Hey ladies, have you ever tried booking a nail service at a salon but manicurist told you that their slots are full? Or a heavy additional CNY surcharge? And even lazy to go to town to get your nails, lashes and brows done? If all of your answers are YES, you will definitely love the app:

Vanitee is a platform where you can find many trusted beauticians and nail artists where you can get your personal grooming done, without the hassle of making several phone calls just to get 1 available slot. You can even call for home service at an affordable price.

Sounds too good to believe? Read more below to get a promo code and get a $30 worth of VanityTrove beauty kit!

Begin by downloading the app from your App Store or Google Play.

This is how the app look like.

Click on the app, you may begin by signing in with your Facebook account or opening one account using your email. After all those is done, that's where you can starting "shopping" for services. 

Their main page

The app is very easy to navigate. If you are looking for manicure services, just tap on the nails. For lazy ladies, you may want to tap on the house call to look for beauty artist to go your house for grooming. 

Within each category, you can scroll and view each of the beauticians' portfolio and chat with them if you would like to clarify your doubts. They have an instant messenger which allow you to stay connected to the beautician 24/7! 

Nail list!

Under the nail category, you can filter and narrow your search to manicurist who stays near your house or filter to look at the popular ones. Each of them showcase their skills and art designs. Very lovely!

For me, I had decided to try the eye lash extension service. As CNY is coming, I would definitely love to doll up my eyes so that I need not glue fake eyelashes. It takes me forever to glue them nicely and perfectly. Just- so-lazy.  I search the popular ones and it came up with ....


I find them having affordable prices and what's more, its near my house! Besides that, they have a slot available on Sunday morning. How often do your find slots that is available on a weekend?! It costs $60 to do a natural eye lash extension while $80 for a volume one. And most importantly, the app allows you to view and compare the rates from different beauticians!! It's such an open market and everyone know how much you are charging for a service. (No rip off please!) Good thing is :

No hidden cost!

But of course, if you have any last minute request, the charges would be different depending on the type of beauty service required.

And so i proceed to tap on the $80 eyelash extension. 

At the next page, all you have to do is to choose the time slot available and fill in your credit card details. If you have a promo code, just tap on the "Redeem/Use Promo Code" and key in the details. Saw the words: $80- Book now pay later? 

Yes, that's right! Book now and pay later. Once you fill in your credit card details, the amount doesn't deduct right away from your card. Just like the waiter asking you if they could hold your credit card till your dinner ends, its the same thing! They will only deduct after the service is rendered and completed.

You do not need to be on the awaiting list because the app will directly show you the available slots! After the booking was made, an email will be sent to you on the appointment and location of the salon. Some of them could even tell you which buses would take you there. 

And happily, I went to Roxy Square 2 on a Sunday morning to my lashes. As I know I was going to be late, I informed my beautician through the instant messenger in the Vanitee App. It's easy isn't it?! 

After a good 1.5 hours, my lashes was nicely done by Elayne from Emerald Allure.

Photo credits to Emerald Allure. Totally save my time having to put on eyeliner or mascara.

If you are still thinking where to get your nails, brows and lashes done, starting downloading the app and look for the nearest and trusted salons near you. Trust me, you will never want to be put on a waiting list.

Note that all the beauticians and artists are certified by Vanitee before they could post their salon on the app. Also, some of them offer ROM and make up services too, not limiting only to nails and brows. You will not want to miss any of the good stuffs.!

And also, make any booking on Vanitee by 14 February 2016 and get a FREE Beauty Kit from VanityTrove worth $30 when you use this promo code - "ELVINACNY"

So hurry now and book your slot for CNY!!
January 2015. A year to new resolution, new life and a toast to me getting a year older.

And a year of busyness.

I am counting down to our wedding date as each day passes like nobody's business. As I get older, I feel that time is not enough for myself and family. Work takes up my weekday while I could only allocate the weekends for my family and friends.

I will be attending 2-3 weddings this year. My best friend of 14 years will be getting married to her beau of almost 8 years this Saturday. When she announced her ROM date, I was having mixed feeling, somehow, happy,sad, nostaglic, excited... I am happy that she is getting married.. but sad on the fact that we are getting old.

We watched each other grow since our secondary school days, went out shopping over the weekends, explored Bangkok together and chill out at times after a day of hectic work. Now, she will be a wife to a man.

We went prawning together recently.

And over the years... I had accumulated the photos.. Look how much we had changed!

We were once cui too hahaha.

Shall take more photos this Saturday on her ROM . 

And oh well, signing off here.
Hi all, wondering if anyone is following me up on blog. I am not those popular blogger who gets paid to blog a post or whatsoever, but perhaps, my blog can help some readers in finding more information I hope?

Earlier, I had mentioned that I would post more photos and details on some other hotels which we shortlisted.

And this time, I shall post Amara Hotel at Tanjong Pagar.

Amara Hotel Tanjong Pagar Ballroom

We met the coordinator at about 3pm. He brought us to the ballroom and showed us around. The ballroom in Amara is really spacious. It can easily hold up to 42 tables and minimum 25.

Imagine the space around you when you have only 25 tables.

Can you see how big it is?

The ballroom looks dull and there isn't much bright colours in default. As it is from the photo, the ceiling isn't as high due to the "fairy lights" on the ceiling. As we were too early, we couldn't see the full set up and decor of the ballroom. Therefore, it wouldn't be fair if I say that the ballroom is so-so.

We were looking at the 2017 price for wedding banquet. Xiong made a comparison and he realized that the price increase from 2016 to 2017 is a difference of $80.  

And the perks:

Weekend Lunch: $1,088++
Weekend Dinner: $1,188++
Weekend Platinum Lunch & Dinner: $1,288++

It comes with

  • 8 Course Chinese menu
  • Free flow of Chinese tea and soft drinks
  • A bottle of champagne for toasting
  • 1 complimentary bottle of wine for every guarantee table
  • 1 complimentary barrel of 20 liter
  • Waiver of corkage charged and duty-paid hard liquor
  • Choice of wedding favors for all guests and specially designed signature scroll
  • Wedding invitation cars for 70% guaranteed attendance (not inclusive of printing)
  • 1 night stay in Bridal Suite and breakfast for 2 at Element Restaurant
  • Pre-snack delivered to Bridal suite
  •  Parking coupon 20% 
  • Food tasting
  • Complimentary usage of basic sound system and LCD projector with screen
Most of the items given were standard package. Of course, I believed that you can always fight (ask gently) for more free perks and upgrades like that if you confirm with them. 

Overall, we didn't choose them because the price increase from 2016 to 2017 is way too high and the ballroom was too spacious. As we were considering to invite only about 20 tables, our tables would be too far apart and kids will be running rampant around. 

If we have a larger guests, we might consider Amara Hotel.