I 've been sitting here for hours doing my assignment until my brain did for a while, stop working. Herein, im back to blogging my valentines' day activities as it was still incomplete haha. As previous post had said, we took cable car to Mount Faber. If you wanna see how it was like to look Singapore from the cable, feel free to go Xiongs' fb to check it out!

When we alighted our destination, dear held my hand and walked me through. We walked past several restaurants. As dear did not know how to walk to get to the restaurant, he asked for directions, while leaving me at the other side of the road. Finally, he got the answer, thanks to the waitress and we walked to that direction. Finally, we stopped at Mount Faber Bistro!
  This is the one!! 

The place is filled with romantic-ness, bird eye view from town, including dining with nature concept. I just love it. Love it a lot!! It was pretty windy on that day. Luckily it did not rain. Now i understand why my dear would hope that it would not rain. God is on your side dear, the weather was perfect ^^ A very friendly waitress served us and we ordered our food. I really appreciate dear reserved such a beautiful place to have dinner together. It was my first time too, dining in such a place haha. Dear and i were just chatting happily away, teasing and flirting. Its fine to flirt with him officially now :x And also, never to forget our photos!

The menu! Serve westernized foodies! Yummy!!

 See!! This is what im referring to bird eye view! Isn't it mesmerising? 

My cheeky dear, having his lens-less spec whole day long! 

Where am i looking? :x

Dear, my food is here :D Where you looking at anyway -.-!

My grumpy bear :x So sad when he saw my food arrived first haha

Awe at his food ! 

When sun is setting and lights are brimming bright. This is the evening view of Singapore from mount Faber

I like it when he takes the initiative to snap a photo of us :p 

Perfect shot with the name of the restaurant!

After having our dinner (We were already bloated), we walked back to the cable car and took all the way back to vivo. Dear had planned all activities nicely for the day so i could enjoy. He really did not miss out anything! Along the way, we took some photos of us and by then, it was already 9 pm. When we returned to vivo city, shops were closing and we walked to the cinema. Last week, dear had asked me to choose either safe house or J. Edger, well.. i chose safe house because the synopsis seemed interesting. Dear said i had to choose either one because there wasn't any slot for other movies. And that very day, i got to know why. 

He did not buy the normal tickets. He bought Gold Class GV Tickets! I was just stunned when he pulled me into the gold class waiting session. I had never experienced such services before firstly because the tickets are way too expensive. It s about 4 times the price of a normal weekday ticket. There's people to wait on you and nice sofas to sit while waiting. Even the toilets are special haha. I really felt so special :D Because of the things you do.. 

When entering the cinema, the seats and walkway are wayyy too spacious. There's even blanket on each seats, in case you are cold. For every 2 seats, there's a table for you to put the food or drinks. I ordered a peachy drink and dear ordered a cup of coffee. He even ordered foods after our dinner. Can you imagine how round we were  already? :x I only ate one because in anymore food stuffing into my stomach, the foods in my stomach will backfire haha. 

   Gold class ticket!

The movie wasn't exceptionally nice and i felt the seats rather dirty. It itches my back and leg, same goes to dear, he had hard time sitting still in the movie theatre. He knew i wasn't not quite comfortable with the seats. Don't have to say sorry dear. It is not your fault. Cos you also never knew the they had installed itchy seats right? ^^ After the movie ended, dear sent me home. Mum did not really spam me calls because she knew we were celebrating our time. He used to complained that he cannot stayed out late with me and compare to sijie.  But now, i believed you had earned my mum's trust that was why she let me out with you late now. Even meeting u at night did not seem to be a problem. 

Dear, thanks you for everything on Valentines' Day. I know you had put in a lot of effort, from buying flowers and planning a day activities. Its a day worth celebrating with you, and also a day to remember. The day u asked me to be your girlfriend once more after 12am. Now, i am not afraid to post our photos on facebook. For everyone can see that we are together. You've walked the hardest time with me last year. We been through accusation, mistrust, dishonesty during that period of 6 months. We had seen each other tears before we even started our 1st relationship last year. Coming to date, 8 months had pass quickly and now, its a year after you passed your driving test. The up and downs did really bring us closer to one another and from this moment, i don't wish to let you go. You and i had agreed this: We believe that relationship is not one-sided, it has to be maintained. I will maintain this blog, like i maintain our relationship. Recording the little events, good and bad, all on this blog. Our story, is now officially written :)  

This is my v-day present. 

My cute cute Polaroid!! I love this a lot :P
Already started taking some photos haha, pretty isn't it?

I received my Valentine day present...Last but not least...

This is perhaps the best present i have for the day. Is when you become my Valentine :)

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