Happy 24th Birthday baby!

It is your mugging period as usual.

As i was organising my photo on my iphone and harddisk.. i realised i had a lot of photos of you. Whatever image i have of you was captured.

Let me post some of these photos.

I eat......

Eat... ...

Still eat... ...

and eat... ...

last but not least. Lim kopi.

Yup, and my dear definitely loves to eat. Ad of course, i have many other photos of repetition... ..

Please no.. ...



Don't take any photos of me!!
And his favourite hobby is definitely... ...

Thumbs up to you baby!

A sleeping King

Well, this post is meant for you to cheer up a little though. Don't get too stressed up.

 Jia you dear, once again , happy birthday!

Just You Only ~ ♥

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Happy 24th Birthday baby! It is your mugging period as usual. As i was organising my photo on my iphone and harddisk.. i realised i had ...

Hi guys! Almost one month since i had stepped into this blog. I know my dear has been missing my posts. Wonder if any other misses my post as well. 

There are many things which i wanted to blog about. For example, reviews for my makeup, some good facial products, some places and many other beautiful things. Though some blog is set up to post their complaints, i wanted mine to be simple and beautiful. However, days are unlike before.

 Weekdays are getting to be busier and sometimes it can totally drain me out. I really appreciate my boss to send me home almost everyday. Really nice guy! He taught me many things that were not taught in school.

And of course, all working adults are always looking towards weekends :D Weekends are the best days of every week. My Saturday was the best!

I had celebrated Xiong's birthday yesterday with his crazy sec school friends at Cathay. I did not plan meticulously as there was a slight hiccup after then massage. Let's talk about my plan... ...

I told Xiong to meet me at 10.15am in the morning but both of us were late. As the previous night, i baked a Brownie for him as he wanted Brownie for his birthday cake this year. As promised, i delivered to him in a lunch box for he had wished in 2012.

He had posted the Brownie on facebook :D

It wasn't very pretty but as long as it tasted alright. I guessed the taste of it wins all!

Up in the early morning, i had lied to him that i had actually signed up some manicure lesson because i had wanted to learn it. He kept his nails long intentionally so that i could use his fingers as model!! Cute isn't he? Anyway, he wasn't very looking forward to because manicure was not his cup of tea ( I mean which guys does right? ) So in the end, we were pretty late for the lesson.

When we reached Novena, dear was like thinking where it could be until we entered udders. Come on! I won't want to embarrassed you in front of all girls, we were going to ice cream workshop and not some manicure lesson. Being fooled by me for a week, he started nagging at me till the lesson is over.

The workshop is pretty cool and our ice cream did turn out to be.... GREAT!

Getting ready to make his ice cream

The ingredients :D

The speaker was good and funny and throughout the whole session, it was fun-learning. The steps to make ice cream are so simple that i can even DIY at home! After the workshop, we got to enjoy ice cream buffet and free flow of waffles o.o Luckily we did not have our breakfast, otherwise we would have wasted the buffet.

Xiong was of course happy that we did not end up in some manicure lesson haha but he continued to nag at me till we reached the next destination zzzzz,......

Next destination was at Changi Village Hotel. I made an appointment at 2.30pm. When i told him that we were going to hotel, he gave me that kind of fishy look, asking me why did i book a hotel. I have no plans to rape you or what so ever, you need not get so uptight honey. I had merely booked a room for spa and massage and scrub only -.- What else can that be?

This treatment was more expensive than the one i brought him to last year. But definitely, the service and ambiance was far way better. 

Nice right?

Spacious too!

At The Spa Retreat lobby
It was a satisfying experience as we had spent 4 hours doing all the treatment. Dear was complaining about that the massage has forgotten to on the heater for him while doing the body wrap.

We had:
● Steam/ Sauna Therapy 20ms 
● Retreat Welcome 10ms
● Retreat Aroma Scrub & Wrap 60ms
● Self Heating Mud Back 20ms
● Traditional Swedish Massage 60ms

On top of it, we have fondue, wine and bath. The massage was good and so as their service. No hard selling at all.

The place is at:

The Retreat Spa
Thalasso Centre @ Chani Village Hotel
1 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508502
Tel: 67380080
Fax: 6734 0083

For pampering, couples can try booking this place. However, due to cost, we are only able to afford on some special occassion.

When everything was done, it was already 6.30pm. I had book a able at 6.30pm at Five and Dime. I had lied to him again, saying that i had booked a table for 2. Dear was trying to tell me to settle dinner somewhere else because we had already missed the reservation time. After coaxing and convincing, i managed to make him drive to Five and Dime.

After parking his car, i made an impression to him that we were late and needed to rush to the restaurant immediately. He did not notice Tee Peng's car beside him hehe :P So anyway, we entered the restaurant and i walk by the waitress, without acknowledging her presence. Dear felt that i was acting weirdly until he saw the table on his right... ...

His friends were here too!

Sulky face with friend
Your dear has no creativity right? I had asked his buddies one week ago so that they were able to turn up during yesterday dinner. I really appreciate their presence as they are Xiong's blood brothers. Haha. And again, he's being fooled by me haha. I told him it was a table f0r two but  with additional 4 chairs hahaha! They started chatting away and i took some photos. This place was recommended by Yang Ann and i thought that it might be nice.

Nice pic!

The decor

The decor

The chicken wing is good! 

Mocha milkshake



My pasta. Their top rated food!

Five and Dime Eatery
297 River Valley Road
Tel: 9236 5002

The whole session lasted about 1.5 hours and we needed to get off to our movie. While we are watching our movie comfortably in some platinum suite, his friends were away in st games jumping and waving away with their kinect. Olypmus has fallen was a good movie with good storyline. My planning ended with movie. However, after movies, we joined his friends at st games and starting playing rock band.

Cool game and i liked it. All of us had so much fun and were kinda reluctant to go off. As dear had school on Sunday morning, we pulled ourselves out from that room.

Happy Advance Birthday baby! You will be a year older and soon it will be my turn. I know your exams are coming but please don't give up, make full use of your remaining time before your exams and get some goods results to show me. You can do it. Jia you.