When i saw them happening this way, i found the immature me in relationship in the past
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When i saw them happening this way, i found the immature me in relationship in the past

The time has come, when we should start mugging with our examination. For you, it shouldn't be a problem because u have 1 mth to study 1 paper.. For me, it may be harder. I cant promise that i can pass all. I might not even pass all.. but like i keep telling you, i'll try.. Time with you will be lesser and lesser. I may not find u most of the time even know i want to. I know Dear will understand but sometimes its me that cant stop myself to go find you and ignore my studies. @.@ But i will try control myself.. Study Study Study!!
加油加油!for our exam and we can enjoy after our exam, during our BKK trips. i hope i can see u wearing ur graduation gown soon whereas me, i hope i can pass all my modules so i can allow myself to continue my studies.


Just a Short Post....

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Dear, The time has come, when we should start mugging with our examination. For you, it shouldn't be a problem because u have 1 mth to...
After another 6 days, my off-ed day had arrived. And today, it was both an off day for me and Wei Xiong. Dear woke up pretty late in the morning because he had errands to run in the early morning. i came to my house for lunch. We all had bee hoon guo tiao which mum cooked. After eating, we visited granny again. Dear accompanies me go to ah po house in the afternoon. I really appreciates his presence at ah po house. After chatting with ah po, ah po hugged each of us goodbye, while i promise to visit her whenever i am free, and bring dear back to see her again when he is free. After that, we travelled to vivocity to have 2 hours of k session. I forgot my student card because it was with ceyi. I had not gone to school today for trading my beauty sleep. But anyway, luckily, the receptionist charged me student rate too!

We sang for two hours for a reason: To watch imob at marina bay link mall :D It was showing transformer: dark of the moon at the lawn and it was our 1st time visiting such a beautiful place. Both of us did not bring a mat along and therefore, we sat on the grass patch. No doubt it wets our bottom, we still managed to stay throughout the movie, which lasted for 2.5 hours. The movie and sound quality were rather good and if there were to have a chance again, i definitely will go back to watch those free screenings, bring my floor mat along.

Dear, thanks for all the things u did today, I felt lucky to have you. You always give in to my wants and needs, but so far, had i done anything for you?

But i know, for a fact, you will always have my warm hands and hugs :)

This is for us!  Taken at vivocity today under hot weather. I love to see you smile :)

Dinner at Din Tai Feng. Ordered the usual. But i was never sick of it :x I took many photos of him instead of me ^^ Just because i hold a camera phone :D

Look how hungry we were. We cleaned up these dishes within 20 minutes!
Sitting on the damp grass patch and getting ready to watch the screening!

Just some other updated photos over this week:

Pepper lunch in the early afternoon is a joy to start off my working day! Yeah! Banzai to pepper lunch!

My lunch :D

On a Sunday morning, We had Old town restaurant for brunch. The prices here were exactly the same as those in Malaysia. The food were still okok. Not very nice, but just nice :)

This was at Newton Circus. We had all these junkie again haha. On that very day, i worked morning because i was told to. And i was released at 7.30pm. Because i used up my an hour break for my lunch, dear brought me to eat here for my dinner. We ordered the usual (expensive) and these made up for our last meal of the day. The foods were still okay, or maybe, we ordered from the wrong stall. But it was still an experience !

Dear worked from morning shift till 7pm and he hadn't  had his dinner until he came to me after work. He had western food for that day and that was his only meal. Luckily i ended work at 9pm, and brought him to have a delicious dinner at ramen play at 313. The store had not closed and so we just walked in. I had already wanted to bring him in to eat since months ago but haven got the chance to. But the chance came yesterday and so i thought, its time for him to try. After long working hours in his camp, he deserved a nice fulling dinner to reward for his efforts :) At ramen play, they served sweet soupy base which is their specialty, as well as other side kicks to compliment your ramen. Overall, dear was satisfied with their food and i know that walking that distance (from tangs to 313) was worth it !

I think he had already fallen asleep 20 minutes ago. Hope he did set his alarm and put his things neatly. Time was not enough today. Both of us know it. I was disallowed to stay out too late as my family is still strict on me. I wasn't like the other girls who was granted so much freedom by their family. But dear, i know u understand. Muackz. Hao bah, time to sleep now, nites readers! *Signing off*

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After another 6 days, my off-ed day had arrived. And today, it was both an off day for me and Wei Xiong. Dear woke up pretty late in the mor...
My oversized cake! 
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My oversized cake! 
1st month is finally over and dear brought me to eat something delicious ! On that very day, Dear brought me to eat Watami at Ion orchard. As he was late, i was given the green light to choose any food i want. As a punishment, i told him that i want eat expensive food :x As time was running out, we settled at Watami. It was just beside burger king in ion and they serve typical japanese food. As time was really tight, i jus told dear that we can order a set meal for both of us. We were hungry and dear hadn't had his lunch earlier that day. So we ordered a lot!
Yeah! Foodie!

We really binged on those food and i ended up late going back to work. It was really fulling that i felt like an inflated ball. After working for 2.5 hours, my end was finally end. Dear was again sitting at macafe drinking his coffee while waiting for me. He told me to wait at ion mrt station and so i waited for him. To my surprise, he was holding a stalk of sunflower on his hand, and gave it to me. A present for me on our 1st month. So sweet, he knew i loved sunflowers. :D 
Its a stalk of sunflower :D
Thanks dear! ^^

I hide you in my big bag sunflower :D 
Train is coming!

Dear sent me home as usual. Though he did not drive, he still inssisted on sending me home. Are all guys like this? But at least, i know my dear is worry about my safety :) As a form of another celebration, dear brought me to disney on ice!! Man... im excited! On that friday, after skipping lecture, i took bus down to visit my granny. She had just operated on her left eye to remove cataract. She has been moody these days as all of us are busy down at work and studies. Time wasn;t the same where we used to visit her every sunday without fail. Now, all of us just visit her on very odd days and at odd time. As each day passes, her soul and heart just  fade further and further away, she wasn't her old self anymore. It could be many things that brought her down. But anyway, i was there to apply the eyedrop for her. After dripping the eye drop for her, i went home immediately and started baking my cake. It was a total failure. So... let's not talk about it haha. 
Finally at evening, dear ended his work and i told him to come my house to bath. We had a tight schedule that day and at 4.3pm, we were still at home preparing. We were supposed to meet Sharon at 5.15pm! Haha, but we weren't too late either. We took our dinner at Nihon Mura and it was my 1st time there. The food was not exceptionally delicious but it was edible. Dear taught me how to order my food and it was easy.

Our drinks :D

Take photo of the drinks, not me :X

Drink Drink, slurp!

Beacon with mushroom

Ramen did not taste good. :(

Dear look: Can we start eating already? :x

Okok, dinner was fast. At 6.30pm, we were beginning to enter the indoor stadium together for the 1st time. :D Excited!! :D We had quite a good view there and waited patiently. When the show began, the audience were still slowly strolling in, could be due to the kids. Outside the entrance, there were stalls selling merchandises of mickey mouse and expensive water and foods. My candy floss cost $15 , that was why i stopped dear from buying -.- 

Photo together :D

After watching Disney on Ice, we went home straight as i had work the next day. 

17th  March 2012

Dear told me that there are some things that a man need to do for his girlfriend, like protecting me, taking care of me. I know you can dear :) Maybe your 'ah boy' acted too much a man at times which made you seemed like you are being protected instead :x I shall be more demure k? :X Hehe. Today, he worked night shift and right now he is inside camp working. This morning, he sent me to work. He was rather blur too after waking up and thought that i had some time (which i do not have) before work. 

He picked me up at 11am and we had our brunch at Pepper lunch!


And then happily sent me off to work. At dinner time, dear brought me to had dinner (breakfast) at wild honey haha. After eating so many good food, i had seriously grow a kg. Though i am considered underweight for bmi, but growing a kg is not something that we skinny celebrate too. I wanna lose that kg! 

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1st month is finally over and dear brought me to eat something delicious ! On that very day, Dear brought me to eat Watami at Ion orchard. A...
This friday me and Wei Xiong are going to disney on ice wahahaha!! Dear and I had been saying that we wanted to watch a play together and finally we had the chance to! To watch disney on ice together. It may not be the performance he wanted to watch but he did not mind, taking it as a new experience all together. Luckily, Sharon is working in Sistic at this period of time and i asked her to help me booked the tickets. We got the most expensive cat 1 tickets and her boyfriend had helped us to book the best seats too! Thanks her bf for help ^^ The performance starts at 7pm at kallang indoor stadium. Dear said it was to celebrate our 1st month anniversary. Finally a month. -.- Just feel that time passes rather slowly. But then again, if i hadn't asked for a breakup then, we would have ended up 8 months together. Perhaps taking it slow in our relationship will be nice too. 

Today was the card day for Robinson and i felt that there weren't many customers as i expected. I still have slightly little time to rearrange my counter and clean those dirty plates. Those private sales are getting common and more common that the number of people visiting those sales are lesser and lesser. As more shopping malls are being built, i wonder how these retails survive. Today, Dear came to find me and we had Subway for dinner. After i ended work, we were finding sweets to melt the day off. So we came across honeymoon desserts in 313. We ordered desserts worth of $19 ! Can you just imagine the both of us ate 5 different desserts? Its amazing and scary k! 
See! These are the 5 desserts coming to our table :x Sinful

Don't let me see them :x

Hmm, im growing fat :X

It was a very fulling supper. Dear send me home as usual before he took bus back home alone. While travelling home, he told me he was feeling nauseous and giddy! Must be the food we had ate earlier. PLUS bus 5 is travelling at long and curvy distances, it was no surprise that he felt uncomfortable. Rest more dear, tomorrow you don't have to pei me eat for dinner, but if you free we can see each other after my work :) 
Just some random photos just now at the mrt station: 

 Dear no smile, show your monkey face :x 
You better smile in next photo!

Yeah man! We looked good in this photo haha. 

Just nice today is our 1st month dear :) Finally one month? Haha. Let's continue counting to many many years and decades ahead :D Though you are lame but you made me laugh. Though you always bully me but i know you meant me well in certain thing :P Though you made yourself look silly at times in public, but i will still be standing right next to you. Though at times you acted like gu niang, i still find it funny and entertaining :x Though you are slightly taller than me (only by 7cm), I loved putting my arms around you acting like a boy. Though i really acted like ah boy, but please dont call me ah boy, i have curvy body, i am a girl inside my heart T.T Though we are nonsense, we like each other nonsense :x Nevertheless! 
Happy 1st month ^^
Love you lots lots... Muackz :x 

Let's smile and show our teeth once more
The crooked teeth couple
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This friday me and Wei Xiong are going to disney on ice wahahaha!! Dear and I had been saying that we wanted to watch a play together and fi...
I haven been updating my blog for a moment already. Its time to blog again!! A very not happening week though haha. Beside working, its still working, working hard for my bkk trip :D My dear and i haven been watching movie since our last movie: ghost rider. He missed watching movies with me, but sometimes i felt that im just dead beat after working whole day. My dear has been understanding all these while. Thanks dear for sending me home n let me rest in ur car as well as accompany me to eat during dinner. :) my boyfriend is the best! :P hehe. Kiddy right :x Over these days, i had also went to isetan private sales with ceyi to get on a shopping spree. As usual, we bought our clarins again haha. She bought hers while i bought for my dear. Dear told me that biotherm isnt seem working well for him and so i thought that clarins will be better. I said that because firstly, i tried their product. Its was good, very good , but the price worth it all! Dear, time to switch to clarins, throw away ur biotherm :x in the morning, wei xiong has frisbee competition and they got 2nd. He is very sporty, isn't him? Too bad i wasnt there to see him play :(

When he came to look for me at orchard, he was in total mud everything. He just looked like an unkept kid haha. Dirty but cute :x and a nagger who kept telling me not to touch or hug him :( So off we went straight to my house. He bathed and ate up the packet of pastamania which i da bao for him earlier. Then, start to do our pandan cake!! Dear was so playful that he broke an egg yolk and spilled some into the wrong ingredients. The whole process was a total mess haha, with mum nagging at me from head to toe, but i don't care haha. And slowly baking, our pandan cake was finally done! Too bad there wasnt any photo of it. Its failed literally lol . After baking, dear went to my bed n sleep for a while before meeting out fyp preps.

Continuing from my dear..

Hi all.. Since im being tasked by my dear, i should not disappoint her.. i shall finish the story with photos before i sleep.. :)

After i woke up which is around 630pm, dear let me try one small piece of the pandan cake that we made! It is very nice! :D
Afterwhich, we went to the nearby coffeeshop to have our very nice chicken nasi brayani. Although we waited very long for the guy to attend to us, we still manage to eat that. NICE! After we had our dinner, we went to fetch Shiqi to Tiong bahru to fetch WeiTeck ,who is having his dinner with his family, and off we go to Mount Faber Safra for bowling session. As dear had cutted her nails, she is able to play without having to worry that her nails will break!
We manage to play 2 games each before we head over to have our supper at Spize @ River Valley. These are the few photos that we took over there!
The Girls
The Guys

Our Supper!

Delicious Supper but it comes with a 代价. A Summon from CISCO POLICE.. No wonder everyone is saying Singapore is a FINE Country.. Agree? yea... and there goes my 3 demerit points? i suppose.. We shall see..

Anyway, today is a tiring day for me and dear.. Both of us look shag as you can see from the pictures..
My Virgin RamenTen Visit

I met my dear for dinner and i thought i could not make it as there is accident which cause JAM at PIE near Paya Lebar but lucky enough, dear ate at 5:50pm and i also reach at around that time.. :D She had her Chicken Bento Set while i had my Spicy Minced Chicken Ramen. Very Fully Dinner and after that, she rushed back to her workplace while i head to the Mac Cafe @ Shaw House to have my coffee and read newspaper as usual while waiting for her to knock off from work..
After her work, she decided to head back home as she is tired and she surprisingly gave me something...
Paul Frank UxxxxWxxx
Okay.. For you to guess and for me to know.. :X
Thanks dear.. I like whatever things u bought for me even if it is this.. :D Next time show u ok? haha.. Hao bah.. I shall end here.. Time to sleep le.. Good nights peeps! and my dear.. <3
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I haven been updating my blog for a moment already. Its time to blog again!! A very not happening week though haha. Beside working, its stil...
Random stuffs

Leo is the fifth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Lion. Leo individuals are dynamic, self-confident, and highly dramatic. They are considered to be good organizers, with an ability to lead and inspire others.
Below you’ll find general characteristics for the Leo man, woman, child, lover, and friend. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to articles with detailed personality profiles for every day that falls under the Leo sign. Read on to see if the characteristics ring true for you or the Lion in your life.

The Leo Man

Leo men are good-looking and personable and possess a swaggering grace that makes them attractive to women. They are friendly and good-natured, although they have a tendency to sulk. They have a strong ego and can seem preoccupied with their own concerns at times. Image is important to these men, and they take great care in cultivating just the right one for themselves.

The Leo Woman

The typical Leo woman is glamorous and regal. She isn't complicated -- in fact she's more up-front and honest. She revels in the spotlight and often finds herself the center of attention. No matter how happy she is in her personal life, a Leo woman needs more. That usually means a career or, in some cases, an involvement in social or community affairs that showcase her creative interests and organizational skills.

The Leo Child

Leo children are so dramatic and outgoing that they can easily be classed as show-offs by parents who do not understand the necessity of their little one to "perform." Since Leo children normally take on a leadership role early, parents need to prevent adversarial relationships between them and other siblings.

The Leo Lover

From the amorous love letters of Napoleon Bonaparte to the liberated sexual antics of pop diva Madonna, Leos have always shown a driving need to express their true love nature. They have a talent for blending the tenderest romantic sentiments with bold sexuality. Leos are great devotees of the dating ritual. They love giving gifts and will go to almost any lengths to make their adored feel special. They retain their romantic persuasion even when they marry and continue to "court" their spouse by showing just how thoughtful and generous they can be.

The Leo Friend

Despite their winning personality, it isn't always easy to be friends with Leo people, whose talent and self-confidence usually seem to place them at the center of things. That leaves a Leo's buddies always hanging out at the edge of the circle, waiting for someone to notice them. Leo individuals are best in a one-to-one friendship where their ego is less likely to intrude upon the relationship. Leos need to be brought down to earth at times.

Leos born on July 27 embody a duality that's not strictly evident except to those who know them well. They appear to be entirely at peace with their emotions, yet possess a spiritual core of steel. They often hide an aspect of their personality, not because they are at odds with it, but in order to maintain a sense of control over their world.

Friends and Lovers

July 27 natives are personable people with good social skills, yet at times they seem almost aloof, as if they're unwilling to undertake a friendship dialogue. Even lovers are kept at an emotional distance when these people don't feel secure. They are determined to be loved for who they are and for no other reason. They have a great love of domestic life and settle into it with ease.

Children and Family

Strength of purpose and ability to meet the challenges of life head-on can be traced to the values that were taught to July 27 natives as children. They are traditional in their life-view and are committed parents who instill integrity in their youngsters, along with a sense of wonder at life's myriad opportunities.


Although they may not be fanatical about their health, July 27 folks come close to being so. They employ holistic as well as more conventional methods of staying healthy and are careful about their diet.

Career and Finances

Whichever career they choose, July 27 people will throw themselves into it with enthusiasm. Since they're extremely organized, details related to their work will be handled skillfully and completely. Whether they have great resources or few, they're equally sensible in the way they handle money.

Dreams and Goals

July 27 individuals want to be the best. This is true no matter what their career aims may be. Once they have achieved a goal, they move on to the next one. These people don't live in the past; rather, they seek to mature in ways that make each challenge a little more engaging.

True? o.o

A Taurus born on April 28 brings joy to their world. They have an amazing capacity for living life to the fullest and never failing to recognize an opportunity that comes their way. They have absolutely no cynicism and can find logic and reason in even the most difficult and trying circumstances.

Friends and Lovers

People born on this date have no problem making friends. They love people and derive a great deal of happiness from their friends' joys and successes. In love, they view marriage as a true partnership.

Children and Family

April 28 people have something of a Norman Rockwell view of family life. If they experience a difficult upbringing, they may "rewrite" the scenario to provide them with a more pleasant view of the past. With their own children, they are exceptionally understanding, indulgent, and sometimes overly involved.


A good mental attitude has a lot to do with the vitality of April 28 individuals. These people are models of positive thinking and good health habits. They understand the importance of keeping active, involved, and motivated.

Career and Finances

Because they enjoy sharing their philosophical views with others, April 28 natives excel in teaching, counseling, and the ministry. Although they may get off to a rocky start, they eventually become capable of parlaying a small amount of money into a healthy nest egg.

Dreams and Goals

April 28 people can be reticent about believing in their dreams. The major goals of April 28 men and women are likely to be career-oriented, although they may harbor a secret ambition.

Taurus is the second sign of the astrological year and is known by its symbol, the Bull. Taureans are loyal, thrifty, kindhearted, and they possess great personal charm, good looks, and a lovely speaking voice.
Below you’ll find general characteristics for the Taurus man, woman, child, lover, and friend. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to articles with detailed personality profiles for every day that falls under the Taurus sign. Read on to see if the characteristics ring true for you or the Bull in your life.

The Taurus Man

Taurus men possess a great deal of what used to be called "animal magnetism." They are often dark and brooding in appearance, taciturn in speech. They become good husbands and fathers, cherish traditional values, and rarely lose their temper. Most are more concerned with achieving success in their personal life than their professional life. They have a great deal of creative talent, though this may require some coaxing.

The Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman is stylish, well-groomed, and socially involved. Whether she turns her energies to domestic or professional aims, she is certain to give it all that she has. Taurus women are stubborn, practical, and budget-minded. They have the ability to balance family and career life without losing their emotional equilibrium. These women have their feet planted firmly on the ground.

The Taurus Child

A Taurus child can be sugar and spice one moment, then walking thunderclouds the next. They are generally obedient, but they may become belligerent in adolescence if the rules made by their parents are too restrictive. Many Taurean children show a marked artistic talent at an early age. They have great color sense and are drawn to beautiful things.

The Taurus Lover

A Taurus lover is passionate a individual who prefers marriage or long-term relationships to the dating scene. The Taurean lover is persistent, consistent, and always eager to please his or her partner. They never forget a birthday, anniversary, or other romantic occasion. The one drawback to their approach is inflexibility. An adventuresome person who enjoys a lot of experimentation and diversity may grow weary of the Taurean lover's practical approach.

The Taurus Friend

A Taurus friend is exceptionally steadfast and loyal. They treat their friends with the kind of respect and affection that most people reserve for family members or lovers. Taureans get along best with people who have the same interests as their own. These men and women often serve their friends in an advisory role; their advice is treasured.

I find it quite true for you mr logic :x
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Random stuffs Leo is the fifth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Lion. Leo individuals are dynami...
Hi March. Bye February!
My mum had finally completed her radiation session!! Whoo ~! Congratulations! As to reward her strong will power and determination, i of course brought her to somewhere nice and savoury to celebrate her victory over cancer! She told me she wanted Marche o.o Weird of her to want to go back because she isn't the type who really goes for swiss style. She is just tempted by those bakery during the last time i brought her there -.- She was complaining to me that the pizza did not displayed the same way as it was when we were there. I did not know because i wasn;t much bother about the pizza display -.- So we ordered quite a number of food, ate to our full capacity, i foot the bill, and we walked off. In the night met dad and sis at nex while morning i met my dear. The reason: I woke up because i thought there was school. But ceyi whats app me to tell me there's no lecture at all! O.O I was stunned. For the frst time, i am really stunned. Dear was already at my carpark with his tired look. I felt so guilty that i disturbed his sleep innocently! And what's worst, i pulled him out to play .. *Guilty* Dear is the always nice man. Despite my blurness, he did not scold me, but continue to let me suggest where i want to go. Good right? :D Haha, compliment you so much, later you become cocky :x Hehe.

Im a hardworking bee.
This whole month i m working at tangs. Tangs. *Yawn*
Dear should be studying right now.
Hmmm, when was the last time u mugged so much? Put the chicken essence in front of you k? Motivate yourself to stay awake if you dun want drink your chicken essence. Or will you rather i feed u ne dear? I think if i did... He will be filled of horrid memories of chicken essence. Jia you sweetie! *Mugged mugged*
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Hi March. Bye February! My mum had finally completed her radiation session!! Whoo ~! Congratulations! As to reward her strong will power an...