Chinese New year eve. Nothing much has changed in the past. Im always at home to help out things with whatever i can do. It just normal days to me. But in fact it kept me even busier than usual. To serve the guests. It a very repetitive and tiring job for you see people enjoy their holiday while those holding as host will be busy like #$%#^. But anyway, i did enjoy few days back with dear as well. He is also kinda busy cny to him is even normal days. He has to work. There's not much noises or visiting for him so i guessed he is really even bored in cny. But this year will be different. You will be visiting my family and my grandmother :) On the 25th u will also be bringing me to your colleagues house for steamboat right ^^ You are not lonely dear :)
There's some activities in the past weeks and let me upload some photos ^^
His pose never changes :P 
We were going to watch movie after this : We bought a zoo! A very touching story. Inspiring. Dear ordered curry to eat and i had baked rice. In any case, next time any of u going to wan zai in cineleisure, just order any of the curry. And i guaranteed that you will be very satisfied with it.
This is the curry!
 The sucky baked fish! No wonder they put a surrender white flag on my baked rice cos it wasn't nice :x

A few days after, i 吵着 dear that i want to try the buffet town at raffles city. Dear of course always give in to me ( Cos he wanna try too :x) Hehe, we went there rather late because raffles city carpark was full. So instead, he parked at marina square. As it was quite far, we walked about 15-20 minutes to raffles city. By the time we reached there, it was already 8.20pm and dear was telling me : Seems like no more good food left. Haha. But we still went in to eat in the end. Order lots of foods. And swallow all the foods in :x  
These are the foods we ate at buffet town. It is not a perfectly delicious foods but for the price we pay , it still acceptable because it has lots of variety. But no harm trying it there ^^

And also, im now also an aunty of 2 kids. My nephew, sheng zhuo, finally turned 'man yue'. Thinking of it, im already getting old. Next time i will be called aunty (yiyi). Dear went to my nephew celebration as well. He drove me , mum and dad there. He was so nervous for it was the first time driving my dad. He felt stress :x But he drove very well. Dear, your 'P' plate can be removed soon!! Happy for you :) But these few weeks you better drive safely! So early in the morning , we went to clementi RC for sheng zhuo's celebration.
See this botak boy :P Hehe. Ah bo removed his hat and make me took a shot of him while he's asleep in my mum's arms :x
Dear also playing at playground :P
There's also photos taken together with my family :) This is one photo which was taken there with dear before he left for work. After the party had ended, i stayed on to helped out to clear those buffet items, bring those leftover foods back to my aunty's house and reorganise the place to its original settings. Then i went down to orchard to shop. My cousin also bought apple for me and dear when she went taiwan. Thanks Jia ting!! :D I bought a dress at orchard for my cny. Gonna wear it in 2 days time :)

Last week, i also went to dear's house to pass him some studies notes to better prepare him for his exams. Dear brought me to eat lunch somewhere far from his house, by foot! Its so far and hot that i started to complain to dear. :x We ate ba chor mee and he bought blue bandung Ice blend for me to drink. So unique! If u want to know where it sells, ask Wei Xiong :P 
 As he worked night shift the day before, he was just sleeping practically on his bed, with vivi (the toy he named) :x 
I disturbed him :x climbing on the back of him :x
Dear, dun angry. A proper photo of us l? :P Im LIM WEI XIONG, see the bag im carrying? That's mine! Just cam whoring at the bustop waiting for bus. He is going to school while i? Meet my sister at bugis . 
Ceyi made de pineapple tart. Yummy yummy!! Its nice haha. Lucky i have my share too :P 
Dear looking at my camera but his mind was busy flipping the pages of the menu. We ate ichiban sushi at plaza singapura yesterday ^^ We watched the move: the girl with dragon tattoo. We came home late but had enjoyed the day. Dear was also rather quiet yesterday thinking about his sui-ness. But rest assured, your luck will change for the better soon :D
I bought this mascara!! Shiqi said its good to use. So i bought it n try. Its good though, but needs lots of coats of layer then can make it long!

Everyone! Happy CNY though its raining now

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Chinese New year eve. Nothing much has changed in the past. Im always at home to help out things with whatever i can do. It just normal days...
Im trying to apply my lip balm see what's this little naughty boy do! He copied cat my actions! I was really trying hard to put on my make up properly. But I love this shot. Shows the mischievous side of him :P
I love my silbling but we are not the type that will say i love you to each other. But we know it and can feel it. Though we always have fights and arguments, we will be always talking to each other the very next second :x
My sister and my future brother in law! They had been together for 3 years before the relation blossomed. My future brother in law is a very patient guy and good tempered person. He willing to give in and treats my sister pretty well :)
The ring pillow that me and dear got for Darren and my sister. We took quite a while to comb around Singapore, looking for a nicer ring pillow and ended up getting this for them as our present to them :)
A surprise from the Wang Family! My cousin ordered this cupcake but to our horror, these were delivered to the wrong address as the delivery man had mistaken for the wrong address. It was supposed to reach by 2pm but it was delayed until 4pm where just nice, we were almost done with the lunch! But nevertheless, it was a surprise to the couples when the cupcakes arrived! Cute isn't it? ^^
 Met up with poly preps and had our dinner at ajisan! A good meet up on 1st jan . Thanks wei teck for endorsing my mango bag!
The girls! Happy birthday ang! Was feeling amazing that our fyp bonds are always so strong despite the occasion meet ups!
My Fyp!
My 3 years of life in poly will be boring without them. 6 years of friendship and still counting... ... 

 Our first JB trip !! This was taken on the circle line mrt train and we took a photo for memory. It was the 1st time travelling withdear alone to JB. A photo worth to remember!! 

Dear eating cake even after dinner!! Thumbs up!!
See this packet! Does his look familiar to all of us at this age? I couldnt afford it when i was young and i could not get to eat it. Dear bought for me at malaysia. Was very happy though haha. I ate it but it was not very up to my standard, but if this were to be given to me in the past, i will definitely love the taste of it. 
Dear worked night shift and was tired tired throughout the day. He had to find time to spend with me, accompany me which sometime made me feel that im not doing enuff for him.. Here, he is sleeping on my bed like a log but somehow wei wei was lying on top of him nicely. This photo is not ugly dear.. No show ur face.. dun worry ^^
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Im trying to apply my lip balm see what's this little naughty boy do! He copied cat my actions! I was really trying hard to put on my ma...
There's many many things i want to blog about but i have been slightly lazy (tired) to do it. My sis got ROM with Darren on the 1st Jan 2012! They had picked an auspicious date for their ROM! Dear came looking for me early in the morning though he had went home the night before at 2am. At 9am in the morning, he was already there knocking on my door. At 10am, the makeup artist came and helped my sis to do her bridal make up. My sister was too damned hot and pretty on that day :x As me, i was busy choosing dress, doing my normal light makeup and dear was there disturbing me the whole while too, asking me which one he would wear -.- As i was too busy making-up, he was there changing on the spot, but i wasn't falter :x I don't want to disfigure my pretty face :x
My pretty sister ^^

Her ROM took place at chui huay lim club at keng lee road. The solemnisation was at 1pm while the lunch started at 1.30pm. Food were delicious and we managed to take a few photos of them. Here, i will be uploading delicious foods, beware!

There are many other photos but the slow uploading of photos just make me lethargy. Dear was also busy helping out us for that few days that he got himself into a very tired state. In the morning he had to come my house, drive us there, take photos for us, drive my ah po and aunty to their destination before drive me home. He bathed at my house and rested only for a while before meeting up my ex-fyp preps. Happy birthday Angela! For her birthday falls on 1st jan!! Me and dear bought a capital land voucher for her and hope she can buy her wants :) Too bad we did not take a photo of it. 

Im so thankful to my dear for being so sweet towards me and my family. It a very shagging 3 days for him but i can feel that he is happy as well. Muackz dear! :P Im like getting too old to say this on net.. i better blog such mushy things lesser on blog:x

My school reopens today and it was also the very 1st appointment dear had with the dental. He had not gone to the dentist for ages and he was kinda excited for this o.O I accompanied him go to the dental which i visited , to do some scaling and polishing for his stained teeth :x After polishing, i saw a huge difference to his teeth!! No stain marks, no food particles !!  Such nice teeth was being exchanged for $45. Its worth it dear! Dun brood over this $45 already :) Handsome ! Haha... 

And ohoh!! I also went to JB with dear last week! Oh mine, it was my virgin trip to jb with him alone sia! And i was very surprised that my mum actually allowed me to go with him! We set out early at 10.30am and went all the way to kranji to take the bus to custom and into jb. So excited!! :D We had lunch at swensen (i know its normal but the food there are obscenely cheap!!) and dinner at sushi king! Sushi king was totally cmi and it was a total waste of money if u are ever going to visit there!! For that whole afternoon, we shopped and eat around JB  Lots of fun walking and shopping together. For the next time, we are going to go further away from city square! :D Let's go there again dear :x

I also met up my poly 5 flowers last week to have our exchanged gifts for christmas !! I got a L'occitane hand cream as my xmas present and that is also what i need too. I also have hand cream from dear. Suddenly so many hand creams :x haha. We catch up from our last meet up and topics are evolving every time we met! Now its all about houses, marriage, graduating, jobs, and our future life. In the past, comestic, fashion, hair, friends and boyfriends were topics that we were familiar with. But now, changing topics just tell us how much we had grown over the years and leaping into our adulthood's. Time really flies but friendship still remains..

Here, im going to still upload few photos and say a brief description behind these photos :)
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There's many many things i want to blog about but i have been slightly lazy (tired) to do it. My sis got ROM with Darren on the 1st Jan ...

Just a heads up on the different stages of your SIA interview if you are going for your Air Stewardess Walk In Interview this month… either in Singapore or KL.
Stage 1: 2 Interviews to 10 cabin crew hopefuls.
In this stage, 2 things can really happen. First, you give a self introduction follow by answering a question posted by the interviewers. Second, the interviewers will give a question whereby all will try to answer.
Stage 2 – Cabin Crew Skin check round
In this stage, a draft skin check will be done, together with height and weight test. Main thing to look out for is if you have any scars, tattoos, blemishes or overly tanned skin tone etc
Stage 3 – Game Round
In this stage, you will be split into 2 teams to play a memory game.
Stage 4 – The 1 to 1 interview
This is the round where you will be seated 1 to 1 with an interviewer. He will ask you questions about your background and also post some situational questions to you.
Stage 5 – Kebaya Round (For girls only)
In this round, you will be asked to put on your kebaya and do some cat walking. In addition, there will be more skin checking done. Once you get pass this round, you will be ask to go for your management round.
Stage 6 – Management Round
This round is probably the final hurdle you need to clear. and its a 2 interviewer to 4 cabin crew hopeful round. Questions and exchange introduction will be posted for discussion. Once you clear this round, you will be asked to fill in an employment letter.
Final stage – Medical review
As the name itself speaks… this stage will be about medical. It is to determine if you have any major illness and if your body condition is fit for flying. The x-ray scans will take about a week or 2 to process and if you don’t receive any news from SIA about your application.. then.. congratulations… get ready to receive a call from them to come down for contract signing.
Good luck ^^
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Just a heads up on the  different stages of your SIA interview  if you are going for your  Air Stewardess Walk In Interview  this month… ei...
In the whole morning, i have been reading and searching certain products range and brands which work well for certain skin types. And of course, age is catching up, there are certain brands that i should be noticing as i am going to be no longer in my teens. And besides, bear told me to look after his skin for him o.o Well, i take up 'job offer' since it also gives me opportunities to explore all these facial products and uses :p What was really tempting was the pore tightening serum by biotherm as podders and reviewers commented that this product is good. Another one was the laneige water sleeping mask. Though there are many good reviews about this product, i still feel skeptical towards it. I gonna ask samples over the counter soon  :x
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In the whole morning, i have been reading and searching certain products range and brands which work well for certain skin types. And of cou...
I have yet to blog on the 31st of Dec and 1st of Jan . My sister was getting ROM-ed on the 1st of jan 2012! May my future brother-in-law love her more each and every day..
On the 31st of December, i met up my dear to go shop shop around town area. He gave me his whole time to let me shop to my preferences anywhere and anytime. He even carried my girly sling bag around so that my movement was not tied down when choosing clothes. Girls, he is very sweet, isn't he? We combed around bugis and end up getting a sweater for myself. Finally in the evening, sister wanted bear to fetch them to timbre at the arts house to celebrate her 'last day of singles' party. It was hell lots of fun and laugher there. We got a very good seating, sitting just directly in front of the live band. My cousin sent in a message, dedicating the song to my sister- marry you by bruno mars. It was a pretty nice song. Still playing in my head O.O Haha. Dear was kinda of excited and nervous meeting up my cousins. But of course he managed it well while i introduced him one by one to my cousins. Surprisingly, my cousins whom he had met before, could still remember his name. I felt rather happy that my cousins noticed his presence so he doesn't feel left out ^^ Loves cousins ^^. Future brother in law opened a wine for all of us to enjoy. The alcoholic content was high and dear was like keep telling me : Dear, you are drunk. But in fact i wasn't :x Just feeling a red flush on my cheeks and ears burning haha. After we ended our activities at timbre, dear rushed us down to chui huay lim club to see the setting for the rom for the next day. Though we were late, and very late, the room was still unprepared as they had just finished their business for the day. We ended up helping to do the setting and everything, arranging the tables and chairs with our hands. Dear also had to fetch Darren back to riverwalk to get some tablecloth because the club did not provide certain designs. My dear xin ku le, 
My cousin :)
Our guys :p
Ladies ^^
My sis and future brother in law

Of course, this blog is not complete without the photos of the crazy us :x
Dun disturb me when im reading newspaper :x 

 Our nice photo ^^

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I have yet to blog on the 31st of Dec and 1st of Jan . My sister was getting ROM-ed on the 1st of jan 2012! May my future brother-in-law lov...
On the 30th... ...
A precious time with him... ...
We went shopping together on this very day! In the morning, my dear came to pick me up from my void deck. I was afraid that he couldn't recognise me and was like staring at me the whole day. Not only in my short hair, i was in sneakers and shorts with loose top. His eyes were like stuck on me cannot move. he said he don't wanna anywhere already, see me is good enough O.O But anyway, we had our lunch at plaza sing Manhanttan Fish Market then we went down to far east to find my new years clothes and top. While wei xiong only wanted to go to G2000. After much walking here and there, i still couldn't find a suitable dress that i wanted and so we headed down to taka to G2000. I picked some shirts for him and made him try on almost all that i picked. He is quite picky on clothes and discriminate 'ah beng' clothes a lot :x In the end, he finally decide one a short sleeve shirt and a long sleeve shirt ^^ While at evening, we took our dinner at the wild honey, where my babes brought me go the other time. I don't want to mention too much about what happened over the dinner because it spoilt our appetite a lot.

A night, we rushed down over to the Singapore Flyer and we were shocked to see..
and more...

It was like about 9pm already and these people are so excited about sitting singapore flyer. Its like a few days  before the countdown and people were rather excited about this. Or maybe half of the passengers were like us, waiting to get rid of the expiry tickets :x Haha, alright, back to what happened.. We joined in the queues and waited patently to get into the capsules. Dear was asking me if i wanted to drink bubble tea and i said YES! WAHAHAHA! He ran all the way to the ground level to get some water and kachang putei for ourselves. He needs to bite a lot because he has an itchy mouth. *munch munch* We took some crazy photos inside the flyer and we are just like kids, running here and there -.- like idiots. But i enjoyed though :x And him too :x After an hour of waiting, it was finally our turn to get in the capsules and spend 30minutes in the air. The scenery was very eye-captivating. The lights, the building, the reflective sparkles of the Singapore river just compliments each other. It was a perfect view of Marina Baysands as well. How much more beautiful can it get? And yea.. we were still running about in the capsules in the random north-south-east-west directions to get a night view of CBD. After the trip, dear sent me home as usual ^^ Thanks dear, u been sending me up and down even tough i can see that you are tired physically. 
Some photos Taken :
Yes dear? Hmm? O.O
Where is my food *Waiting* 
Dear expression of expensive bill O.O
Singapore Flyer ticket on my hands ^^

Inside flyer le YEAH!
Serious chatting with mum *Do not disturb me*

Finally, that's the end of a day for 30th December 2011 ^^
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On the 30th... ... A precious time with him... ... We went shopping together on this very day! In the morning, my dear came to pick me up ...