I said I would pot the photos shortly right?

Yes, in just a few minutes.

Alright!  It was his turn today to submit a field report. After alighting me at my work, love sent me a text : Very Serious Jam. I thought nothing of it since I was so busy at work. Work ties me down completely that I hardly digest or type any more letters which I feel necessary. Sometimes, i would just answer: Yes,Ok, See you. Busy. Like shit. Sian. Well, only my love would understand what i'm talking.

But anyway, back to the report. Due to massive "jam"  somewhere, love ended up at our new home again. He took some photo to show me the progress of the carpentry works.

Let's see what we've got.

By Tuesday, we already had

Bed frame up

My wardrobe

Feature wall up

Doors of the shoe cabinet

Doors of my wardrobe

Doors of his wardrobe

Toilet glass door, shower screen, the basin and toilet vanity.
Well, my hubby was standing right in front of the mirror taking photo of his selfie.

By this week, all should be up and we will be seeing more progress. Understand from Love that the aircon guy will be coming to install the aircon this Thursday. Also,our dining table will be delivering to us on Thursday. Right now, we are hunting for sofa, TV and fridge. More money will be gone soon.
After the lights were up. our ID informed us that carpentry works will start on 2nd March. It will take about a week or so to complete since our renovation permit ends by 21 March. Carpentry works would more or less sums up the end of the whole renovation.

Last Thursday, I took a half day off to visit the guys at work. When I reached there at about 2.30pm, I saw the cupboards and shelving along the corridor. It was quite messy at the walkway but there aren't many people since our neighbor were either at work or they have not moved in.

Saw this board but not sure where it is used for haha.


When I entered the house, I saw 3 carpenters working on different area of my house. And to my surprise, the kitchen was almost 80% done!

On the first day of carpentry works.

We opted for an industrial feel for the kitchen so it was kind of greyish and dull, dirty look. 

Our shoe cabinet was also 50% done.

I think I will need a ladder to climb up to get the top shelf. Also, I am not sure how my hubby is going to slot his army boots in those shelves.

Toilet vanity was screwed to the wall too.

Toilet door was installed as well

Not only that, they did help us to clean up the dust in the rooms..

And our toilet bowl...

And the fan which my hubby brought from home!

Coming to the room, part of the wardrobe was also done. After I was done with some photo taking and submitting my field report to my hubby, I left the place to do some shopping at Suntec.

Crap! Somehow I looked funny in the photo. But whatever it was, I was really tired from both personal and work life.

I shall post more progress on our nest on my next post.