I was so glad to attend Youtube Fan Fest 2014 last weekend!

The YouTube FanFest with HP brings YouTube's biggest superstars from SouthEast Asia and around the world to Singapore for an exclusive live show on May 24th and 25th! - youtubefanfest.com

Thanks to MapWerkz, i was able to have this opportunity to meet the local Youtube Channel productions!

The place was held at SCAPE and there were fans queuing up to meet them upclose! During our meet up, there were fans screaming for their favourite artists! 

They are very friendly and funny!

A group photo with them!

After the fan meet session, we went to the print out the photos next to the escalator. Over here, this HP printer allowed us to print directly from SD card. 

I was here!

Do check them out their videos: UMeAndHara and Cheokboardstudios.  They made really good short entertaining films! UMeandHara uploads new video every Monday (They try their best) while Cheokboardstudios is a Singapore Youtube Channel where he creates film who can relate to everyone! 

Check out and subscribe to their channel! 

Youtube Fan Feast 2014

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I was so glad to attend Youtube Fan Fest 2014 last weekend! The YouTube FanFest with HP brings YouTube's biggest superstars fr...
Oh My God!

I am really happy to be one of the applicants to emerge from so many participants who participate in

I had never thought that I will be chosen. Guys! Please vote for my photo HERE! I greatly appreciate each and every of you who LIKE my photo !

Thank you!! 
One short post for my colleague!

Last Saturday, i had attended my colleague's wedding at Keppel Bay. She is my second colleague i knew of since i started work and i looked upon her as my elder sis at work. I was really glad that we were all able to attend her once-in-a-lifetime event.

The wedding hall was held at Keppel Bay. I was there quite early (The venue was not yet decorated!), so Xiong and I walked around to take some photos

See how pretty it is!

By the pool side

Eyelash extension is so addictive, just like manicure.

After doing the eyelash extension once, I'm like almost hooked to it @.@. The effect of nice and dolly eyelashes is so contagious.

And ta-da, I found this groupon selling $20 for eyelash extension at Princess Concept. Without further thought,  i bought it immediately :| As the groupon is expiring in June, i booked my appointment 1 month ago as i was afraid i might be denied because the slots were almost filled up.

Just last Thursday, i went for my appointment at 7pm. The whole session  lasted about 1.5 hours. During that time, the place wasn't crowded as there was only a regular customer doing her manicure. She was ranting away her family matters :x There are also customers who are so close to the staffs to the extend that they will cook dinner for them. Amazing isn't it?!

 Didn't catch a good image of the place :(

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mothers Day at Feast@East. I came across their website on internet when i googled "high tea buffet Singapore". Though it is not "High Tea" like those Tai-Tai enjoyed, but it serves reasonable afternoon tea between 3pm-5pm. Its a Peranakan cuisine like Laksa, Mee Siam, Kueh, Nasi Lemak and some other classic Singapore food. Take a look at their menu here!

Their price was also affordable (1 pax $22++) as compared to other places in Singapore. A typical buffet in hotel would usually cost me about $40 and above for a decent one.

As our family usually slept till late on Sunday, I thought that it might be best to have our brunch after 3pm. So on Saturday, i called them up to reserve a table for 7.

Their place is located at level 3 Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore, just opposite Marine Parade.

If you are parking at Roxy Square, remember to walk out of the building and walk towards Marine Parade directions.  Otherwise, you will have hard time finding your way there.

Once you entered, take the escalator to the 3rd floor. It will guide you to Feast@East.

(Click here to go to website)

A blogger doesn't say the good stuffs only, there are bad stuffs as well.

Just last Saturday, Xiong's family and I went to Ponggol Choon Seng Seafood to celebrate Mother's Day. If you had googled about this chinese restaurant, they are actually famous for their chilli crab, ngoh hiang and mee goreng. As their family is a vivid lover of seafood, they decided to patronize this restaurant for their chilli crab.

The place was actually quite secluded in a corner off Changi. It is totally inaccessible without car. Most customers drive in because there is totally no bus stop nearby. The parking lot was really small and you have to wait for the next available lot (unless you don't mind parking just along the road outside the restaurant). At one glance, i thought that the food must have been great which explains the waiting time for parking lot.

To my contrary, the restaurant actually looks very westernize.

After a day's work, i reached home during the late evening. It was just another typical day for a working adult, or to say, a newly graduate working adult (i was out of school for 2 years only!).

During dinner, I had a little convo with my granny. She said to me that 'you have to eat more, women will stop growing at age 25'. I told her that ' I had already stopped growing when i was 21, otherwise i wouldn't be that short'. I know that any further talks will lead to more allegations and so, i didn't continue.

Reminiscing my past

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After a day's work, i reached home during the late evening. It was just another typical day for a working adult, or to say, a newly grad...
After an exhausted afternoon, my sister asked me out for dinner at


I did not have lunch and i was really hungry after we ended the game at Exit Plan. As i was near Chinatown, we decided to meet at The central to have our dinner.

After the game, i felt quite a little brain dead. But throughout the whole game, it was really a fun, exciting and brain racking experience! Together with other bloggers, we challenged one of the room at:
Exit Plan(Click to find out more!)

Exit Plan creates the reality games room for players to experience the first hand 'feel' of trying to free yourselves by searching for clues in that chamber.

Inspired from the popular game room concept from Japan, a group of friends came together to establish Exit Plan, allowing fellow Singaporean to solve mystery and puzzle in persons.

The friendly staffs ! *Smile*

Currently, Exit Plan has three rooms to challenge.:

The Cursed Chamber

Focus Pocus and

Friends of Eriden

We were given 50 minutes to break out of The Cursed Chamber, When we entered the room, it was pretty dark. After some orientation, we walked about and started searching for clues. The clues were pretty obvious actually, but all of us needed sometime to digest and think what, how and where to do/find. You will find yourself getting excited to try other rooms after the first game. They will change their rooms accordingly too, so, do keep a lookout on their website and facebook for updates!

To note: 

It is not scary at all and neither there are traps around to confuse you. There is also definitely no need for you to crawl, jump or shoot (or be extraordinary) to escape these rooms. All you need to bring are yourself, your friends, brains and some cash ^^.

They are one of the players in the market which provides really affordable rates.

Here's the price list

Off-peak hours: $15 (Monday - Friday before 5.00pm)

Peak hours: $18 (Monday - Friday after 5.00pm, Saturday and Sunday)

Student (Offp-peak hours only): $12 (Student price applicable from Pri - University levels)

Children (12 years and below): $12 (applicable for all days). 


It is advisable to do online booking to ensure that the rooms are ready for you. Walk-in is allowed but the rooms are subjected to availability.

Click here if you want to make the booking now!

Payment will be made in Exit Plan.


Exit Plan is conveniently located at:

279 New Bridge Road #03-01
Singapore 088752
(Above Manbok Korea Restaurant)

Tel: +65 6536 4261

Look for this sign on the pillar in front of Manbok Restaurant and enter the security door code 4242.

Operating hours

Monday - Thursday: 11am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am-12am (midnight)
Sunday: 11am-11pm


Thanks to Exit Plan, I have three tickets to be given away to readers who like and share my post:

All you have to do is to

1) Like Exit Plan facebook: HERE !
2) Like and Share my post : HERE (Be sure to set to public).
3) Comment "Done" after you had liked and shared my post.

3 lucky winners will be notified by 31st May 2014.

Please note that:

1. 1 winner is entitled to 1 ticket.
2. Vaild in Singapore only.
3. Ticket will be mailed out to you.

The lucky winners were announced on facebook. Congratulations to Bee Leng, Hainita and Kelvin! And a big thank you to those who did not win but participate in this contest ^^ Greatly appreciated!

Group photo with other blogger! It is so fun with you guys around!

With Pearly

With Monice

Thanks Mapwerkz for this opportunity!

The props for phototaking!

Do remember to win the tickets! The opportunity is yours!