I have been looking for a good salon for cut, dye and blow.

Came across this salon : Hair Profile.

In case you are wondering where this Hair Profile is:

Click on this link: Hair Profile

I have been reading good reviews about this salon and was quite tempted to try.

Did anyone try this before?

Another week gone by and its Tuesday !

Its our company pay day and i have money to spend! I haven really spent on anything much except food and more food. Last 2 weeks, i bought a comb from beautybay.com but it has yet to come. I seriously wonder where are our pink combs right now. 

Over the weekend, dear dated me out to a nice movie. In the afternoon, i told him that i wanted to go to the mega flea market at Suntec convention hall.  For the previous night, he had overnight my house as he was really tired to go through the journey home. As he stayed in my house, he was able to take a longer nap. After  slacking for hours, we finally moved our butt to somewhere else and we reached Suntec at about 3.30pm. There was a lot of sellers! All the clothes range from $2 to above $30. Some sellers were selling custom made bracelets and some selling their designer bag. You can see some girls randomly searching some clothes in a mini wagon, looking for best stuffs. Dear did not particularly like such bazaar as he never like crowded places. He wasn't looking happy actually (I think). 

After finished my shopping, dear said that his facial products were finished. So again, we went down to Ion to visit The Lab Series for Men. The same lady who served us last years was working on that day. Needless to say, we went back to look for her again. Somehow, i think she had forgotten us a bit. I was a quick buy as dear knew what he wanted. It was a pretty quick move from Ion to Shaw house. 

He asked me for a movie which i agreed. It was " The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones". It was almost a full house but we managed to get some corner side three rows from the back. The movie was long.. not very boring but not very interesting either. Beside the handsome guy 高以翔 from Taiwan and my candy floss, nothing really interests me. The story was not completed, as dear and i had agreed. It was kinda cut here and there and paste anywhere which deem fit. 

Nevertheless,  i spent a wonderful Saturday with him! 

Dear had his first monster curry in Ion.

The food is good but the potion was too big. Neither of us was able to finish our foods. You can choose the level of spiciness.
If you love curry and spiciness, you may try at :

ION Orchard Outlet
2 Orchard Turn #B4-52
ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 4555

It's worth the price! Go try it! You will not regret. But! You might considering bringing a friend along to finish with you!

End the post with your sexy lips !

Hi guys! Back to my blogging day.
It is wednesday and right now, im staying in masking. It was a quick weekend and i did enjoyed myself over the weekend. 

Last sunday, my family went back to granny house for prayer. My grandfather had  been gone for almost 10 years. Granny had stopped grieving but it was really hard on her being alone here on earth. So we went back for a mini gathering, to liven her empty house. 

After lunch, my sister jio us for a walk at turf city. Turf city had changed a lot and now the mall looks new. They were also selling 2nd hand cars at the basement. 

At night, we went to far east and mum bought her clothes. We walked into this shop called 'ziyi' and this shop specialise in dinner gowns. The clothes were pretty and cheap, considering the material and design. The dresses were selling at $80 and above as they were clearing their stocks. It is quite a steal as you will not be able to find such prices in other shops. 

As mum was trying on her dress, me and dear just sat there, can whoring again.

Mum bought her dress and we left the shop. That was all for sunday! 

Candid shot when i was in Darren's car. I couldn't help but taking this gingerbread head to my mouth. 

Its a bread anyway. 

Just some updates!

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Hi guys! Back to my blogging day. It is wednesday and right now, im staying in masking. It was a quick weekend and i did enjoyed myself ov...
I had missed out too many things over the week.

Just some update......

The other week, our colleague from Taiwan came to Singapore for a short meeting. It was our first time meeting her. A very nice and polite girl. Her stay in Singapore was rather hectic as she had to learn things from us and not forgetting to see our Singapore!! We brought her to the places she wanted to go and visited Garden by the Bay. It's a tourist destination. She has to go haha!

Taken some photos back then... ...

A full photo together.

On another day, i met up my poly school mates at Bedok Reservoir WaWaWa cafe. It was a unique name. I had never knew of such cafe until that day when i went there. I was late and full, after a dinner with my colleagues at Lee Do restaurant at Ubi. There was definitely a lot of catch-up to with with my friends. Shu Ming has a job and Mei Ching has very good news for all of us. It was only 5 years since we graduated. And just after 5 years, all of us seem to have a life waiting for us ahead. Though all of us weren't as childish and crazy last time, but the joy of togetherness which we shared could never be explained in words.
My 4 flowers
And on the day before National Day, i met up my babes. It was a week of catching-up with my love ones. My babes has suggested going to some 五金店 in bras basah for breakfast. Adeline was shocked when she heard that we are going to have breakfast at  五金店. My babes and i love brunch. Not surprised when we will hunt down pretty brunch cafes. This is the place:

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
150 Tyrwhitt Road

Tue - Fri: 09:00 - 19:00
Sat - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00

Don't be afrad to enter this hardware shop. It may look like any shop selling kim zua but when you entered.. But inside, it was a nice cosy cafeteria with bustling sounds of coffee machines and people of all ages. We had waited quite a while before we found a place to sit. The brunch was rather affordable starting from $10 for mains. Here's what we ordered:

The foods were deliciously and cheaper as compared to other brunch places like Kith cafe and Wild honey. We chatted till almost 3.30pm  while waiting for bii to arrive. As usual, we chatted our girl stuffs and getting updates from all of us. Its been so long since 10 years ago.

And now.. ...

Still the same usual us. This is how we looked after 10 years. Perhaps i should post photos of each year since 2006. This year, i had also received my belated birthday gifts from them. I had my first chanel lipsticks and Victoria Secret pouch. It was such a luxury! My flowers gave me vouchers, allowing me to buy whatever i liked hehe.

I had tried this colour and it really suits me well.

Speaking about cosmetics, I had bought my Urban Decay eye primer from http://www.beautybay.com.


This eye primer cost $33 in Sephora stores in Singapore. I have been hearing rave of this products since last year. Friends and magazine has been giving their reviews. And such, i felt to itch to buy for myself as my birthday gift. I bought this from beauty bay on 26th July but this product only arrived on 13 August. I guess it was delayed due to the long weekend last week.

The postman delivered this parcel all the way to my doorstep as the box couldn't fit my letterbox. Somehow, the box was ridiculously big when i received it. I thought there might be some samples within but sad to say, it was filled with thick paper and my eye primer only -.-

I opened it just now and did a test .... The result was definitely amazing and this product delivers my expectations. Photo will explain all:

The left side was without eye primer application. Compared to the right, the colour on the right was so brilliant and obvious. Not only that, it doesn't smudge easily. I like this product! 

Right now, I needed a run as i needed to jog for the half army marathon (AHM) on 1st September 2013. Bii is working today and i would just have the time needed to blog. ^^

My dear wishes me a moment ago. I have no idea what day it is today. I should go read more about it.

Last week, my dear and i went to Marina Bay Sands to look at the fireworks! He parked at Suntec and we took a mrt to Bayfront station. As Suntec undergone some renovations, we decided to walk about the new Suntec. But before that, we would need to fill up our stomachs. Ding tai feng was a good choice.

After that, dear and i shopped around some jewellery boutique and asked for my ring size. We looked at some diamond ring and i had indeed saw a few nice ones! I never knew that diamond is so difficult to understand. They say that diamond depends on 5Cs. Dear can tell you more :P 

I tried some rings.. As dear wanted to find out my ring size. He took down my ring size. But i guess i will only get to wear it after a few years. Ultimately, we are still saving  for our future.

After a while, we took a mrt to bayfront. We stopped by the river, found a suitable spot and lay a mat on the floor and sat like a rock. We chatted away and ate our subway, while waiting for the show to start. 

Not forgetting to camwhore

Both of us just look like kids.

The fireworks were pretty. I did not manage to capture any photos but it was worth the wait.


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七夕情人節快樂!! My dear wishes me a moment ago. I have no idea what day it is today. I should go read more about it. Last week, my dear and ...
What a busy week!

As expected from end month. All our company staffs stayed on to help out to receive the goods. We have our roles to play. The goods came pretty early but after loading all the goods, it was already 8.30pm. We had a late dinner but we finished our food within 30minutes! Could you just imagine how hungry we were? 

On Tuesday, i begged dear to fetch me to bugis. But before that, i would need to collect my contact lens at bedok reservoir. All of us had a simple dinner nearby my house. Then we headed to bugis. 

My motive of going to Bugis: To collect my faceshop birthday present and my lancome BB cream.

To my surprise, the sales lady told me that i have to purchase some gifts for $10 before i will be able to collect my gifts. I told my dear about and he says that :why not just buy something and get a gift. But after lingering in the shop, i really thought that i had nothing to buy. In the end we left the shop. Our next destination was to go to BHG to collect my lancome samples. The sales lady gave me 2 sachets of BB cream and 1 sun screen. 

I can feel dear screaming inside: WHAT?! I drove you all the way to receive 3 small sachets?! Well... girls are girls.. cannot blame right? Girl are born to be doted on right Bii? :P But in the end, i went back to the faceshop to buy a facial foam for my little brother. Because of that, i got my birthday gift :X But overall, i felt that it was quite worth because... ...

Good right?! 

Please don't see me as some tan xiao pian yi girl. It my birthday right?! Just take your gifts as we are entitled to.

Lastly... ...

Peek- a -boo

Scream baby scream :D