A message for you yellow bird :x

You have been giving me support over the months , at least for a year already and you always console me into studying. Your words of motivation helped me passed my exams. I remember you bought a strawberry shortcake from bakerzin when i told you i had distinction. And last sem, you said you bought anything i want when i have distinction :P Its all recorded in this blog too haha. Now, its my turn to spur you on , motivate you. I know you have been trying your best to understand the concepts of your four modules. And what's more importantly, time is running out for you since you have work, activities from your camp. You can always look for me when u feeling down or stressed after studying. I can share with you your burden mentally, listen to your woes and lend you my ears. U can rest on my shoulders when u feeling tired. I will massage for you when you sit at your desk too long which caused you to have backache, neck ache or even write until your hands tired and tired eyes. If you like reading my (our) blog, means u will like reading your notes too :x Haha, i was just joking x.x I know you had not been talking positively about your exams and results, due to the circumstances you are facing now (no time!) Give yourself some confidence! Planning is important, just like u planned for our valentines' day! Follow your plan, you will be able to 'ketchup' in no time! Muackz Jia you dear, as long as u pass, i will buy anything you want :P


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