Wedding Post: M Hotel (Banquet Suite and Anson Room)

Hi guys, I think I had abandoned my blog almost entirely :X These days I have been busy with looking for wedding locations and visiting Interior Design for our new home. 

People around us might that that we are kiasu as we had not received our house keys and booking wedding dinner in 1 year advance etc. But who knows, there are many hotels which were already fully booked on auspicious date on 7th Jan 2017.

Anyway, Xiong and I are planning our wedding on 5th Jan 2017. This date has been confirmed and we had already paid a $5,000 deposit with the hotel. We had viewed a few hotels and which some of it were Amara Hotel at Tanjong Pagar, Orchard Hotel and Marina Bay Sands.

We went to the wedding fair at M Hotel and we thought that we loved it a lot.

M Hotel Banquet Suite

The ballroom

It is a paid wedding fair ($38) but love and I got to go in for free as we are the 1st 50 couples to register (Yeah!!). The ballroom is really pretty: there is no blockage of pillar, romantic decor and the food was really delicious. It is a cosy ballroom as it can hold a minimum 25 to 32 tables. This is the Banquet suite at level 10. 

The ceiling height is about 4m and I am sure the photos will look good.

The stage is in the center with 2 projectors at the side and L shape march in. Gotta note that the LOVE at the stage was from IM Perfections. You have to pay for it.

Menu at the VIP table.

What's more special was that there is a menu placed at each of the table of my guest on the VIP table. Like most hotel does, the waiter will serve the potion individually to my guests on the VIP table. 

They have other vendors at the ballroom as well: Event stylist from IM-Perfections, Coolgurt, vendors for wedding shoes and hand bouquet etc. 


Why we like M Hotel:
  • I get the whole level 10 for my guest, be at at the reception, or solemnization ceremony or our wedding dinner. It all at level 10. I bet my guests wouldn't be lost.
  • The changing room is just next to the banquet. During our 2nd march in, we need not go up to our hotel to change. The changing room is spacious and there are seats for us to rest. 
  • The ballroom ceiling height is about 4m and it will look good in photos.
  • Their ballroom is able to cater from 25 to 32 tables, and it would be the right size for us. 
  • The food was delicious and they do serve shark fin.
Our coordinator is Fiona and she is really nice. Someone who we are able to talk to and able to accommodate to our request. A very nice and friendly lady.

But what's more important, at the wedding fair, their perks are practical that we felt that it should be adequate.
  • 1 night stay at the bridal suite
  • 1 night stay for helper (Very seldom do you get a night stay for helper)
  • Free flow wine, beer soft drinks and Chinese tea
  • Free corkage (Feel free to bring in anything you like)
  • Standard complimentary printing of invitation 
  • Free use of solemnization room.
  • 1 complimentary table when there is 25 tables booked.
Of course like all couples do, we will try to squeeze more of what we will be paying for. Some couples might ask for 2nd night stay, discount, more parking complimentary etc, whatever you think you can fight for.

Price for weekday in 
  • 2016 Banquet Suite Weekday: $1,068++
  • 2016 Banquet Suite Saturday:  $1,208 ++
  • 2016 Banquet Suite weekend:  $1,188++
  • 2017 Banquet Suite Weekday: $1,088++
  • 2017 Banquet Suite Saturday:  $1,228++
  • 2017 Banquet Suite Weekend:  $1,208++ 
 In case you were thinking how the Anson Room look like.. you may view the below. 

Located at level 2, Anson Room is smaller, cosy and poised. The ceiling height is lower but the decor is decent enough. As compared to Banquet Suite, 

Anson Room  

Sorry for the poor quality but this is the best I could take.

You can choose 3 decors in case you didn't like the one which is displayed in the picture. Though the ceiling is lower, it doesn't stop us from liking the ballroom. It is a small intimate event afterall. 

The price for Anson Room is also cheaper:
  • 2016 Anson Room Weekday: $838++
  • 2016 Anson Room  Saturday: $988+
  • 2016 Anson Room Weekend: $988++
  • 2017 Anson Room Weekday : $858++
  • 2017 Anson Room Saturday : $1,008++
  • 2017 Anson Room Weekend: $1,008++
If you had noticed, the price increase per table from 2016 to 2017 is a mere $20. Compared to other hotels, M Hotel offers a more competitive prices for couples.

 Also, they are able to accommodate us in terms of payment. Other hotels require couple to pay 50% of the total amount 3 months before the banquet and the balance when the wedding ended. Every hotel differs. M Hotel allows couple to make an upfront full payment after the wedding banquet or during check out. 

Afterall, love and I felt comfortable with M Hotel which therefore, love and I decided to hold our wedding banquet there :)

Shall blog on other hotels too. Stay tune!


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