Does wireless charger sounds alien to you? If yes, then you are just like me >.<  I only get to know about it when my friend from RocktLabs, Elgena told me about it. So, i decide to try out how wireless charger works.

My troubles with wire....

I hate charging my phone in my bag, with wire tangling my key, my wallet, etc. Sometimes, the wire is everywhere and is even worst when i have to take out my ezlink card while alighting the bus. After charging up, I have to keep my wire separately in a small pouch, and open it up again when i need to charge. 

With wireless power bank, you save the hassle to plug in and out of your phone! You need not have an additional pouch in your bag just for your wire. And let's see how it works!

Left:  Wireless Charger 10,000mAh
Right:  Wireless Charging Receiver case

Its very simple to use actually. All you need is the wireless charging cover and the battery. If you are using iphone 4s, 5s, 6 or android, remember to to get the correct one or otherwise it won't work. 

Charge Specifications:
  • Battery capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Input power: DC5-/+ 0.25V/1A
  • Product Dimension: 135 x 80 x 10 mm
  • Product Weight: 252g
  • Charging efficiency: 74%
  • Transmission distance: 5mm
  • Implementation of Standards: QI standard
  • Product certification : CE/FCC/ROHS
  • Adapters certification: CE/FCC/UL
  • Colour: White

Saw this square thingy? You will be putting on your phone on the square for charging. There is a LED light indicator at the side to tell you your battery life.

Looking at the side of the battery, there is an input and output like all other battery. USB wire is given to charge the phone. Please do not think that you can charge the battery in a wireless way.

After I on the battery, the light would be on. Well, it tells you that your battery is working fine right haha. 

Now you know that everything is working fine, its time to take out the wire charging phone cover~~

Well, this is easy. Just wear this over your phone.

Saw the difference between this cover and the other fanciful covers? Its difficult to miss the charger port haha.

Please note that this will only work with a wireless charging pad.

Technical Specification:

  • Output Voltage : 5V
  • Charging Frequency : 100-299KHz
  • Transmission distance: 5mm
  • Efficiency < 72%
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Charging Current: 500mAh - 1000mAh
  • Implementation of standards: QI standard standard
  • Product certification : CE/FCC/ROHS
  • Colour: Black
Give you guys a closer look haha!

Like i mention earlier, please do not buy the wrong phone cover or otherwise your iphone 5s can't work on a iphone 4 >.<

Putting the cover on, the next thing to do is to put it on the battery charger. 

As simple as ABC

When it is charging, the first thing you will notice is the sound of the connection. The type of sound when connection with the charger is made. Once you hear it, you know that everything is well. 

Notice that the blue light lit up once i place my phone on it?

So you see, this is what we meant by wireless charging pad! No more wire, no more hassle.

And its charging!! 

It is good for office use especially you have a messy table . The speed of charge up is alright but the capacity can last you charging a few times on the phone. You can put them in a bag as well, if you want it to be secure, maybe you can tie them together so that the phone and battery wouldn't lost the connection or use it during your meals time.

LED light indicator to tell you battery life.
Overall, it is a good product to use. The battery itself cost $168 while the charging cover cost $29.90. Though it is a wireless charging thingy, you can still lend to your friend to use it, if they are using different kind of phone. Remember there is a output port? It does act as a power bank and you can charge it up with cable like all other power bank does. The unique function it offers is that they can charge your phone wireless. 

If you are looking for a decent gift, you can consider getting this for your friends or loved ones :)

Signing off here~~

Ha yes, been quite quiet for a while since I hop job. My new job is okay, its stable with many things to do. Right now, i am still learning and absorbing as much as i can. All of my colleagues are married with kids while im the only single lady. They are all nice people but it is definitely too early to say if there is any office politics. But as of now, all of them are very nice people. Hope in months to come, I can know them better.

I've been also brought down by family issues. Not only taking care of my family, I am also taking care of family chores as much as i can, buying foods back for my family and anything which i feel is nice and appetizing. At times, I have to go out to buy foods for prayers, run errands for family issue and other miscellaneous stuffs, at the expense of my love. And i really appreciate that he will always be there for me. I no longer could sleep till late during weekends. Blame on my body clock partially too as i am also used to waking up early. By waking up in early morning, I could take a few hours to wash my family clothes and hung them dry till afternoon. As much as i want to go shopping for a whole day during weekend, I was not able to really do it anymore. Having personal time had became some sort of luxury for me as I dedicated most of my time to my family.

Love is very understanding and he accompanied me almost all of his time being with me and family. I felt i had deprived him of something which is close to his heart: His family. Though his family is no where similar to other families, i can't deny that he has a family too. Apart from being with my family, i would also love to meet up his family often for a gathering. No else where feels like home unless your family is with you. Its such a comfort zone where we share every little things about our recent happenings, be it good or bad. Only they can understand.

I was getting a little tired these days but I tell myself, come what may, I will be fighting always. I am lucky that I have my love to depend on, his family to share and talk about life and my family to be here when i have a bad day.

  We had army stew yesterday!

Iphone 6 is really good. Spot us in the background

Family will always be family. 

MY thoughts... ...

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Ha yes, been quite quiet for a while since I hop job. My new job is okay, its stable with many things to do. Right now, i am still learning ...
Going into second week of June, I was just into my new job. I was not used to getting up so early but after a few days, I have no problems with that.

One of the day when i reached home, i saw a parcel on my table. I do not know what it was as i did not purchase anything online. But i opened anyway.

And ta-da~~,  I was surprised to receive Glamabox! Thanks Glamabox for the awesome products every month.

And this time, there were slightly more items as usual. Let's see what's in there.


1. Ysyoo - 1 Minute Skin /miracles CC Cream SPF 30++

There are a wide variety of CC Creams in the market. Ysyoo is a pretty new brand to me and i only get to know them when i received the Serum from Glambox last month. Ysyoo CC cream has 5 functions: acts as a makeup base, conceal blemishes, moisturises, repairs and brighten skin tone. It emanates translucent and shiny glow to your skin, just like those actresses you see in Korean drama. 

Instruction: Apple a small amount on your face or apply with cotton puff for better skin fitting.

2, Noelle - Lime & Grapefruit Hand Cream

Uplifting fresh scent which moisturize your hands and cuticles.

3. Royal Skin - Anti Winkle Patch

Tightens, improve droopy skin and nourish eye area.

Instructions: After toner, remove the film and attach to nasolabial folds. Put on for 3-4 hours and remove. Can apply during sleep too!

4. DHC Facial Scrub

Apricot scrub granules that gently removes skin cell buildup, dirt and grease without causing without causing harm to skin tissues. Good for sensitive skin too!

Instructions: Gently massage on wet skin and move in circular motion. Rinses after cleansing. 

5. DHC Mineral Mask

Contains natural minerals and ginseng extract to cleanse pores and whiten skin, hydrates and leave skin clean and bright.

Instructions: Apply on cleanse face, avioding eye and mouth area. Rinse off after 5 minutes and proceed with daily skincare routine. Use once or twice a week.

6. Royal Skin - Animalian Mask

Contain hydrolyzed collagen and sodium hydrolyzed to moist and vitalized skin. Its such a cute mask that i really wonder how it looks like if i apply haha.

Instructions: Apply on skin for 10-15 minutes and tap face gently for skin to absorb the excess essence.

7. Filare - Collagen Filato Fabric Ball

Collagen filato prevents water loss, heal dry skin and reduce fine lines. Especially suitable for skin with dry and mature skin.

Instructions: After applying night cream, place the cotton ball on dry palm and add the serum. Tap the cotton ball, with circular motion and dissolve it into skin. Apply to cheeks and forehead and chin.

8. Micheal Todd True Organics

Contains pumpkin and glycolic acid which can moisturise and firm, improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines and winkles.

Instructions: After cleansing, apply an even layer to face and neck and leave on for 5-10 minutes.

9. DHC- Mild Soap

Contain olive oil and honey. Rich foams cleans out grease, dirt and cutin, leaving skin refreshing.

Instruction: Wet palms and later into soap. Gently massage on face and rinse.

I had personally used the cleansing wipes and the shampoo before. The cleansing wipes remove light makeup but the wipes tend to dry very fast before i could finish using that pack. As for the LSnP shampoo and conditioner, I like the texture as it gets foamy as soon as i lather with my wet hands. It gets foamy with just a small amount of shampoo.

Once again, thanks Glamabox for the awesome gift box! This time, as Glamabox celebrates Mother's Day, most of the products contain collagen with moisturizing effect. Pamper your mum with this surprise box and I'm sure she will love it!

Go to their website for more details !!

Signing off here!!