Hello everyone! its the last day of 2012! Wishing everyone a happy new year and great health!

For the past 1 weeks, i had enjoyed my days well with my dear and friends. starting from 24th, i have took leave to celebrate christmas eve with yang, tp, fei and my dear at "Shuffle"at Clark Quay which is recommended by my dear. The atmosphere is there and they sings chinese and english songs unlike Timbre. However, i still prefer Timbre Food. lol..

On 25th, i took Off-in-Lieu which is subjected to activation back to work but lucky enuff, i was not call back and hence, i join dear for her family lunch at Tampines 1 Korean BBQ. Its consist of meat, and more meat which is nice and cheap! However, dear treat everyone of us and make it expensive for her.. Thanks dear.. :) Afterwhich me and dear and her mum went to walk around Orchard to take some photo and shop around and her dad join us after that. Our dinner is at her house. Mushroom Soup + JUSCO Mushroom Pizza!  NICE!

On 26th, dear is working as per normal while me was suppose to go back for some meeting with my CO but it was cancelled last min. Hence, i slack at home till 5+ to fetch my dear and her mum to choose the photo we had took at Serangoon Broadway. The photo is nice but lack of background. After choosing the photo and sending auntie home, we went to jog around pasri ris park and play around "spider web". Din know dear can climb to the top as well! haha..

On 28th, Its was Teepeng's Birthday and he opened a 3days 2nights chalet at Aloha Loyang Garden Terrace G. I dont really like the chalet because i feel that it is a bit run down but we had fun although i was "activated" back to work on 29th. Had some drinking session and basketball session from 11pm all the way to 5+am before we went back to sleep when i received a call at 630am! shag! Sorry dear, have to send u home so early..

On 29th we had a mini steamboat session at the chalet after my work follow by basketball session and they continue their drinking session while me and my dear did not drink cause i have to send her brother (just nice had a prefect chalet at aloha) and her home and also because i have night duty the following day.

On 30th, after our breakfast at burger king, i went home to sleep while dear met her friend at P.S Cafe to celebrate Jasmine birthday. More detail she will update? :X
lol. but anyway, after i woke up, i went to meet dear for her family gathering at TP Grandmother house. Wow! really a lot of people which include  FAR relative from Australia. They decided to "Pot luck"  whereby every family bring different kind of foods and its like buffet style!
However, i left for my night duty at 9+

Sounds tiring right? and now i just woke up to update this blog as promised for my dear who is working.. no half day for her :( Jia You dear! I have enjoyed the last few days of 2012! Hope u also did enjoy! Love u more each days.. Muackz!

- Wx

Christmas Eve!
Dear's 梦寐以求 :p hahaha
Oh ya! and my christmas Gift! :D
Happy last day of 2012 dear! :p

Last Day of 2012..

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Hello everyone! its the last day of 2012! Wishing everyone a happy new year and great health! For the past 1 weeks, i had enjoyed my days ...
Hi guys, back to my blogging habit. One week once. Im having my long holiday as i took a day off tomorrow. Going back to work on wednesday.

Two days ago, everyone was very panic as they thought the doom day was here. But there i was very excited about mei ching's wedding. She was married on the doom auspicious date! She had been together with kenny for many years and they really had been through up and down. Their wedding was grand , held at Fairmont Hotel. We had quite abalone and and some other expensive foods. The foods are nice and we were full. I am really happy for them. I met mei ching even before she and kenny got together. I envy their ever-lasting love!

Dear had also went to custom made his clothes for mei ching wedding haha. Ok la, not really for mei ching wedding but for himself. I wore a white dress and red heels..

Yesterday. We went to take family photo at serangoon broadway. The photo shoot wasnt as well as the one at raffles studio. We couldn't get to see the photos we took until the collection day. It is bad.

After taking photo , we had dinner at the fish head steamboat at serangoon road: 天外天。The foods were nice and the soup tasted the same as 10 years ago.

Today, dear worked in the morning and we only met in the afternoon. As for tomorrow, i will be meeting dear and his friends at clark quey.

I am just like a happy girl who is very doted by my boyfriend.... ...

Few days ago, i had received an sms from sijie. It was sent to me in the middle of the night. And hopefully he is doing well too. It been months since i got his messages and after so many months, i replied him for the first time. It has been a week since he sent me any weird message. And of course, hope that this is the last one. I also did realise that he had unblocked me from the facebook because i was able to see his profile on mutual friend's fb ever since.... ...

For work, i will be in this company for 6 months during this 27th december. Many things have been in place too; like food, stationary, printer, and even business. I have been putting on weight as many people had told me. I had too much good food already. Boss is away for 3 weeks as he has to go back to his country to re-unite with his family, while the rest of us, willing be working hard in Singapore. Before boss left, he treated us to our first company dinner at li bai restaurant in Sheraton Hotel at Scotts road. The dinner amounted to $1k plus, as he invited wei xiong and my colleagues boyfriend. Before he left, he gave each of his employee $200 voucher to shop at Marina Bay Sands. I really appreciate my boss as he recognise our efforts and how much we had put in for this company. He is a very nice boss. Im really lucky to meet one during my first job searching. I wonder how many bad bosses are there out there in the business world. Will i be able to meet a fine boss like him when i left the company in future?

My boss Allan and Mr Hio
Two great bosses!

After the dinner, dear and i and all of us sent Allan to the airport to see him off. Shall miss our great boss! As its late, dear sent Mr Hio and his family home too ^^.

On Wednesday, the weather was pouring and dear had a christmas celebration with his colleagues at Owen seafood. The food there were so-so. And what's worst was that we could pick our seafood. It is kinda cruel to see those live animal being killed and cooked before serving to our tables as delicacies. If its me, i rather not pick them at all. I feel guilty to see them alive once. It was also Mei yan birthday and 9 of us were there to celebrate for her. Zhi yuan's gf brought twelve cupcake to the table. 


This is what we had. Colin looked so funny taking that photo with the other two friends. Those two are so shy and embarrassed taking photo with Colin. Wonder why Colin is so weird... Maybe his weirdness attracted his girlfriend.

Las two days were shopping days. Dear is still hunting for his leather shoes but to no avail. His taste and expectations are just to high. This morning, we went down to Tampines and Ceyi met us up to get her clarins product. I never never expect dear to have bought Tense up Product from Fancl for me to drink. He just spent $166 on 3 boxes. Dear knows i want to stay pretty and that was why he bought me those. Awww.... Love you dear!! Muackz

In the afternoon, we went down to orchard to hunt for his shoes again but nothing catches his eyes. After 1.5 hour in orchard, its time to left and head down to MBS to get my stuff. It was pouring heavily but this time, i brought my umbrella with me so that our shopping would not be hindered. Dear sheltered me all the way to his car, getting himself partially wet. Then at MBS, we had our dinner at ding tai feng and shopped around for my stuff so as to spend the $200 voucher. After walking for so long, i finally settled on: A gucci pouch!! They are having 30% discount and cost $378. After minusing off the $200, dear paid the remaining $178. Its another christmas present, he said. Though i am very happy, i felt heartache for burning a hole in his pocket. 

As your girlfriend, i should help you save money and not make you spend more. But thanks dear, despite my headache, im still very happy that you bought me the things i had wanted :P

Some photos to end this post:

Of course, not forgetting to post my 'kris-mas' photo online... ...

I love you dear ^^

This week is a happy one.. Have some things to update for now. I shall use my laptop to blog in a while
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This week is a happy one.. Have some things to update for now. I shall use my laptop to blog in a while
Hi all, just a simple post before i go to sleep...

The last time i update my blog was on the 5th december. Has been almost one week again. Just a few updates over the days..

I met xiong on tuesday to have dinner at marche. It was
raining heavily but still, nothin spoils our mood. We were the hungry 二人组 who ordered a number of food after queueing up for a while. As dear did not drive on that day, we need to go off pretty early as both of us are quite far away from home.

On saturday, it was my nephew birthday and our family attended his celebration at west coast seafood restaurant. We are a close knitted family but our busy schedule made us meet up really lesser than before. We left the gathering at 5pm and went down to marina square to shop around a bit. We even bought large fries for supper, which is really bad.

Though im feeling tired right now, but i will still want to continue writing up my blog.

And today, dear woke up early morning to fetch me to orchard as i am meeting someone else. Our shopping starts as soon as we finished our lunch. Dear bought a few items but i really bought a lot of items yet costing lower then him.

I had also used the stila eyeshadow which dear bought me last month. The colour is very nice n it suits my eyes.

This dear.. Carrying my bag all day.. Xin ku ni le..

Night all!


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Hi all, just a simple post before i go to sleep... The last time i update my blog was on the 5th december. Has been almost one week again....

A month of gifts
Month of bankrupt