Thanks to Mapwerkz, Xiong and I had a chance to go to Avalon! They were having an event at the club and many of the audience were there early.

At Avalon- The lights were on and they are getting ready for the show-down!

It was an event where various dance groups came together to display their own unique moves. The dancers are locally and internationally famous. 

Though i do not know how to dance, i love the way how these guys move their body with such flexibility under the influence of music. 

Groups and groups of youths joining the queue.

We waited about 20 minutes before we entered Avalon. 

The youngsters were crowding around the stage and all of them were enjoying chatting with friends. 

The night was so clear that you can see the scenery outside Avalon. It was a spectacular view of CBD area.

The dance groups which were presented at the part were Team EX,  Fuyo, SWAT Crew, Basic 5 and We will be back,  The Passionate Dancing Elder, Limited Edition, GIGI Art of Dance, Styles from Beyond, Da Street Soulz, Joyce and The Boys, 

After the teams displayed their dances, there was a short interval where the Emcee invited audience to have a PK. Surprisingly, there are quite a few youngsters who really knows how to move~~ All of them were equally good.

It feels great to be young! 

There were other famous international dancers such as Andreas Chua, Suleman Malik, Koharu Sugawara, Chris Martin. One of the dancers, Koharu Sugawara has done choreography for 2NE1, Girls Generation, Namie Amuro , SMAP etc. She is also featured as as NIKE + FUELBAND SE ad campagin in 2013. 

It was an eye opener to see that dance can come in different forms. Some of them goes with the beat, some are like telling a story and some are freestyle. 

After a good 2 hours, the event ended. 


My Love had finally sold his car!! Can't imagine how great the happiness i'm feeling x.x It's not that i 衰 him, i just felt that his car was a huge liability. The maintenance fee, the petrol, road tax and insurance fee, definitely cost him a lot. Now that his car was sold, his studies were completed, he is almost liability free. I'm happy for you!!

Taking public transport is not a problem ok?! Bear in mind that many of us commute to work everyday.

Alright! Anyway, on the day before he sold his car, we had a nice brunch at Baker and Cook

Baker and Cook

Baker and Cook is situated among those terraced houses in Bukit Timah. We were there about 10am and you can see morning joggers, neighbours chatting and walking their dogs. It felt like a nice and friendly neighbourhood. 

It could be due to the inaccessibility of the place (there was no queues), we were able to get the seats easily. 

It is a small and cosy cafe where you will be surrounded by foods~. Its like you get to see, pick and choose those pretty, appealing cakes at the counter. This concept reminds me of Choupinette (if you been there before, or you can read on there).  They have a wide variety of load breads, pastries, sweet buns,cake and slices, tarts, sandwiches and packaged products.

See how the counter girl was almost covered by the breads haha

They do have wine as well.

And for the desserts... let's take a closer look...

The blueberry cheesecake cost like $28 if i did not remember wrongly. All of these look delicious... ...

Oh my god, each of them looked like a masterpiece.... ...

The foods were neatly display over the counter. So tempted to try those pastries.

Xiong and i ordered our own foods. I had a Simply Scrambled Eggs with Salmon and Americano. Xiong had a Cappuccino and Egg Benedict. 

His hearty brunch

I couldn't finish my scrambled eggs as the potion was big (for me). Though the bread was hard but it was tasty (perhaps not suitable to those who can't bite and chew well). The smoked salmon was good.

Xiong was able to finish his Egg Benedict and it gave him a fulling effect till work. 

It would be a nice place to chill during a raining day i guess. But guys, if you have the time, you can try to make a trip down to Baker and Cook to try their brunch. They have a brunch menu online, or otherwise, you can click here to find out more.

It would be best if i had tried any of those cakes :(

77 Hillcrest Road
Singapore 288951
Tel: +65 6469 8834

Sunday - Thursday: 7am to 8pm
Friday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm

They have a new store in Chip Bee Gardens:

44 Jalan Merah Saga,
#01-56 Chip Bee Gardens
(Holland Village MRT)
Singapore 278116
Tel: +65 6472 0998

Sunday - Thursday: 7.30am - 8pm
Friday - Saturday: 7.30am to 10pm
Brunch- 7.30am -7.30pm on weekends and public holidays.

Last but not least, thank you Xiong and Geely who brought me to beautiful places to have sumptuous brunches for the past years. Though it was its last day of its service,  it had actually did serve us well.

Brunch at Baker & Cook

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My Love had finally sold his car!! Can't imagine how great the happiness i'm feeling x.x It's not that i 衰 him, i just felt that...
Yea! I had received October Glamabox !! I received only this week and i was very excited what surprises they have for me.

Presenting Glamabox for October... ...

The box for October is so pretty! Glamabox is meticulous in designing/choosing their outer box design for customers. The look of it just brighten my day! 

From the side of this box... ...

After admiring the box for a while, let's unbox the beauty surprise box...

In October, Glamabox prepared:
  1. Isaworkshop - Intensive Whitening Therapy Face Mask
  2. Micheal Todd True Organics - Skin Loving Facial Wipes 
  3. Micheal Todd True Organics - Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask
  4. Noelle - Lime Grapefruit Body Mist
  5. Sofei - Horse Mane Extract Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment 
  6. Fresh Line - Terpsichore Brightening & Revitalising Hair Balm
  7. Fresh Line - Poseidon Sea World Aromatherapy Body Milk 

1.Isaworkshop - Intensive Whitening Therapy Face Mask

Contains "Intensive Whitening Essence", green tea extract, licorice and vitamin C provides instant whitening effect and fades out spots and freckles. Has collagen and hyaluronic acid to moisturize your face for 24 hours. Gives you a soft skin, firming, winkle diminishing, and anti-oxident effect

Instructions:  Apply mas on face for 15 minutes and gently massage the excess sebum on face for better absorption.

2. Micheal Todd True Organics - Skin Loving Facial Wipes

Micheal Todd True Organic are paraben and sulfate free. Made in USA, they used only premium organic farms in their product.

Facial wipes are 100% cotton moist towelettes, with refreshing cucumber, infused with Chamomile, Marigold, Coconut, and Aloe.

Instructions: Gently wipe your face to remove dirt, oil and make-up.

  3. Micheal Todd True Organics - Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask

Facial mask contains nutrient-rich pumpkin and glycolic acid to moisturize and firm, improve skin elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Instructions: Apply an even layer over cleansed face and neck. Avoid eye are and leave on for 5-1 minutes. Rinse off

4. Noelle - Lime Grapefruit Body Mist

Refreshing, uplifting and luxurious body fragrance which can hydrates and moisturize body. I personally feel that the body size of 100ml can definitely last me for a long time.

Instruction: Spritz the body mist on body, avoiding eye area.

5. Horse Mane Extract Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment  

Extracted from Royal Champion Horse in Hokkaido Japan under close supervision for production, the product can penetrate hair roots to eliminate grease and residual, repairs damaged hair from chronic exposure and dyeing chemical. Strengthen hair elasticity and build healthy scalp.

Instructions: Apply suitable amount on wet hair, gently massage with fingertips and rinse with water.

6. Fresh Line - Terpsichore Brightening & Revitalizing Hair Balm

Made in Greece, Fresh Line doesn't use chemicals like petrochemicals & paraffin oils, parabens, pthalates etc.
They replace water with herbal tea from 8 organic Cretan herbs, replace machinery with hand-crafted, replace chemical substances with botanical extracts and essential oils, replace petrochemicals with juices, butters and oils.

Regulates and replenishes. Give healthy shine to dull looking hair.

Instructions: Apply suitable amount on hair and massage. Rinse with water.

7. Fresh Line - Poseidon Sea World Aromatherapy Body Milk

85% organic, hydrating, anti-aging, easily, refreshing and toning.

Instructions: Massage all over the body until fully absorbed. Use preferably after shower.

For reader who are interested in collecting beautiful box and love receiving new and good products at an affordable price, you can visit here: Glamabox Website for more details. It costs $19.00 monthly for your personalized box and they provide a wide variety of top-to bottom products (they will always have hair, face, body products ) for you to try on.

Once again, Thanks Glamabox!!

Signing off here~~ 

My second day in Batam was a relax one.

Bad enough, I did not have a good rest the night before and I woke up early to the sound of the chirping birds. From time to time, I tried chasing them away but they would always fly back to the balcony, chirping away. It wasn't a good day to start. I waited 3 hours for Xiong to wake up before breakfast. He is just someone who can sleep peacefully despite any noises. Meantime, I was packing my stuffs, tossing and turning on bed and watching TV. Once a while I would wake him up but after a moment later, he was back to his beauty sleep.


How was he able to block out those noises?

Anyway, that three hours passed like a night and finally he was awake. As breakfast was 6am - 10am, we went to the lobby at 9am to fill our stomachs.

Breakfast was so-so so we didn't stay long. There was a long queue for egg omelette and the foods station were almost empty. The cafe was crowded and noisy; tables were not cleared and we had to squeezed through the crowd to get our food. Not a place i would stay long.

We went back to hotel to watch the replay of  中国好声音3 on Channel 8.

Waiting for our shuttle bus

 At 1.30pm, we went to the lobby to catch the hotel shuttle bus to Nagoya. Our spa appointment was at 2.30pm at Mustika Ratu Batam.

The spa salon was located near Nagoya. If you are unsure how to go there, you can always ask the drive to bring you there (like what we did). 

The salon looks clean and comfortable. There were customers doing manicure and hair. Xiong and I had booked an appointment for body massage and spa for Aroma Slimming & Anti Cellulite consisting of coffee body scrub, body massage, seaweed body wrap and hydro bath. It was an 2hr 30 minutes relaxing experience and we leave the hands to the masseur.
The waiting area

Toilet is very clean 

The price for the package was Rp 1,188,000 , which is about SGD120 for 2. Isn't it cheap?! You can visit the website for more info. 

I had took a photo on the price list too. You may take them as reference.

Feeling hungry after the massage, we walked back to Nagoya and had A&W for dinner.

And we ended day 2 of Batam trip. 
After a week to JB, Xiong and I went to Batam for 3 days 2 night short get-away.

We had all this planned last month as we were aiming to go oversea during the long weekend. We had booked with Sindo ferry to Sekupang as we were staying over Harris Waterfront Resort Hotel. Though Harris Waterfront provide free shuttle bus from Waterfront Ferry Terminal, i was unable to purchase the tickets from their website. We ended up getting off at Sekupang instead. In order to book tickets to Waterfront Ferry Terminal, you can only purchase advance tickets from Sindo counter itself. They currently do not provide online purchase from their website.

On Saturday, we got up real early to get to Harbour Front Station. Had a heavy breakfast at McDonald's before we make our way to departure area.

We waited for about 40 minutes before boarding the ferry.

Batam Trip Day 1

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After a week to JB, Xiong and I went to Batam for 3 days 2 night short get-away. We had all this planned last month as we were aiming to g...
1 Day escape to Malaysia from the expensive Singapore

The four of us.

Last Sunday, Xiong and I tagged along with his brother and sister-in-law to Johor Bahru for our personal grooming (not to mention foodies of course >.<) !

We were jammed at the causeway for about an hour and finally reached JB at about 1.45pm. As the salon is located at Holiday Inn Plaza, his brother, Chris parked at KSL for it was a 5 minute walk from there. The carpark in KSL offer car grooming services and i saw lots of Singaporean cars in their area.

But before that, we stopped by Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh which is just opposite KSL. The soup was good as it wasn't too peppery. What i like most is that Malaysia Bak Kut Teh has lots of other ingredients such as pork ball, different types of mushroom and has a kind of herbal taste. Since all of us were hungry, we just tucked in when the food came. Please pardon me if i have no photo for it :(

It was a quick lunch and we walked to Holiday Inn after that. There were some renovations going on so the roads were uneven. Just be cautious when you walk along the roads.

Holiday Inn Plaza is a old building with about 3 storey and but air-conditioned . We were there at about 2.40pm but most of the shops were not open. There were massages palour, salons and manicures shops around. We booked an appointment with Toyako Salon at 3pm. Anyway, we went in earlier since we were already there.

Toyako Salon

I was recommended by Vivian, who went there to have her hair done years ago. I decided to try out. 

The salon is quite dark as most of their furniture are black. There are many smiley stickers around the salon. You can find them almost everywhere. Perhaps the employees were reminded to keep their smiles at all times. The staffs were nice and chatty. 

Xiong was given a cut and scalp treatment and he was done pretty fast. For me, i wanted a colour+block, cut, treatment. My stylist was Vee Koi (Cool name!) and he 研究my hair for a little while before recommending ash green. Ash green wasn't the type of colour i was going for as i wanted ash blue. But i trusted him because he is a hair stylist (no wrong mah). And the work began...

My original hair has 2 tones and it would not appear good if the roots of my hair is darker than the rest of it. 

The stylist washed my hair and dyed the roots to ensure even colour when he dyed my hair later.

I know i looked damned funny like this. You can see the roots of my hair turned brownish.

The colour of the dye definitely freak me out. It was a total green and i was so afraid that i would look like Shrek after i was done. But... ...the effect came out really good.

My ash green hair. Thanks to previous bleaches, the dye on those area turned out to be green.

My hair stylist is Vee Koi. He is really patient and he explains the steps of treatment and purpose. My total bill came up to est SGD150. If you are going to JB to do your hair, you can try Toyako Salon.

And after a whole afternoon spent in the salon, its time for dinner. We had dinner at some Korean BBQ restaurant.

Posing with the menu O.O

The wide spread of food on the table. The foods were pretty good and all tasted just right.

We ordered 4 plates of pork and best of all, there was a staff to cook or us ! (Great for people who doesn't know of the meat was fully cook). Though the place looks really like those ITAS but the price were reasonable. It sums up to SGD69 for 4. Can you imagine the price we are paying in Singapore?!

  End the meal with watermelon that was being cut into a shape of an arrow . 

Me and Linda

Kris, Me and Linda!

Signing off here~~