It's my last day of work today and I am leaving with sadness, yet feeling excited about my new job as well.

I had been with my current company for almost 3 years. It is my first job since my graduation and I was one of the pioneer staff where there were 4 of us initially. We really worked hard to make a company look like a company, with purchase of stationary, with setting up photocopier machine, buying storage and setting up email for staffs etc. It was a simple company operation with the 4 of us. 

As the operation was simple, we could report things directly to our bosses, without much problem. The both of them were very nice and would take us out for lunches almost every week. We would get to choose what we want to eat and my bosses would drove us to the place despite the distance. My boss also took us to Taiwan in 2013 for a company overseas trip, to yacht for our company anniversary and experience many different kind of foods in Singapore. 

I have 5 lovely colleagues who we could joke about during work hours. They were very nice and would offer their help physically when needed. As our age gap wasn't too far off, we were able to find common topics to discuss and work wasn't boring. 

But after 3 years, I made my decision to leave, hopefully for the better. But definitely, I missed my jovial colleagues. Goodbye is never a goodbye, because the memories we shared remains.

Thank you , Eurustech family!


Thank you Eurustech!

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It's my last day of work today and I am leaving with sadness, yet feeling excited about my new job as well. I had been with my current ...
I was obsessed with rainbow recently and surprisingly, rainbow become so easily available in most cafes in Singapore.

I went to one of the cafe at Tanjong Pagar during evening. I was looking for dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth until their rainbow cake captured my attention.

Cosy cafe

It was not crowded that day but most of the patrons came in pair. It was pretty comfortable to slack in for a few hours, chatting with your friends, winding down yourself after a hard day at work. 

It was a small cafe, I took photo of the whole cafe in one shot.

 See that comfty sofa >.<

Xiong order 2 cakes and an Oero drink. But seriously, i am only there for the rainbow cake.

I was never a fan of Red Velvet cake. I remember the first time i had velvet cake, I was on the verge of vomiting the mouthful of cake O.O But after a few tries, i would love to try more velvet cakes from different cafes. The ones from Miss Molly's is good, I like the frosting and texture of the sponge cake. 

Well, well, this is THE ONE which caught my attention. This rainbow cake was sold out within half an hour but luckily, i had one slice. After one bite, i concluded that the rainbow cake was better than some of the ones i tried in other cafes. I like their thin layer of the sponge cake. Some of the ones i had was too thick and too sweet that it tasted more like carrot cake than sponge cake. Also, the cream wasn't too thick or too sweet.   赞!!

It was an enjoyable Friday night!!

Tucking into my food >.<

If you love to try their cakes, go down to

2 Craig Road Singapore 089663
Tel: 6222 2671

Mon- Thur: 12pm - 11pm
Fri - Sat : 12pm-12am
Going into my mid 20s, it has been a great experience. I had became an aunty to my newly born niece. My niece is few months away from 1 year and it was really sweet to see her growing up everyday. Last 2 weekend, my sis brought us to the Zoo, bringing along baby Eng for a walk (she is too young to understand what are animals).

Where are we going?

She woke up early in morning and we can see that she is falling asleep. As we were early , it was easy to find a parking space. The zoo wasn't crowded until afternoon. We settled our brunch at KFC before we explored the Zoo.
Family photo.

And entering the zoo.

I had not been to the zoo for ages. Firstly, it is very far. Secondly, it is not convenient. Lastly, I wouldn't want to cook myself under the hot sun. My memories of zoo was only tiger, hippo, tiger, lion, i wouldn't remember much what other animals we have in Singapore Zoo. 

Cooking himself under the sun

The weather was seriously hot that Saturday. There was no breeze, no clouds but only the scorching sun. We walked along the trail, with the umbrella on my hand, sheltering both the mother and daughter. As the weather is hot, I can barely see the animals anywhere. Most of them are either sleeping or taking shelter from the sun. Most of them didn't bother to entertain the tourist and we were looking at their ass most of the time.





Can you just imagine how many animal assess I took for the whole day? Otherwise we were trying to look for the animals in the enclosure. They were hiding anywhere they can in the lazy afternoon.

At time, we took some photos as and when i could.

Dazing at the Hippo

Don't know see what see until like that

Happy biting her pillow

Realise you have chest ... ...

Looking at who is carrying her... ...

Apparently, this guy was trying to look for the animal. He has been standing there for a while, trying his best to look for the small creature.

This baboon was sitting at this position for 10 minutes, not even moving an inch slightly while all of was were snapping photos away. I bet he it hated it's afternoon.

We walked most of the trail, covering them all as much as possible. And when it was time for the show, we went to the amphitheater. Each show lasted for a rough 30 minutes. It was educational and fun, to see the animals putting up their best performance for audience. I can see how much efforts the trainer puts in for the short sketch. 

All of us preparing for the show.

I do not have many words for this post as I was just uploading photos and more photos. Well, photos can do a better job explaining rather than words. We ended our excursion at 5.30pm before going for dinner at Toa payoh.

Too bad no koala bears yet when we were there.

Going to Genting was just a prelude to your actual birthday. I had been thinking what i could do for you on your birthday. Weeks before your birthday, I was shopping with my friends, jumping places to places, trying to look for a present for you. You had mentioned that you wanted a watch, an expensive one which is worth for investment. Oh well, i could not afford the one you want.

We walked from Mont Blanc to Gucci to Burberry, hopping from LV and finally to Prada. Ended up another blue clip wallet for you which i thought that you would like.

After getting your present, I was still thinking what I could do. As it was 2 days away from the day we were back from Genting trip, I felt limited to what i could do. Luckily, Linda managed to book a table for us at Hai Di Lao. I contacted your family before our Genting trip to ask them to make time for your birthday. The day before I ordered the Durian cake which turns out unexpectedly unpleasant somehow. It was a pity that your younger brother couldn't take some time off.

What was worst that I did not expect the heavy downpour. You had dressed up so perfectly but the rain kinda washed off every single effort you put on.

Happy Birthday Xiong!

And i am very glad that your family makes time for you on this special day.

Happy Birthday Xiong!

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Going to Genting was just a prelude to your actual birthday. I had been thinking what i could do for you on your birthday. Weeks before your...
Happy Birthday Xiong! You are 26 this year. Passing 25 means you are approaching 30 soon. Well, I hate to say his age now as I am the same age as him (means I'm approaching 30 soon too).

As mentioned in my previous post, we went to Genting for a short get-away to "celebrate" his birthday. As it was his birthday month, he was entitled to 2 free nights stay in Genting Resort Hotel. He booked through his mobile and ta-da, it was successful! We booked our coaches through Transtar as they are the only travel agent company which will bring you up to Genting Resort Hotel directly. (Most of the coach buses will only bring you to Mushroom Farm before taking another shuttle bus up to Genting Resort Hotel.

Ready to set off at 6.30am

There was no jam at all and soon, we reached Yong Pin. Most of the coach buses will stop by Yong Pin for breakfast and toilet breaks. The tour guide gave us 20 minutes break before setting off to Genting. We rested throughout the journey and after 6 hours, we reached Genting Resort Hotel at approx 1.30pm. Immediately, we went to the Lobby to check-in. 

We stayed the same kind of room as the previous trip.

We dropped our luggage and off we went to walk about. 

The shopping mall was rather empty on the Friday afternoon. We walked about the mall aimlessly and finally, ended up in casino, exploring. While Love was queuing up at the counter to reset his pin for his card, I went to the nearby cafe to have some snacks.

The teh tarik and chee chong fan were really nice!

At 7pm, we went to the bowling alley. Love said that it is an illuminating bowling alley at night and it would be pretty cool to play under those lights. 

We had 2 games, but I was totally trashed by Xiong. Let's see his score ya... ..

Do i even need to explain further?

I have to admit that he is good at it. After which, during the night, we spend our time at casino, donating money to Malaysia... ...

On day 2, we went to watch The Avengers. We bought the tickets at about 10am as we were afraid that the tickets would be sold out. But before that, we went to Starbucks at First World to have breakfast.

The tickets were really affordable. One normal ticket cost RM16 while one premium ticket cost RM21. The difference in normal ticket and premium ticket are the seats. Premium seats are blue which occupied 2 rows from the back while the the normal are red. Premium ticket entitles you to one set of free popcorn, snack and choice of your drinks. 

The only way to cinema.

It was a good 2 hours of The Avengers before we head to casino for more. 

Day 2 OOTD

Our trip was over in a blink of eyes. We spent our time in casino more than anything. Though we did not win , but I believe you definitely enjoyed our stay there >.< 
Thanks Glamabox for the April surprise! I wasn't in Singapore to receive my box as I was in Genting with my love.

And opening my Glambox... ...

Glamabox for April 2015. They have body butter, snail white 88.8 serum, perfume, sanitizer etc. Scroll down for more details.

Morii Skincare - Lifting Crystal Eye Patches

It boosts, regenerates and retains young skin. Skin will be smoother, brighter and luminous.

Instructions: Apply under eye after cleansing.

Axis- Sense of Space Perfume

Perfumes with top notes of pear, spearmint and bergamot. Middles notes of clover, rose, ylang ylang and base note that blend with Floral and fruity scents. The smell is very refreshing, suitable for casual, spree shopping over the weekend!


AQ - AQ Bio Sanitizer

Though we are in the urban country, that does not mean that we are free and less susceptible to germs. With over 20 different type of botanical extracts, AQ utilise the latest technology to produce the sanitizer, eliminating germ effectively. It has a mild scent of mint which keep your hands feeling clean after 1 few sprays.

Instructions: Spray to air, apply on hand or body parts, utensils which may have contact with any surface.

Gerda Spillmann - Bio - Fond Cream Makeup 

Creamy, Skin-friendly and soothing makeup. Contain ingredients which enhance skin's metabolism, prmote firmess of skin and stimulate cell regeneration. Suitable for all skin types, especially ideal for sensitive skin.

Instructions: Apply proper amount on face and spread lightly with the puff provided.

Beauty Day - Olive Oil Hand Cream

Non-greasy hand cream which gives nourishment to skin, making it soft and smooth.  I like the feeling when i applied on the back of my hand. It doesn't not have the oily feeling which some hand creams have.

Instructions:  Apply an ample amount of hand cream to hands and cuticles when required and massage gently the hands until it product is absorbed.

Boots - Extracts Vanilla Body Butter

Contains vanilla planifolia bean, intensively moisturize and hydrates skin. Not exceptionally oily but you can feel a layer of moisturizer on your skin. 

Instructions: Apply an ample amount of body lotion and massage gently on skin until product full absorbed. 

Ysyoo - Snail White 88.8 Serum

Contains high concentration of snail filtrate which helps to lock in moisture , repair skin effectively and renewal of cells. An anti-aging products which lightens acne traces, scars and blemishes. oil control and tighten the pores too. I had tried the product on my hand. The gel like texture is kinda sticky but when you apply on skin, it is very soothing. 

Just a small drip of serum, i can apply to the whole of my hand. It does brightens and smooths the fine lines of my skin. 

Instructions: Apply it gently on face after cleansing and toner in morning and night until serum is fully absorbed.

After testing a few products, i perosnally love the hand cream and Ysyoo snail serum. The Ysyoo cost $63.30 for 30ml and definitely worth the price especially I could see the difference after 1st application. The hand cream has a very light texture and pleasant smelling which I really liked. 

If you like to purchase the products above, you can visit Glamabox Website . There are also other amazing products which is not available in Singapore retail stores!