who i will want to really have a future with. Right now, im working on my part, so not to disappoint him. As compared to him, i still feel that im not matured enough to handle things on my own. Im still learning....

At the age of 23 this year, im still wandering around. While people are working or becoming manager or boss at this age, i still haven succeed in anything. Within 10 years, i know there will be changes, to me or to  people around me. In few years later, i will see my sister leaving this Chia house to Eng's house for a better life while me, no idea. How long more will i be able to stay in this house? Even if i remained unmarried, will things be the same way as it is? My parents are getting old, im no longer 18. Soon enough, i will have to pay income tax. Life's just too much for a human.

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