Dear came to look for me again today. Though he is down with studies and exams, he never failed to send me home when he is free. Though i kept telling him to stay home to read his notes, i do harbor a little but of hope, hoping that he will come looking for me after work. And he really did!! :D
In the morning, i was googling the benefits if chicken essence if bus n i read a few articles about it. Articles were saying that it helps to boost memory, concentration and attention. Dear is being tired for many reasons and he felt sleepy the moment he opens his books. He said , sometimes when he really wants to read , he cant cos he is too tired to do so. So i bought chicken essence for him to try it out. Give him temporary boost for this period. Otherwise his health will deteriorate.. U dun have to worry about writing a lot, i will massage ur hands for u :D

Thanks dear for the ice cream .. The day u go buy immediately after school at 10pm.. Love you..

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